The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 50

All three of them only had two classes today, and they finished their practice earlier since classes ended sooner. It was dinner time when they arrived at the crowded canteen. However, He Yu and Gao Ge were not talking, and the atmosphere was stiffer than yesterday.

Zhou Mo was frustrated. He felt that this wasn't the long term solution. However, he had no idea what to do, and he knew Gao Ge would see through his tricks even with her eyes closed. Before he thought of any solution, He Yu had finished eating and stood up, holding his plate.

"I'm leaving first," he said.

"Don't be late tomorrow," Gao Ge said.

"Ok," He Yu responded. He nodded his head at Zhou Mo and left.

The next day after his class ended, Gao Ge did not appear outside of He Yu's classroom. Before He Yu realized it, his classmates had already noticed it.

"He Yu, why isn't Senior Gao here today?" many people asked him. Since they were in the same course, everyone knew who Gao Ge was. Those who played The King's Glory had even heard of her name in the social circle. Everyone thought He Yu was kicked out of the team, and some already prepared to comfort him.

"I'm familiar with the way already, so she doesn't need to bring me," He Yu's answer surprised everyone.

"Bye," He Yu left after bidding them goodbye. A few students gathered and started gossiping.

"Why is it different from the rumour?"

"It's been more than ten days…"

Among them, there were two that had recently joined the King's Glory Club. Gao Ge's reputation there was horrifying. They had been secretly betting on how long it would take to see He Yu quit from Team Lang Qi. According to the more experienced players in the circle, the most common timeframe was in one week—those who stayed more than a week had other intentions. Even so, they were eventually kicked out by Gao Ge.

They scratched their heads and couldn't figure out why. The two from the King's Glory Club had finished packing their things.

"Bye," the two said.

"Where are you going?" the others asked. Due to the game, these few were getting closer recently.

"The Intra School League is starting soon. We have to go help out, see you." The two left.

"Hey, why don't we form a team and join the competition too?" One of the few people remained said excitedly.

"With our level? Forget about it," someone said immediately. They had been playing together, so they knew where each other stood. It was funny to hear a team that struggled in between Gold and Platinum ranks wanted to join the competition.

"What's wrong? Even He Yu joined," the person used He Yu as an example; they all knew He Yu's rank well.

"He has seniors leading him," someone said.

"What result do you think they can achieve with He Yu dragging down their team? They are also there to have fun!"

"I'm fine if you want."

"Then let's go."

"Where to register?"

"Just ask Zhang Li Song." One of them grabbed out his phone.

Many teams simply formed like that in the Intra School League of every semester. Most of them were, like they said, just for fun.

However, many teams worked hard to achieve good results. The players in these teams were much stronger, and one must be at least in the Legend rank to have such confidence. There were many teams in Dong Jiang University that had this goal in their minds. Moreover, it was a new semester. As graduates left and new students joined, many teams had a blood change.

As a year three student, Gao Ge and Zhou Mo knew those stronger teams in the university. As they talked about the changes in every group and if Schrodinger's Cat was hiding among the newcomers of any team, He Yu pushed the door and came in.

"Hello," Zhou Mo said, as friendly as ever.

"Hi," He Yu nodded. They weren't in the same class, so they had different class schedules. When their schedules weren't the same, they followed the plan of the one with the latest class. He Yu had slightly more classes today and was the latest.

"Schrodinger's Cat did not appear in the nearby list yesterday's night," He Yu said after sitting down.

"You still remember!" Zhou Mo was delighted. He had been worrying if He Yu would quit the team because of the awkwardness between Gao Ge and He Yu, but after seeing He Yu still had the team on his mind, he knew He Yu wasn't leaving.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" He Yu was confused.

"Nothing. We asked around about newcomers that have joined the other teams, but so far, no news about this ID," Zhou Mo said.

"Hope we will see him," He Yu said and opened the game.

"Join," Gao Ge only said a word on the other side. Her game was already opened, and she was already in the room, inviting Zhou Mo and He Yu.

"So fast?" Zhou Mo looked at them speechlessly. He joined the game, and the match soon started.

A familiar atmosphere and momentum settled.

The conversation between Gao Ge and He Yu was the same as yesterday, without an unnecessary word. This attitude reflected onto Zhou Mo, and they pointed out Zhou Mo's mistakes straightaway when they noticed.

Zhou Mo spent today's training with his hands trembling. Today's games didn't go as smoothly, and most were lost. There were many mistakes, especially in those lost games, and it took quite a while for them to finish pointing out each other's mistakes. After they finished, they looked at Zhou Mo together. Zhou Mo closed his eyes. It was inevitable, let the storm begin!

"Senior Zhou played too safely today."

The two did not plan to give him a break, even after seeing his face. They started from the bigger picture and slowly began to look at more detailed plays. Zhou Mo was only nodding at the beginning and accepted their criticisms, but slowly, he began to talk back. Sometimes it was to explain his thoughts. The other times, he disagreed with their views. More interactions and discussions were happening. After discussing, Zhou Mo realized that he was motivated to play another match to apply the things they discussed.

However, before he suggested, the two stood up from their chairs.

"Let's call it a day," said Gao Ge.

"Dinner time," He Yu said.

They strode towards the door leaving Zhou Mo bewildered. After being left startled for a while, he trailed behind them.

The atmosphere in the next few days was the same. The friendly atmosphere was no longer there, but everyone's focus seemed to have improved. During the discussion after every day's practice, Zhou Mo was no longer just sitting there and listening. He started to argue and explain for himself, and he realized that through this process, there was an exchange of thoughts and ideas between them. He felt a completely different sense of improvement.

This is the real practice!

Zhou Mo was pumped. He felt that they had finally found the right practice momentum. He no longer worried about Gao Ge and He Yu since they did not think there was a problem between them themselves. But, they still couldn't find Schrodinger's Cat. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo still could not find a name like this among the newcomers. He Yu had seen Schrodinger's Cat appearing in the nearby list twice after the first time, but they were always in a game.

A week had passed in a blink of an eye. The registration of the Intra School League had finally closed. The creation of the game schedule was easy. The system would randomly pair the teams after the teams were keyed into the computer. Due to a large number of participants, limited time, and inadequate manpower, the competition started with a knockout rule, and only one game was played to determine the winner. It was an efficient way.

Teams that joined for fun weren't that interested in the game schedule.

However, teams that had goals were not relaxed; they had been waiting for news from the King's Glory Club. The announcement was only published online since it wouldn't fit into the notice board due to a large number of participating teams. Zhou Mo had been refreshing the club's page since he woke up in the morning. Finally, the schedule was published in the afternoon. Before he even found Team Lang Qi, he received a message from Zhang Cheng Hao. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Zhou Mo was stunned for a second, and he knew something was coming. Zhang Cheng Hao couldn't wait and sent him a screenshot, it was a screenshot of the game schedule, showing two opposing teams in the first round: Team Lang Qi vs. Team Huang Chao.