The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 53

The group's practice became more targeted after having a clear idea of who the opponent would be. Although opponents in practice games would not be identical to Team Huang Chao, the team's strategy was still useful. 

It was especially so when the mid-laner and jungler knew how to cooperate, leading to the opponent's Blue Sentinel zone becoming under He Yu, Gao Ge, and Zhou Mo's control. In the most extreme case, the opponent's jungler could not take the blue buff even once.

However, considering that the games were only casual, the opponents were not accustomed to Team Lang Qi's tricks, so it wasn't astonishing to have such results. After winning six matches in a row, Zhou Mo thought that practicing in casual games was too easy, since the opponent's jungler always jungled alone. Even when the opposing mid-laner or top-laner came to help, the enemies were much less prepared than Zhou Mo's team. There were also two times when the jungler only went for the Red Sentinel. That behavior made it easier for Team Lang Qi, but it made it so that there was no point in practicing. All in all, it was just about stealing the blue buff. Details such as team composition and combat ability were not involved.

"How about we practice in ranked games?"

Although the opponents were also not ready to counteract their strategy in ranked games, they would have more serious attitudes. The opponents' team composition would be more reasonable, and they would play heroes that they were familiar with and would be more careful in protecting their jungle. It would be a more intense game compared to casual games, as both teams cared a lot more about winning and losing.

"Let's call it a day," Gao Ge said after looking at the time.

"Even if it's a ranked game, it is not Team Huang Chao after all. If only we had some details of their games," He Yu sighed. This kind of problem didn't exist for players in the professional circle. Official tournaments were always public, and one had countless competition videos to use to study the opponent. However, for players like He Yu, Gao Ge, and Zhou Mo, there weren't any game details to review. On some occasions, you could use the "Watch Game" feature, but besides that, the Intra School League did not have any competition videos recorded.

"We do," Gao Ge said unexpectedly.

"Huh?" He Yu was startled, seeing Gao Ge start using her phone.

"Oh," Zhou Mo seemed to have remembered something. Gao Ge passed her phone to He Yu.

"This is…" He Yu saw a fancy title as he took over the phone, "Hao's King's Moment." Luna appeared on the screen, unleashing  Unstoppable Link, Moonlight Sword, Drifting Slides. Masterly moves that were rarely seen even in the professional circle appeared in front of He Yu.

"This is Zhang Cheng Hao?" He Yu completed his sentence that he hadn't finished just now.

"Yup," Zhou Mo, who was beside him, said.

"Amazing." He Yu was impressed.

"These are his top plays in these two years," Gao Ge said.

He Yu heard sarcasm behind her words, and honestly, he did not think that these highlights were meaningful. He pulled the progress bar forward and glanced a few more times and said, "These plays aren't that clear,"

"It's only a promotional video. You can watch the whole clip in the contents under 'Hao's'," said Gao Ge.

He Yu immediately knew what she meant. Zhang Cheng Hao had saved all the matches that he played well in and uploaded them to the internet. This boastful personality of his had provided useful information about him to He Yu. Otherwise, where could He Yu find the game details of a casual player like him?

After clicking into the content page, every video had a title. All were attention-seeking, like "0-13 Lost Game Was Saved By An Invincible Pentakill", "100% of Team Kills by Luna Alone", "The Strongest Luna, 46.6% Damage Dealt" and such. There weren't many of them after scrolling to the end. Zhang Cheng Hao was not a great player. He was likely to be invincible only if he used a secondary account to bully newbies, but Zhang Cheng Hap was still a decent player who could post videos like this.

"Alright, it would be beneficial to watch these. Are there videos where he played with his team?" He Yu asked.

"There are. Look for them yourself," said Gao Ge.

"Okay," He Yu nodded.

"Then let's stop here today," Gao Ge stood up.

"Are we really ending here?" Zhou Mo was shocked.

"What else do you want to do?" Gao Ge looked at him.

"Err... the tournament is starting soon. Why don't we put in more time to practice?" Zhou Mo said. He was still a little pumped after winning six matches in a row.

"Extra practice doesn't mean we have to practice together," Gao Ge said while glancing at He Yu.

"Right, I am watching these after I go back, it's a form of practice too," He Yu said while waving his phone at Zhou Mo. He naturally wanted to put the phone into his pocket, but Gao Ge stopped him.

"Give me back my phone," Gao Ge said.

"Oh…" He Yu came to his senses and realized he was holding Gao Ge's phone. He confirmed Zhang Cheng Hao's ID again before returning her the phone.

Before dinner time, He Yu had already downloaded the video app on his phone. He watched "Hao's King's Moment" as he had dinner.

The videos titled "Pentakill that Saved the World", "Incredible Damage", "The Team's Carry", did not catch He Yu's attention. From the overall statistic, these abnormal scores were not his usual performance. Under Zhou Mo's help, He Yu had found the video of Zhang Cheng Hao playing in a party of five, and the teammates were indeed the five in Team Huang Chao. But it was, of course, a game he performed spectacularly since it was uploaded to "Hao's King's Moment".

He Yu was also not picky. A video uploaded by Zhang Cheng Hao was undoubtedly a game that he had performed well. Using Zhang Cheng Hao's top performance as a benchmark to prepare himself wouldn't be accurate.

As it was Zhang Cheng Hao's video, the whole video was from Luna's perspective, but this didn't affect He Yu's observation of their team's cooperation. A consistent five-person team that worked together for two years indeed had outstanding chemistry. The team had a disciplined approach in starting the game, competing on lanes, ambushing opponents, and fighting in team fights. 

The Yang Jian and Lady Sun, who he had encountered in Battle Plains, frequently appeared in these videos. It seemed like these two heroes were their expertise. The heroes picked for mid-laner and support were however, not as consistent and kept changing, but it was apparent that they were heroes that did not take up too much gold. For Team Huang Chao, Luna, Yang Jian, and Lady Sun were the primary gold collectors.

He was watching the videos on his way back to the hostel, and continued after he reached his room. After watching several videos, he had a brief idea in mind. Compared to professional teams, the strategies of Team Huang Chao did not change a lot, and their style wasn't systematic. It was just the players playing their best heroes and getting along through playing.

A team like that would be destroyed in the Ban/Pick section of professional tournaments. If Luna, Yang Jian, and Lady Sun were banned, it would be detrimental to the team's leading power. However, He Yu had asked Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. The Intra School League was to enrich student's lives after class, so there weren't too many rules.

The competition would not use the Ban/Pick rule like in KPL competitions. It would only use the Ban/Pick mode used in Diamond and Master's rank games, which everyone was familiar with. In this mode, each team could ban two heroes, a total of four heroes would be prohibited. It was impossible to ban all the three heroes of Team Huang Chao. Even when thinking of choosing a hero away from the other team, one had to consider if one's team was able to play that hero. If the team had no idea how to play that hero, choosing it would lead to a worse outcome.

In He Yu's eyes, the shortcomings and flaws of Team Huang Chao were apparent and obvious, but it didn't seem to be too much of a trouble. After he sent his thoughts into the group chat, very soon, Gao Ge replied coldly, "Firstly, you have to think of the match as a three versus five matches."

"Isn't that too exaggerated?" He Yu said.

"Does two point five versus five sound better?" Gao Ge said.