The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 55

Although the two teams were not on the best of terms, they did not hate each other that much. They still kept each other as friends in the friend list of the game. Therefore, they just had to open the game and see her profile to see Gao Ge's game statistics. 

But when they went into her profile, Gao Ge's match history was hidden; no information was visible to prying eyes.

"What about Zhou Mo's?" Zhang Cheng Hao asked.

"Let me check," Zhou Mu Tong, who had Zhou Mo on his friend list, went to check his profile. He shook his head after clicking in and said, "It's hidden."

"Did they do it on purpose? They don't usually hide their match history, do they?" Zhang Cheng Hao said.

Everyone shook their head, but that didn't mean no. It was just that Team Huang Chao never looked at Team Lang Qi's profiles, so they had no idea.

"Be more aware in these coming few days, watch their game if you see them playing," Zhang Cheng Hao said.

"What if they never turned on the watch game feature, too?" Zhou Mu Tong said.

Zhang Cheng Hao looked at him, not saying a word.

"I hide my profile and disallow the watch game feature first." Zhou Mu Tong lowered his head and used his phone. After listening to him, the others, too, started hiding their profiles and turned off the watch game feature. They looked at each other after putting down their phones, the seriousness on their faces felt like there was something strange.

"It's just Lang Qi. Calm down!" Xu Kai Huai was the first to realize and shouted.

"Yeah, yeah," the others responded. Only Yang Zhuo was left nervous since he had another outside bet, which was not to get ambushed by Gao Ge. However, it was apparent that Yang Zhuo was the only one that was worried about it. His friends were already all relaxed after remembering that their opponent was Team Lang Qi. Even Zhang Cheng Hao thought he had overreacted and hit his own head. Even if the newcomer is a Legend rank support, Lang Qi would only have three good players. Moreover, Gao Ge is not playing her best role. What's there to be worried about?"

Team Huang Chao's side became less nervous. On Team Lang Qi's side, He Yu was still studying every video that he could find, especially those that had the whole Team Huang Chao playing. He Yu observed the style of every one of them, imagining what the outcome would be if he used the Hou Yi System against them.

After a while, He Yu, who was lying on his bed watching videos, fell asleep. When he woke up all of a sudden, the video was still playing on his phone. He, Yu, half asleep and going to turn off his phone, noticed something that caught his eye. It was Ake, an assassin on the screen, and all her four teammates were already dead. Ake sneakily hid in the bush behind the Overlord's pit. Since the opponent's minions were mispositioned, they chose to take the Overlord instead of pushing turrets. Ake continued to hide in the bush, but the enemy's team seemed to have realized something as well. The enemy support started to move towards the bush where Ake was hiding.

Ake was still not moving, as if she had disconnected. The moment the enemy's support threw an ability at the bush, Ake used her ultimate, Phantom Dance, and jumped out. Signs of smoke were visible as she moved. With her second ability, Untouchable, Ake jumped into the Overlord's pit, and what followed was a series of numbers in red.

Ake used a basic attack after Untouchable, and in an instant, she threw her first ability, Arclight, hitting her target accurately. Another series of numbers floated up, and a corpse was produced.

Killing an enemy refreshed the cooldown of all her skills. Ake started to use Phantom Dance again, maneuvering precisely in such a narrow space. She rushed towards her next target, and the Arclight shone. Another one was dead. Another Phantom Dance, the third target sensed the danger and tried to escape, but Ake used Untouchable, Arclight, and a basic attack to drag him back. Triple Kill. The support which was coming to help also tried to turn his head, but Ake wouldn't let him go. She chased after him with Phantom Dance and another familiar sequence of skills. Quadra Kill!

The Overlord. which only had half bar of health points left, was already in Ake's bag. However, in the cheer of her teammates, Ake gave up Overlord and headed towards the opponent's crystal. The fifth person who was heading to the Overlord's pit turned back right away after seeing Ake. Ake chased after him, running through the high ground turret and into the crystal, tanking damage from all the defence systems and attacking the enemy madly. She killed the enemy successfully before he could run into the fountain. However, Ake did not survive the crystal's attacks and fell beside the crystal.

Did she have to go that far?

He Yu was shocked. Taking down the Overlord after her Quadra Kill would have created a perfect edge for her team, but this Ake left the Overlord and chased after the fifth person to get her Penta Kill was crazy for kills.

Although she killed the fifth person, the kill streak broke due to the long chase. She had only gotten a normal kill after sacrificing her life. Giving up the Overlord was a pity, and there were many more things that she could have done to create more advantages if she did not die. But now? Both teams were wiped out, and no one had an advantage.
It was such a pity.

He Yu kept lamenting. He came back to his senses after the video ended. What was he watching? Hao's King's Moment. Where did this Ake come from? It wasn't Zhang Cheng Hao's ID on Ake's head.

After exiting the video, He Yu understood what happened. The system would automatically play similar videos after Zhang Cheng Hao's video ended, so he was brought to an Ake's video named "Chasing a Thousand Miles For A False Penta Kill".

He Yu gave it another glance. The owner of the video's owner was called "Thousand Miles Sounds", and it seemed like he was a game streamer.

He Yu was a little relieved after he knew the identity. Game streamers were different from professional players and casual players. He Yu did not follow them very carefully, but he was still aware that these streamers had skills that were far better than casual players. But besides victory, they also tried to make their games enjoyable to watch to attract more audience. Therefore, exciting moments like a Penta Kill would always be a streamer's priority. Especially in a one versus five situation where she was at a disadvantage. She had already gotten Quadra Kill, so it was understandable why she tried so hard to get the Penta Kill.

It was indeed a blood boiling moment to watch. He Yu, who was half asleep just now, had completely been woken up.

He looked at the clock, and it was still not 10 pm yet. The excited He Yu opened Hao's King's Moment and continued to study his videos.