The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 54

"You think the two of them will drag down our performance?" He Yu sent a thinking emoji.

Gao Ge did not answer and only replied with a profound emoji.

"Or do you mean I'm the zero point five?" He Yu said, upset.

"Yes," Gai Ge replied.

"Why am I the zero point five?" He Yu was mad and replied quickly. "Wouldn't my thoughts and ideas at least worth point seven or point eight?"

"Whatever floats your boat," Gao Ge replied coldly.

Zhou Mo, who was looking at their conversation, was anxious, unsure if they were arguing or just joking with one another. After thinking thoroughly, Zhou Mo felt that he should keep quiet since he was terrible at speaking, so he acted as though he wasn't there.

However, the topic still shifted toward him even though he did not say anything.

"Then how much is Senior Zhou's Yang Jian worth?" He Yu asked.

"Maybe about zero point five," Gao Ge said.

"Don't tell me it's out of ten," He Yu said.

Zhou Mo was angry and almost responded, but luckily his old friend Gao Ge said, "Of course not."

"Senior Zhou's style is about being careful and good in defending. If he attacks their jungle, we won't lose anything even if we can't get any advantage," He Yu said.

"We'd probably lose if we can't get any advantage," said Gao Ge.

"Didn't you say that we're taking Dong Huang Taiyi just in case?" He Yu said.

The ultimate of Dong Huang Taiyi, Forsaken Contract, could forcefully stun a target for 2.5 seconds, exchanging blood for blood. When attacking, it could be used to control the enemy's core hero. When defending, it could pose a threat to heroes that had to fight in close combat. 

Luna was a close combat hero. When Dong Huang Taiyi had his ultimate ready, Luna would not dare to attack thoughtlessly. Therefore, He Yu agreed when Gao Ge put Dong Huang Taiyi in her support list. With this, even if they failed to pressure the Blue Sentinel at the beginning of the game, Dong Huang Taiyi would still be a threat to their core hero.

However, according to what Gao Ge had just said, it would probably be a lost match if they failed to pressure Luna thoroughly. If such an event occurred, picking Dong Huang Taiyi didn't seem as meaningful anymore.

"It's just a suggestion," Gao Ge replied. "Although Zhang Cheng Hao is arrogant, he would probably ban Dong Huang Taiyi if he wants to use Luna as the core."

"Can we discuss the hero selection for mid-laner and jungler?" He Yu asked.

"It's difficult. Just let those two play whoever they're most familiar with," Gao Ge answered.

Her statement seemed accurate enough to He Yu. Unlike professional players that could adjust their hero selection according to the need of the strategy, casual players would only pick what they liked and what they were good at. 

Because Gao Ge and Zhou Mo held themselves at a higher standard than the average person, they were able to expand their hero pool and adjust their hero selection according to the circumstance. In contrast, even the players in a team like Huang Chao did not have any logic behind their hero selection. Although He Yu was discussing hero selection with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, He Yu's hero pool was pitifully small.

When he thought about himself, He Yu suddenly had an idea in mind, "Eh, what do you think if I try practicing Hou Yi?"

"The Hou Yi System!!!" Zhou Mo, who was hiding, couldn't help replying.

The so-called Hou Yi System was a strategy that was once popular in KPL tournaments. It rarely appeared in recent competitive play, not because the approach was outdated, but because it required a high level of cooperation and was an easily countered strategy. The strategy could easily be wholly destroyed just by banning Hou Yi. Therefore, it was not suitable to be used as a team's core strategy, but it may work if used occasionally to surprise the opponent.

This strategy was even rarer outside of the professional circle due to its serious difficulty. In casual games, it was a seldom-used strategy. Even a consistent team was unlikely to utilize the strategy, except for extreme cases where the team really loved it. For example, the King's Glory social circle in Dong Jiang University once had a team that loved to use the strategy.

The outcome was not bad when playing in a party of five, but when it came to the Ultra School League, the result wasn't that good, since it was too easy to ban Hou Yi.

As He Yu mentioned Hou Yi, Zhou Mo thought of this brilliant strategy immediately and was excited. He had always wanted to apply some strategies from the professional circle, but Team Lang Qi had only had Gao Ge and him. Although they had their own approach, they could never use strategies like The Hou Yi System.

"Senior, you know about the Hou Yi System?" The three exclamation marks behind Zhou Mo's message caught He Yu's attention.

"Yeah, can we try it?" Zhou Mo said.

"I think we can try," Gao Ge said.

"Now?" Zhou Mo couldn't contain his excitement.

"Senior calm down, we still have time!" He Yu said.

"Let's try tomorrow." Gao Ge finalized the decision.

"Okay," Zhou Mo replied reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Team Huang Chao's group chat was in silence, but the five teammates congregated in Zhang Cheng Hao's room. Zhang Cheng Hao's scheme had made Team Lang Qi their opponent in the first round, but only Zhou Mu Tong knew about it. When Yang Zhuo, who hated Gao Ge, was told about everything, he was more worried than excited.

No matter how they insulted Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, the two were big troubles that were difficult for them to handle. Yang Zhuo, who boasted that if he got ambushed another time by Gao Ge, would admit defeat, was especially nervous. His heart had been pounding since he made such a brag. When his teammates asked why he was so confident, Yang Zhuo said he had said it on impulse.

When Zhang Cheng Hao gathered them for discussion, he was particularly active. It wasn't challenging to beat Team Lang Qi since they only had two strong players. Yang Zhuo made avoiding ambushes from Gao Ge a priority. He wanted nothing more than to live up to the bet he made with Gao Ge.

"Pay attention to the map."

"Don't check bushes carelessly."

"Use the safe way even though it's further."

Yang Zhuo's few teammates were giving him suggestions; all sounded very helpful. Gao Ge did not just ambush the mid-laner; everyone on the team had been ambushed by her before, but it was simply that Yang Zhuo was ambushed a lot more due to his role.

"How about I don't roam this time?" Yang Zhuo carefully sought the advice of his teammates.

Mid-laners usually were mages that had AOE damage and could clear the minions quickly. Being in the middle lane meant that the distance to the top and bottom lanes was the same, so after clearing minions, a mid-laner would always need to help out in the top or bottom lanes, or even in the jungle. To avoid being ambushed by Gao Ge, Yang Zhuo almost gave up the dignity of a mid-laner.

"Seriously?" Zhang Cheng Hao rolled his eyes at him and said.

Yang Zhuo was silent, which meant yes, seriously.

"For your information, the two that are there to make up the number are called Zhao Jin Ran and Lee Si Jie. Lee Si Jie is a diamond-rank player, only plays mages. Gao Ge had always given up her mid-laner role whenever Team Lang Qi encountered situations like this in the past, so it should be the same this time. It's their only choice as she knows more heroes," Zhang Cheng Hao said.

"Oh? Then what role will she play? Please don't tell me it's jungler," Yang Zhuo said.

She was already so cunning when playing mid-laner, so Yang Zhuo couldn't imagine what would happen if she played a jungler.

The other few beside Yang Zhuo were creeped out; it felt as though an eerily freezing wind blew over them.

"Zhao Jin Ran only plays assassins," Zhang Cheng Hao added.

"Oh? Then Gao Ge could only play support? Marksman?" Yang Zhuo said.

"I think she would play marksman because their other teammate is a newcomer, so he should play support," Zhang Cheng Hao said.


"Because Su Ge said his support might be strong," Zhang Cheng Hao didn't explain too much and used the club president, Su Ge's name. Su Ge was highly respected in their club; every aspect of him was intimidating, and his judgement would be considered law.

"That kid is support?" Zhou Mu Tong was confused. "But, I keep seeing him play marksman."

"How do you know?" Everyone looked at him.

"I stalked him with The King's Assistance," Zhou Mu Tong said shyly.

"Keeps playing marksman?" Zhang Cheng Hao was also surprised.

"Yeah, see for yourself," Zhou Mu Tong opened the app, The King's Assistance.

"Genghis Khan?" Zhang Cheng Hao was again surprised when he looked at He Yu's statistics.

"Yeah. Besides, nobody has seen Gao Ge play marksman, right?" Zhou Mu Tong said.

Everyone nodded after giving it a thought.

"So, Gao Ge would probably play support, right?" Zhou Mu Tong said.

"Support?" Yang Zhuo looked happy; his face of relief was evident to everyone.

"Is that so?" Zhang Cheng Hao was still suspicious. "Let's look at her recent games."