The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 56

There weren't many videos in Hao's King's Moment, especially after He Yu accidentally saw Thousand Miles Sounds' video and glanced at the number of videos uploaded by streamers; the number of videos in Hao's King's Moment was comparably insignificant.

The videos that had the whole Team Huang Chao playing together were even fewer, and the content was always similar. It was always Zhang Cheng Hao's one-man show, just in different games with different heroes. However, He Yu's team's main target was still Zhang Cheng Hao, after all. From Zhang Cheng Hao's videos, He Yu, more or less, collected a considerable amount of information about Zhang Cheng Hao.

"The Hou Yi System is feasible!"

It was his conclusion after working through the whole night. He Yu fell deeply asleep after sending a message to the Lang Qi Group Chat.

The next morning, a few new messages appeared in the group chat. Ninety percent were from Zhou Mo, who was super excited to try this brilliant strategy. However, Gao Ge only replied, "Then let's try."

Let's try.

Besides Hou Yi, the Hou Yi System also had some requirements from heroes of other roles. He Yu, who had watched KPL for years, certainly knew about this. To save time and trouble, he pulled his brother, He Liang, into the group chat to give everyone advice as a professional player.

The overjoyed Zhou Mo, who had been reluctant to use Yang Jiang, was now motivated to practice harder than anyone else after hearing He Liang say that Yang Jiang was a good hero for the strategy.

As for Gao Ge?

When He Liang said, "Actually, you are the key of this entire strategy as support", Gao Ge did not say anything after replying, "That's for sure,"

Team Lang Qi were not newbies, so they more or less knew what the strategy was about, and pulling He Liang into the group wasn't to teach them how to play, but to point out the potential problems that the team may face. 

The biggest problem with Team Lang Qi was Zhao Jin Ran and Lee Si Jie, the two uncontrollable variables. The Hou Yi System required very high cooperation among teammates, and if they could cooperate accordingly, the probability of success would be dramatically higher. But if the two variables were uncooperative, even a professional player couldn't help.

The issue was resolvable through communication. He Yu personally did not know them well, but Gao Ge and Zhou Mo seemed not too worried about them, so he thought they must already have some plans. He Yu's hero had changed from Genghis Khan to Hou Yi, but the heroes of Gao Ge and Zhou Mo did not change much. The power of Hou Yi System would begin when Hou Yi reached level four and had his ultimate, Burning Sun Arrow.

The attack range of Burning Sun Arrow covered the whole map, stunning the target, depending on the distance the arrow travelled, while causing damage. The length of half the map would maximize the stun duration up to 3.5 seconds. The so-called Hou Yi System utilized the long attack range of this skill and destroyed an enemy hero with its long stun duration. Being outnumbered, the opponent team would be at a disadvantage and become passive. 

As for Hou Yi, who had helped on the other side of the map, he would also gain a certain amount of gold, which would speed up his growth. After He Yu's equipment became stable, the hero itself would become an explosive attacker. By then, when he started to join fights, the opponents who were behind in terms of gold would not survive their attacks, and Team Lang Qi would be able to win the game.

That was the underlying mechanism behind Hou Yi System, but there were many other details involved in practical tournaments. The three in Team Lang Qi had been practicing these days, gathering in the afternoon after class, and would also play together after going back to their rooms. Zhao Jin Ran and Lee Si Jie had joined their practice for one day, and were, too, excited to use this strategy that was popular in the professional circle. Although the two promised to be cooperative, they still refused to be compliant when determining the practice schedule.

A few days had passed in a blink of an eye. Hou Yi was one of the heroes that were easy to use and could deal an explosive amount of damage. The pick rate of Hou Yi was about 70% throughout the year, sitting in the first place of the list for years, which showed how much the players loved and trusted the hero. On the other hand, Genghis Khan, which He Yu had been practicing, had a pick rate of about 5%. Although Genghis Khan was not the least popular hero, he was among the lowest in popularity. He Yu had somehow jumped from the least popular to the most popular hero.

Occasionally, Schrodinger's Cat was sometimes seen online, but He Yu couldn't add him, and He Yu was not free these days to wait until Schrodinger's Cat's game ended to invite him. But this consistent appearance could confirm that Schrodinger's Cat was someone from Dong Jiang University. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo could not find out who it was; maybe it was a student or a purposely hidden subaccount. The team also had no time to waste after He Yu changed to Hou Yi. The first fight in the jungle before level four needed adjustment from the Gao Ge and Zhou Mo.

Although Genghis Khan, too, would not help in the fight, his first skill, Eagle Eye, could provide very crucial vision, which allowed the two to see the enemy's position. Hou Yi did not have an ability like this, so they had to do more work to locate the enemy's position before level four.

Different types of situations, details, and problems had arisen in the practices of these few days. The results had also become more and more promising. Even though the enemy was not always a blue buff-dependent hero like Luna, the enemy would still be left behind due to the Blue Sentinel's disturbance. This disturbance was precisely the true power of the Hou Yi System; it wasn't a fight just for the blue buff, but a fight for half the jungle, widening the gold difference between the two teams and creating an advantage for one team.

The competition day had finally arrived this weekend. As participating students came from different courses and different years, it wasn't easy to coordinate the game schedule according to everyone's class schedules, so it would always be on a weekend when everyone didn't have class. The first round had the highest number of participants, so it was impossible to conduct the competitions all at once. Most participants were club members, so they had to help out in the event as well. The King's Glory Club had to schedule the event timeline very well.

Those in Team Lang Qi were not club members, so they did not have to divert their attention. On the day, they arrived punctually at the venue -- Dong Jiang University Stadium. Zhao Jin Ran and Lee Si Jie were finally being reliable for once, and they arrived earlier than He Yu.

With Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, Team Lang Qi had completed their registration familiarly. The stadium was crowded, but it was apparent that the club was experienced in organizing the event, and everything was orderly. He Yu had heard that in other universities, there were usually quota restrictions on the number of participants whenever events like this were held, or else it would be difficult to handle.

Only in Dong Jiang University didn't have any requirements, one just had to be a student to participate, and knowing how to play the game wasn't even relevant. It was said that this had started since Su Ge became the president of the King's Glory club. It was only when he removed the requirements of joining the competition that the game became common in Dong Jiang University. For example, Zhang Cheng Hao, who did not play any mobile games before coming to the university, had become a loyal fan of the game in an atmosphere like this. Many others were like him.

But there were too many participants in the first round, so games weren't projected on a larger screen. Such spectacles would only start to appear as the competition proceeded to later stages. Team Lang Qi entered the stadium and registered with the respective judge, and then the next step was to wait for Team Huang Chao to arrive.