The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 6

Upon seeing Yang Jian’s dead body lying by the turret, Zhou Mu Tong stood still for a while. This match was pretty relaxing for them. Even though Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were strong, what could they do, teaming up with a newbie and turning it into a 2v3? Previously, Huang Zhong got the first blood with Zhang Cheng Hao’s Luna. 

Not only did they lose that kill, they even lost the momentum against the. And all because of a mere newbie! This was a joke that would have lasted a year!

But then, the same thing happened onto Cheng Hao too! Just when he was about to get the kill on Huang Zhong, he got ambushed as well!

“What? He even knows to check the bushes?” Zhou Mu Tong couldn’t help saying as he waited to respawn.

“It must’ve been Gao Ge teaching him.” Zhang Cheng Hao said.

Zhou Mu Tong looked at the three people from far away, and just as he expected, they were whispering to each other.

“Beautiful!” Gao Ge complimented He Yu’s performance.

“Thank you.” He Yu was also pretty excited. Even though the kills of these two ambushes went to Huang Zhong, Su Lie was the eye-catching performer. He was the one that manipulated the opponent correctly and gave them no chance to fight back. To He Yu, this was the gaming experience he had been waiting for. He did not care what character he played. Even if he was just used as bait, as long as he could help the team win, he would feel satisfied. Only victory was important to him.

He Liang had already arrived in the crowd by the time the match started. He saw He Yu’s satisfaction and excitement, and his heart was sour.

He thought back to his career as a professional gamer. For every match he played, he would get all kinds of intelligence information that He Yu had meticulously prepared. He always thought it was his brother’s care for him and was grateful for it. 

but he never knew that his brother had a passion for the game that could rival his own. He Yu’s passion for the game was written all over his face. This type of expression that never appeared on his face gave him an entirely different look.

This is just a regular mobile game that even a normal person could enjoy, but my brother tried to restrain himself from enjoying it because I went on this path that made everyone worry. No one asked him to do that, but he still did it. This made He Liang feel sad and guilty at the same time. He carefully hid in the crowd, not wanting his appearance to interrupt He Yu’s rare game experience.

The battle continued. 

Just as Zhang Cheng Hao’s team was still trying to figure out the opponent's tactics, a message from the system appeared. 

[The Tyrant has been slain]

Team Huang Chao’s players suddenly froze and looked at each other. 

The Tyrant and Dominator are the two boss level type jungle monsters. Towards the late game, the buffs of killing these two monsters are key to winning these games. Team Huang Chao’s players were all at the King rank, and their awareness for enemies there was always good. But in the 3v3 map of Battle Plains, all three of them were busy trying to adapt to a different momentum, and totally forgot about it. 

When two of them were annihilated just now, they completely disregarded the fact that the Tyrant was about to spawn in 60 seconds. They could only use that as their excuse.

“Ermm, I was ambushed...” Zhou Mu Tong said.

“Me, ” Zhang Cheng Hao said. 

Xu Kai Huai did not say anything, and instead, just stayed still and looked at them. After giving two kills to the enemy, you two are still trying to reason with me?

*cough* “We were careless this time, but we won’t make the same mistake next time,” Zhang Cheng Hao said.

“Are you talking about the Tyrant or the first blood?” Xu Kai Huai asked.

“The Tyrant!” Zhang Cheng Hao said angrily. That was something that still bothered him, and Xu Kai Huai just provoked him at his sore spot.

But the other two teammates just fell silent. 

They felt guilty.

As King-ranked players, how was it possible for us to check out on the Tyrant?

They were totally unaware of the situation.

The game did not go as they expected. Even though Xu Kai Huai did not get killed, he was just as dazed as Zhang Cheng Hao and Zhou Mu Tong.

“We cannot fight solo anymore. Gao Ge guessed that we’d target the rookie, so she used him as bait. The last two times, we had the disadvantage in numbers. Next time, we should go together. In a 3V3, we have the advantage,” Zhang Cheng Hao said as he moved out.

“The upper jungle monsters were just respawned, should we go?” Xu Kai Huai asked.

“We have to, we can’t let them farm so easily anymore,” As Zhang Cheng Hao said this, Luna began to move towards the upper jungle area. Yang Jian and Lady Sun, who had both just respawned, immediately followed. First, they quickly cleared the jungle monsters on their side. Then, they moved towards Team Lang Qi’s side to see a level 4 Huang Zhong, using his ultimate, ‘Mad Artillery’ to mow down on the jungle monsters.

Huang Zhong is unable to move during this time period, making him the best target they could grab. But due to his wide shooting range, anyone that wanted to get close would have to survive a shower of gunfire first. However, he was not properly equipped at the moment and his attacks would not be a threat to the enemies.

“Want to go now?” Zhou Mu Tong asked. He could use Yang Jian’s skill, ‘Unleash the Hound’ to instantly teleport beside Huang Zhong. The problem with Huang Zhong’s ultimate skill was that the closer he was to the target, the lower his damage output. Plus, Yang Jian’s ultimate ‘The Eye of the Origin’ could heal himself, so even if he was the only one there, he could still kill a Level 4 Huang Zhong with no trouble.

But he noticed the bush next to Huang Zhong. If Gao Ge and Lie were camping there, he was definitely not going to match them.


The three of them withdrew. After clearing a wave of minions at the lane, they went to their side’s bottom jungle. By their estimations, the monsters should have just respawned. But they were nowhere to be seen.

There was no way they would disappear on their own, meaning only one thing.

Team Lang Qi stole them! Back when Huang Zhong was still killing the jungle monsters, they were not next to him in the bush, but rather stealing their opponents’s jungle farm!

“Shit!” Zhou Mu Tong was very upset, while Zhang Cheng Hao, the one that made the decision to not go, felt ashamed. He opened the status screen and took a look. We’re really behind them in terms of gold. If their gold was behind, it meant that their equipment was lower in levels, which would heavily impact their combat powers. Compared to the shame they got from dying twice to a beginner, this was a bigger concern.

“We can’t let them get ahead of us anymore!” Zhang Cheng Hao said as Luna ran decisively towards Team Lang Qi’s side of the jungle. Team Lang Qi just cleared the jungle on our side, so the jungle monsters on their side must still be there. The more we steal from them, the more disadvantages they are! Team Huang Chao was at the point where they had to fight to secure their resources.

But by the time they went into Team Lang Qi’s jungle area, they heard the familiar sound of Huang Zhong’s cannon. There are more monsters in the lower jungle, and the seven monsters on each side are divided into four locations. Huang Zhong set up his heavy-loaded cannon right in the middle of the four respawn points, killing jungle monsters without any rush. 

Should we go?

This time, Zhou Mu Tong did not even bother to ask. They did not even have to look out for their enemies, as the opponent’s Zhuge Liang and Su Lie stood majestically beside Huang Zhong, not helping to clear off the jungle monsters-

But rather awaiting their arrival.

You want to go up?

Isn’t it called giving up?!

Their gaming skills could not be brought out fully against Huang Zhong. He was just a turret that did not even need to mobilize to kill! You could even control him with your nose! No matter how bad a rookie’s skill is, he would be no different compared to a pro player.

As King rankers, they knew that they could not fight the enemies at the current stage. And unanimously agreed to retreat.

“We can’t fight them head-on, but we can try to ambush them.” Zhang Cheng Hao said weakly.

They had lost in terms of kills, they had lost the Tyrant, and they had also lost in terms of gold. In less than 4 minutes, the difference in gold for both teams was almost at 3000. Team Huang Chao all knew what this meant. 

The depressed atmosphere spread among the three of them. Even the partners around them felt it. Spectators could join in to watch the match three minutes after it begun. And when they did, the match was almost over. 

They could feel it:

The next minion wave would the last.

Team Huang Chao would not give up. They put their last hopes into fighting over the jungle. Their gold was way behind their enemies, and they would not stand a chance facing them head-on, so they were prepared for an ambush. 

As soon as they saw the jungle area respawn, they rushed to camp in a bush. Just then, a burly man suddenly emerged from the bush, followed by a detestable mage, and finally, Huang Zhong along with the familiar sound of a cannon.

They were beaten to the punch. They could not even fight them head-on, so how could they defeat them in case of being ambushed? In an instant, the three of them were defeated.

“Wow! Gao Ge’s crazy! She even remembers the jungle monster’s respawn times! How insane is she!” Zhang Cheng Hao finally realized what the main problem was. In Valley of Kings, the BUFF monsters’ respawn time is 90 seconds and a normal jungle monsters’ is 70 seconds, but in the Battle Plains, the jungle monsters’ respawn time is completely different. The opponent clearly knew the jungle monsters’ respawn time on this map. They would always go to the jungle area just as the monsters respawn, and that would explain their perfect jungling timings.

Team Huang Chao was not familiar with the Battle Plains, and they never paid any attention to the respawn times. By the time they realized, they had not even a single chance of winning. 

Lang Qi started pushing in on the lane. And the sight was something he dreaded since the hero pick; Huang Zhong shooting without a thought, while Su Lie and Zhuge Liang shielding him.

One turret... two turrets... and then the crystal. During that time, Team Huang Chao’s players did respawn, but they were helpless against the advancing trio. 

The game lasted six minutes.