The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 59

Ake's passive ability, Kiss of Death, made every attack from her behind her target a critical hit, and every attack in front of her target, not a critical hit.

That meant that Ake's equipment should focus on physical damage instead of critical hit equipment like Punching Glove, a small item used to increase the chances of critical hits. A good Ake would always buy a Stormy Sword to raise 80 points of physical damage before earning enough gold to purchase Blade of Infinity.

Zhao Jin Ran pressed into ability description to read about his passive ability after listening to Gao Ge, and then went silent. He only practiced the hero after seeing how Ake could deal massive damages and easily collect kills. He had read the three active abilities when he was in-game, but the passive ability description would not appear at the bottom right corner when in-game, which was why he had forgotten about it. It was a prevalent mistake, but the passive ability of most heroes was crucial, and it determined how a hero should be played. For instance, Ake's passive ability decided the specific way the playstyle of the hero.

On Team Lang Qi's side, Gao Ge was teaching basic knowledge to a low-rank player. On Team Huang Chao's side, the five of them were a little disoriented.

Without the blue buff, Zhang Cheng Hao's Luna had very quickly depleted its mana and could only go back to the fountain in frustration. Yang Zhuo, the mid-laner, gave away the first blood for no reason, and was depressed after he respawned. Xu Kai Huai's Marco Polo kept following Luna to help out and missed the first wave of minions, so he hadn't even reached level two yet. Zhou Mu Tong's Old Master had farmed well and slightly damaged the enemy turret, but he was almost killed and could only return home to heal. The second wave of minions was arriving, so the stream of minions could only be wasted.

"What is this?" Zhang Cheng Hao was extremely dissatisfied with the current situation. When he opened the dashboard, the gold difference between the two teams wasn't that big, but an experienced player like him knew what was going on. When Team Lang Qi attacked their jungle, they also missed some gold from minions on the lanes. However, Team Huang Chao had given away the first blood, and some of the team members had to travel back to the fountain, so their momentum was a mess. The loss of momentum would allow Team Lang Qi to continue to widen the gold difference. They were at a disadvantage in the current situation.

"We fell into their trap!" Zhou Mu Tong, who barely escaped, said shockingly, knowing he had also taken the opponent too lightly. He saw it when Team Lang Qi attacked Team Huang Chao's Blue Sentinel. It was only a short moment, even if Zhou Mu Tong left the turret and went to help his team out since the Blue Sentinel's pit was not far from his lane. But eventually, he couldn't resist the temptation to attack the opponent's turret. He took them too lightly, indeed.

"Calm down," Zhang Cheng Hao said.

Everyone settled down and went back to their respective lanes. When Zhang Cheng Hao's Luna came out from the crystal, he realized he was in the most awkward position. The two jungle monsters he had given up just now were killed when he retreated to the fountain, so he had nothing to do. Luna couldn't kill anyone before level four, so he moved to the middle lane and took the minions there.

"Give me the experience," he said to Yang Zhuo.

Yang Zhuo's Zhang Liang moved away silently. When Zhang Cheng Hao chose Luna, Yang Zhuo already knew he would be able to get much gold. Of course, Yang Zhuo wouldn't be responsible for dealing as much damage as well. His main job was to roam and ambush with his ultimate after reaching level four and be an excellent assistant to Luna. He had nothing to say when Zhang Cheng Hao asked Yang Zhuo to give him the gold in the lane. When Zhang Cheng Hao was leaving, Yang Zhuo reminded him, "Beware of the bushes."

Right after he finished his sentence, a poison was thrown from the opposite turret and broke into pieces in the middle lane.

"Beware of your head," Zhang Cheng Hao scoffed at Yang Zhuo. The shadow Gao Ge had left in Yang Zhuo was severe, and it seemed to him that there would always be someone ambushing in every bush.

Yang Zhuo couldn't say a word and stayed quietly under the turret. After clearing the wave of minions, Zhang Cheng Hao's Luna had finally reached level four.

"Ready to attack Tyrant." Zhang Cheng Hao was motivated again after reaching level four, and he instructed everyone to fight for the first Tyrant.

"Without the blue buff?" The others were not confident. Luna's level four was the result of Yang Zhuo's sacrifice. At this moment, except for Luna, everyone was one level behind Team Lang Qi. One level behind meant their abilities were one level behind. The result of this would be lower damage, which would probably be equivalent to the effect of a small item, or the difference of a few hundred gold. Taking everyone into account, the difference was significant, so it would be a tough fight.

"What is there to worry about. The Ake is trash," Zhang Cheng Hao said.

He had examined Team Lang Qi well. Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were their leading players, but the game's advantages fell mainly on Ake, who had collected most of the kills and reached level four the first. Bian Que in the middle lane who had gotten the blue buff was in second place in terms of gold and level.

The gold of a team was shared among the group. Since the two fillers had more of the share, the other three would've gotten less. If Gao Ge and Zhou Mo had reached level four, then Zhang Cheng Hao might still hesitate to fight for the Tyrant, but now it was the two noobs that were level four, so what was there to worry about?

The four could only obey Zhang Cheng Hao's command as he was very determined. After all, they were teammates for two years, and they understood that there could only be one leader during the game. Even if they had different opinions, it wasn't appropriate to say it in the game. The pace was fast in a game, and opportunities only appeared for a short time, leaving no time for discussions.

"Coming after clearing this wave." Xu Kai Huai was the first to follow. His Marco Polo was the furthest from Tyrant. As a gold dependent hero, he did not dare to waste another wave of minions. It wasn't a Bronze rank game, so it was impossible to depend on Zhang Cheng Hao alone to carry the game. They had to play their role and make use of themselves. The purpose of Marco Polo was to deal damage, damage, and more damage. Damage depended on gold, gold, and more gold.

Zhang Cheng Hao's Luna and Yang Zhuo's Zhang Liang quickly hid in the bush behind the Tyrant's pit, observing the surroundings. Team Lang Qi, who had the advantage also had Tyrant in their mind, Bian Que ran the bush at the river hiding, probably thinking that nobody knew he was there. Ake, who came from the Red Sentinel, came to take a peak and turned back, and it seemed like he had gone hidden in the bush behind the Tyrant's pit.

"Noobs," Zhang Cheng Hao chuckled. If the sneaky Ake walked two more steps forward, he would jump out and kill him. Ake was now hiding in the bush behind the pit, thinking he was smart, but Zhang Cheng Hao already had his plan to handle him.

"Let them attack first," Zhang Chen Hao said.

"Mhmm," everyone responded. Team Huang Chao hid in bushes, respectively. Marco Polo was also rushing towards the pit after clearing the minions.

It was 2 minutes into the game, but there were movements in the Tyrant's pit. Ake, who was hiding behind the bush, couldn't wait to jump into the pit with Arclight's first ability. Zhao Jin Ran, who had read about his passive ability, could already put it into use. He used his skills perfectly behind Tyrant. All were critical hits.