The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 52

A moment ago, Zhou Mo, who had been depressed the whole afternoon, thought that the team would be crying and comforting each other since the outcome of the match with Team Huang Chao was painfully clear. However, to his surprise, Gao Ge and He Yu calmly analyzed how to win the game.

Are they serious?

Zhou Mo was in a trance for a while until his coffee was served to him. He realized Gao Ge and He Yu were looking at him as he came to his senses.

"Coffee," Zhou Mo raised his cup. The two stayed silent and watched him drink his coffee.

After calming himself down with coffee, Zhou Mo's emotions were much more stable. When he looked at them again, the spotlight fell on He Yu.

Zhou Mo knew Gao Ge well. In the two tournaments in their year one, they fought together with another three teammates that were there to make up the number. When they encountered strong opponents, Gao Ge had never given up easily. She had always generated strategies that could defeat their opponents.

Unfortunately, the strategies were there, and she tried her best to convince her teammates to cooperate, but the plan always failed. In the end, she always complained about her teammates.

After two similar experiences, Gao Ge stopped attempts like this. In the two tournaments in the second year, she focused on herself when they encountered strong opponents. Of course, it would be great if her teammates could help, but she never expected that, and eventually, they did not end up well.

It was already the third year, and the fifth time they were joining the Intra School League, but it was also the unluckiest time since they would be meeting Team Huang Chao, a quarter-final team, in the first round. However, Gao Ge used the approach she used in her first year, generating strategies to win. Could He Yu be the factor that had brought this change? Did Gao Ge think that they had another reliable teammate now?

"Senior Zhou, do you have anything to say?" He Yu was a little uneasy under Zhou Mo's stare.

"Oh, I am just thinking about the feasibility of your suggestion," said Zhou Mo.

"Yeah, it is also something that we are more worried about. According to Senior Gao, you are not very good at ambushing their back row?"

"You can say so," Zhou Mo had to admit. His style leaned towards defending. Even in team fights, he was more into protecting his team's carry. He was not very good at playing heroes that could threaten the opponent's back row, such as Hua Mulan and Yang Jian. It wasn't that he never practiced, but it just seemed like he was born this way. He just couldn't grasp the timing of ambushing the opponent's back row, and he always ended up dying himself.

"But we would still need you to do it this time. Even though you might not be able to kill the opponent, at the very least, you could create a mess for them. The reason for choosing Yang Jian was, firstly, we can take away a hero that they are good at. Secondly, Yang Jian's ability to survive is stronger in fights," said He Yu.

"Why does it sound like I'm there to die?" Zhou Mo was confused.

"Dying doesn't sound good," said Gao Ge.

"It's just to trigger their abilities on you," He Yu said.

"Would I still survive after taking the damage from their abilities?" Zhou Mo felt disheartened.

"That depends on your skills," He Yu said.

"I know." Zhou Mo felt even more depressed. After all, he was an experienced player, so he knew most of the techniques and details of all different heroes. For example, the combat power of Yang Jian was entirely different depending on the existence of minions. Minions here referred to the opponent's minions because Yang Jian's ultimate relied on the damage dealt to enemy units to regain health. Therefore, the more enemy units hit, the more damage dealt with, and more health would regenerate. With the opponent's minions as targets, the health points restored from the ultimate would increase drastically.

But knowing these techniques was one thing; being able to put it into practice was another story. Zhou Mo was depressed because he had no confidence in applying this technique to this hero.

"Just do your best. We would probably lose if we were just to play normally," Gao Ge said.

Looking into Gao Ge's eyes, Zhou Mo seemed to see the old Gao Ge in her first year. Even though the teammates were only there to make up the number, she was still analyzing strategies excitedly, hoping everyone would work hard towards victory.

"Because we are weaker, so we must use some exceptional approaches."

That was what Gao Ge used to say in her first year, and now there was someone that was suggesting an unusual approach like this. As her old friend, he had no reason to say no.

"I will practice that in the coming few days," Zhou Mo nodded and said.

"Then let's start?" He Yu had already opened the game.

"Should we invite Lee Si Jie and Zhao Jin Ran too?" Zhou Mo asked.

"Sure," Gao Ge agreed. Of course, she would like the whole team to practice the strategy together, if possible.

"I'll call them now." Zhou Mo searched his call history immediately.

"Senior Zhou," He Yu called.

"Yes?" Zhou Mo dialed the number as he responded to He Yu.

"I thought you ran out of data," He Yu asked.

"Shh," Zhou Mo quickly waved him off, and luckily the call was answered in an instant.

"Si Jie? I'm Zhou Mo."

"The schedule is out already, have you seen it?"

"What do you mean doesn't matter? We will be meeting Team Huang Chao in the first round. Yes. Zhang Cheng Hao's team. Let's practice together?"

"What? No need to practice? Because we won't win?"

"We have come out with a strategy… Hello? Hello??"

"He hung up." Zhou Mo looked at Gao Ge and He Yu awkwardly.

"Forget about it," Gao Ge said softly.

"I'll call Zhao Jin Ran, too." Zhou Mo didn't give up. Smiling at Gao Ge, he said, "It would also be good to have one more person to practice together."

Gao Ge did not say anything, and Zhou Mo fell into silence as well --nobody answered the call.

Zhou Mo waited patiently until the operator answered the call.

"Nobody is answering? Did he forget his phone?" Zhou Mo mumbled and called again.

"The number you dialed is unavailable." A long noise sounded after the notification.

Zhou Mo blanked out for a while and hung up the call helplessly.

"Can't contact him," he said to them.

"Let's practice ourselves," said Gao Ge.

"Invited you guys," He Yu said.

"Coming," Zhou Mo opened the game and saw He Yu's invitation the moment he logged in. He saw He Yu and Gao Ge were already in there waiting for him when he entered the room, just like how they waited for him in this cafe on this day's afternoon every week.

Zhou Mo really hoped people would fill up the other two empty seats, but it seemed like they could only be left blank as of now.

"Let's start," Zhou Mo said.

"Okay," He Yu said and started today's practice.