The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 5

In the Battle Plains, both sides were located on the left and on the right, with the top and the bottom as the jungle. There was only one lane.

Gao Ge and Zhou Mo charged forward along with the minions as Huang Zhong moved towards the upper half of the jungle. The jungle monsters spawned 20 seconds into the game, which was 10 seconds faster than they did in the Valley of Kings. And He Yu immediately farmed those monsters.

In the lane, the three heroes from Team Huang Chao did not separate and advanced forward with the minions. Even though Zhang Cheng Hao knew He Yu was a first-timer, his teammates selected their favorite heroes: Yang Jian and Luna.

Both sides had their first encounter in the lane very quickly, but they did nothing more than clearing the minion waves. 

“Huang Zhong is not here.” Zhang Cheng Hao immediately realized that He Yu’s Huang Zhong was not involved in the encounter earlier. 

“Do we need to care much about him?” Zhou Mu asked half-heartedly.

“No, but it might be a trap set by Gao Ge. Why did they choose Huang Zhong? Are they just planning to rely on Huang Zhong’s high damage outputs? Even if he doesn’t know how to play, it’s something even a rookie knows how to do. “ Zhang Cheng Hao analyzed logically, he was indeed not only an average player. Although Huang Zhong’s ultimate, ‘Mad Artillery’ would cause him to be unable to move, it would allow him to have a long-range attack that could deal high explosive damage. With the help of Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, even if he was unskilled, he would be a hard character to be dealt with.

“Are they trying to feed Huang Zhong by letting him farm?” Zhou Mu Tong asked.

“There’s only one lane of minion, we can’t fully rely on it for the experience and gold, we need to jungle.” Said Zhang Cheng Hao.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll guard the lane.” Xu Kai Huai said as his teammates retreated to the turret.

“Luna is heading up.” Gao Ge reminded Huang Zhong that was jungling in the upper half of the jungle. He predicted Luna’s movement after they retreated earlier.

“Ok.” He Yu responded. He was observing the confrontation from the beginning. But this was only his first time playing. Even if he knew the abilities, he was still unfamiliar with handling them. He was not able to drag his view properly and he ended up not taking in any useful information.

“I thought you said that there are 9 beasts at the upper half of the jungle? Where’s the last one?” Gao Ge asked after dragging the map.

“There’s one in the middle, it will be spawned at the 1-minute mark.” He Yu answered.

“1 minute… Go take it.” Gao Ge said.

“An ambush?” He Yu immediately knew her intention.

“Our positioning is really good right now!” Gao Ge laughed cunningly.

Zhang Cheng Hao and Zhou Mu Tong had gone into the jungle and quickly realized how optimized this map was for jungling, considering how much experience points and gold they could have gotten from the jungle monsters. Hence, they quickly swapped to a jungler build.

Zhang Cheng Hao had reaped 4 small beasts consecutively and gotten himself a buff. His movement became faster and the cooldown for his abilities reduced, both for 30 seconds. He only understood the buff’s function after reading its description. He moved towards the beasts in the middle and heard the sound of explosions. It was He Yu’s Huang Zhong who was fighting the beasts.

“Level 2?” Zhang Cheng Hao couldn’t resist his temptation to attack after seeing Huang Zhong’s condition. The key to playing Luna was her ultimate, ‘New Moon’, but this could only be unlocked at level 4. Even though Zhang Cheng Hao’s Luna was at level 3, which was a level higher than Huang Zhong, Luna was still weak without her ultimate. However, he saw Huang Zhong was still fighting the beasts without awareness, while he had the “Roar of the Forest” buff on Luna, he decided to attack. He quickly appeared in front of Huang Zhong and used Luna’s passive ability, ‘Moonlight Dance’.

The basic attack went over the wall and Luna jumped towards Huang Zhong.

“Surprise!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted loudly on purpose so that He Yu could hear him. With ‘Crescent Slice’ and ‘Searing Stab’ used consecutively, the Level 3 Luna went into a frenzy state that used only basic attacks on Huang Zhong.

Suddenly, two heroes jumped out of the bush, a warrior appeared in front as a mage followed behind.

“Surprise!” Gao Ge’s voice responded to Zhang Cheng Hao. Zhou Mo’s Su Lie used ‘The Undefeated’ and charged forward, pushing Luna against the wall. Gao Ge’s Zhuge Liang stepped forward and unleashed ‘Time Shift’, triggering two Strategic Marks. Next, she used ‘Arcane Assault’. Finally Zhuge Liang’s passive attack, ‘Strategic Mark’ was activated. Flying orbs flew towards Luna blasted on her. Su Lie continued to sway his pillar and Huang Zhong attacked with his cannon, Luna then fell onto the ground.

[First Blood!]

The first person to secure a kill in ‘The King’s Glory’ was given the title ‘First Blood’, and was given 300 golds as a reward that gave them the early game lead. It would also be a blow to the opponent team. Zhang Cheng Hao initially wanted to surprise his opponents but ended up being killed by them. He looked at ‘his’ own corpse, feeling helpless.

He Yu immediately upgraded his jungle equipment to level 2 after he received the reward. He continued killing the beasts and moved towards the lower half of the jungle.

“How’s this ambush?” Gao Ge asked.

“I didn’t expect that he would be so careless, I did not even retreat when he was exposed in my view, it’s so obvious that I have teammates backing me.’ He Yu replied.

“Haha.” Gao Ge laughed. She clearly knew Zhang Cheng Hao treated He Yu as someone who did not know how to play. Beginner players often paid attention to their own heroes and did not observe their surroundings. It was totally his misunderstanding at fault.

However, this misunderstanding was beneficial and could be exploited.

“Go jungle at the bottom area.” She said to He Yu.

“Now?” He Yu looked at Su Lie who was advancing towards the lower half of the jungle from the left side from the small map and instantly understood their intentions. He controlled Huang Zhong to move towards the lower half of the jungle area. Xu Kai Huai’s Lady Sun was going along with the minions. He instantly used ‘Rolling Raid’ towards Huang Zhong when she noticed him. But Zhang Cheng Hao shouted at him in panic.

“Be careful!” Zhang Cheng Hao remembering the ambush he fell into just now.

Xu Kai Huai looked at the map and did not see Zhuge Liang and Su Lie. She nodded her head and gave up pursuing. However, Gao Ge’s voice echoed in anger from the opposite side, “Walk closer to the sides!”

Zhang Cheng Hao was dumbfounded. It was really their opponents’ mistake. They had just lost their chance to counterattack. He had been scolded by Gao Ge before due to mistakes, thus he knew that they were not putting up an act. Instead, he felt embarrassed and avoided Xu Kai Huai’s glare. He turned his head to remind Zhou Mu Tong, “Huang Zhong had gone towards the lower half of the jungle.”

“I’ll wait for him here!” Zhou Mu Tong’s hero, Yang Jian was the first hero to reach level 4 as he was always jungling at the lower half of the jungle. He felt confident. The number of beasts in the jungle shocked him as a first-timer in the Battle Plains. As he continued upgrading his jungle equipment rapidly, he felt that he could fight against any opponents.

Although this was the case, he still hid in the bush when he heard that Huang Zhong was coming. As expected, he saw Huang Zhong moving slowly towards him.

“He didn’t even buy boots?” Zhou Mu Tong clicked onto the tab and checked Huang Zhong’s equipment. Huang Zhong who gained First Blood had a rather high gold, but he did not purchase any equipment that enhanced movement after he upgraded his Jungling Knife. Instead, he launched his attack immediately.

Not a problem.

Zhou Mu Tong left a beast there unkilled to act as his bait, waiting for Huang Zhong to fall into his trap. Suddenly, Huang Zhong threw ‘Landmine Alert’, his second ability towards the bush which Yang Jian was hiding in.

“Landmine Alert” could not only deal physical damage, but also reduce their opponent’s movement and armor. At the same time, it allowed Huang Zhong himself to gain a shield that negated damage. Yang Jian was immediately exposed as the landmine was triggered.  

Isn’t he a newbie?

 Zhou Mu Tong was shocked. Experienced players might even forget about scouting, not to mention He Yu was just a beginner.

However, Level 4 Yang Jian was not afraid of Huang Zhong. He used his first ability, ‘Unleash the Hound’ at Huang Zhong.

This ability needed to be directed manually towards his target. After the summoned heavenly dog bit its target, it would not only deal physical damage but also trigger a mark. At this moment, if Yang Jian could unleash the same ability, he would rush towards the enemy and launch an attack. Plus, if this ability killed the target, the cooldown would be reset immediately.

Zhou Mu Tong wanted to depend on this ability to reach Huang Zhong quickly, but Huang Zhong Flashed out of Yang Jian’s view. However, Zhou Mu Tong thought that Huang Zhong was just struggling helplessly. Everyone knows how to Flash. Yang Jian then used Flash and continued pursuing. He used the same ability and crashed towards Huang Zhong.
As he rushed forward, his heart sank. Su Lie, who was hiding in the bush appeared and Flashed behind him

‘The Undefeated’!

This was the ability that pushed Luna hardly against the wall. Using the same ability, Su Lie advanced towards Yang Jian, crashing against Team Lang Qi’s first turret. Then, Su Lie used his first ability, ‘Beacon Breaker’ to empower his next three normal attacks, hitting against Yang Jian. The third attack knocked him up for 0.75 seconds. Although Zhou Mu Tong had allowed Yang Jian to unleash his ultimate, ‘The Eye of Origin’ to gain health, but the turret’s attack never stopped. Huang Zhong came over to deal damage as well. Another ‘Landmine Alert’ was thrown at Yang Jian’s escape route. Yang Jian tried his best to escape from the turret but in the end.

He died.