The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 51

Zhang Cheng Hao then sent another bunch of happy emojis, which Zhou Mo couldn't care about. To him, the schedule wasn't good news. Team Huang Chao had advanced into the quarterfinal in the last two semesters, and they were a strong team. The five in the Huang Chao had met in year one. They had always been a consistent team with strong chemistry. A team like them was far better than a group simply formed by five players from the Legend rank that didn't know each other.

Zhou Mo and Gao Ge had joined the Intra School League four times, so they approximately knew how far they could go. Let alone a strong team like Team Huang Chao, any teams made up of five Legend rank players would be difficult to defeat for Team Lang Qi. Their teammates were only there to make up for the number, and often they would take over Zhou Mo's and Gao Ge's best roles.

Finally, He Yu had joined Team Lang Qi in this semester. Although he was a newcomer, he was different from the other newcomers. He Yu's had a strong theoretical foundation of the game and was a quick learner. He was already a very reliable and competent player.

 Zhou Mo's heart was full of excitement when he imagined them joining tournaments and improving together while continuing their search for reliable teammates. After joining the university for two years and entering the Intra School League four times, it was the first time he had this feeling. He had always had three teammates that were only there to make up the number. Having to put up with their 'play for fun' mentality, Zhou Mo was only waiting for the day their team collapsed. It was honestly frustrating.

Finally, everything had turned better this time. Finally, there was something to look forward to. But they would be encountering Team Huang Chao in the first round. It was an enemy that Zhou Mo looked forward to defeating in the later stage, not in the first round.

The rule of the Intra School League was cruel but straightforward. One would be eliminated immediately after losing one game, and they would have nothing to do with the competition anymore. Although the competition did not have any strict conditions, one couldn't join another team to play again after losing.

After opening the schedule and seeing that Team Lang Qi would be playing against Team Huang Chao in the first round, the last bit of imagination in Zhou Mo's mind was destroyed. He hoped it was only a prank by Zhang Cheng Hao to frighten him!

Ignoring the notification of new messages coming in, Zhou Mo lay on his table, surrounded by despair. After a while, he took up his phone and sent the screenshot of the schedule into Team Lang Qi's group chat, and he continued to lay on the table.

He stayed depressed until the afternoon when his class was almost ending. He had to go practice with He Yu and Gao Ge already. Zhou Mo sat straight, making himself look more energized.

Despite feeling hopeless in his heart, Zhou Mo knew he shouldn't bring this negativity to his teammates. The opponents were strong, to the extent that he saw no hope, but it didn't mean he would give up easily.

When the bell rang, Zhou Mo stood up quickly and exited the classroom with a refreshed look.

They couldn't reserve the student council's office every day. Places like the library and revision room were not suitable for them to practice gaming. Of course, any place with a network signal could be their training place, but it was too random and unceremonious to just play by the roadside. A cafe called Blue Mountain outside of the school's North Gate became their training ground. The environment and coffee there were average, but the price was affordable, and most importantly, the wifi signal was particularly good.

Team Lang Qi practiced there every Tuesday. Zhou Mo's class ended the latest on this day, and he was the last one to arrive. As he exited the North Gate, he could see through the glass of the cafe, and He Yu and Gao Ge would always be sitting at their usual spots face to face. One was crossing arms, and the other was holding her cheek with her hand, avoiding each other's eyes. Looking from that angle, it looked like a couple in a cold war.

Zhou Mo wanted to know what they thought of the game schedule, but his phone died when he tried to see the group chat. From what he saw now, the poker faces of the two showed no signs of what they were feeling. He reminded himself to stay positive, and he entered the cafe.


Zhou Mo smiled and walked towards their table. Gao Ge, who was facing the entrance, saw him first, and she nodded in acknowledgment. He Yu, who was opposite of her, noticed Zhou Mo had arrived, and he turned his head and waved at him.

"One latte and a power bank, please," Zhou Mo said to the waiter who followed him behind, looking very relaxed.

Gao Ge looked at him, and she opened her mouth when he was pulling his chair to sit with his smile on his face. "Panicking?"

"Panic? Why would I panic?" Zhou Mo's acting was horrible. He overreacted and was trying to cover himself up when Gao Ge guessed what was on his mind.

"Team Huang Chao in the first round. Why wouldn't you panic?" said Gao Ge.

"Panicking won't help," Zhou Mo said.

"Good that you know," Gao Ge said.

Zhou Mo saw that the two were still emotionless. They had always been like this during practice after that day, so there was nothing unusual today, and he couldn't guess what they were thinking. When the power bank arrived, Zhou Mo quickly took out his phone and said, "I need to charge my phone first."

He quickly plugged in the cable, turned on his phone and opened the group chat. He wanted to see their conversation and what they were thinking about having to face Team Huang Chao in the first round.

After opening the group chat, the first thing he saw was the schedule screenshot he sent. Below it was two messages; one from Gao Ge and another from He Yu.

Gao Ge replied, "Okay."

He Yu replied, "Got it."

"That's it?" Zhou Mo's tongue slipped.

They looked at him.

"What do you mean?" Gao Ge asked.

"Data, my phone ran out of data," Zhou Mo tried to cover up.

"There's a problem with the wifi here today, so we have to use 4G," He Yu said to Zhou Mo.

"Okay, no problem!" Zhou Mo responded, but he saw He Yu staring at his phone.

"Why?" Zhou Mo was confused.

"But, you have no more data," He Yu said.

"Oh, I'll top up now," Zhou Mo quickly took up his phone and acting like he was topping up his phone credit, he couldn't let He Yu see his phone screen or else he would be exposed.

Gao Ge, who was sitting in front of him, glanced at Zhou Mo, but did not say a word.

"How long have you been here?" Zhou Mo asked.

"For some time already," He Yu said.

Zhou Mo looked at them pitifully. Without him, the atmosphere between them would be super awkward, wouldn't it? 

Gao Ge suddenly said, "I have finished introducing Team Huang Chao."

"I think their captain, Zhang Cheng Hao, would be our opportunity," He Yu took over from Gao Ge.

"Give him Luna, he will pick it for sure," Gao Ge said.

"Then we will focus on distracting their Blue Sentinel," He Yu said.

"Not only do we steal his Blue Sentinel, but we will also destroy him when Luna is still weak in the early game," Gao Ge said.

"So we need some heroes that are strong in the early game," He Yu said.

"I plan to use Su Lie or Dong Huang Taiyi as support," Gao Ge said.

"The reason for choosing Dong Huang Taiyi is because even if our plan didn't go well, we still have control over Luna," He Yu said.

"For our top-laner, how's your Yang Jian doing? If possible, we can choose it first so Zhou Mu Tong can't play it," Gao Ge said.

"But I have an advice for the beginning of the game. Maybe we can switch lanes in the beginning, I will farm in the top lane, and you go to the bottom lane to cooperate with them in attacking their blue sentinel. What do you think?" He Yu said.

The two looked at Zhou Mo, waiting for his response.

"I just came in and still haven't gotten my coffee. Why don't… you continue to discuss first?" Zhou Mo was stunned.