The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 60

“Shall we?” Yang Zhuo, who was hiding in the bush, became impatient after seeing Ake attacking Tyrant.

“Wait a few more seconds.” Zhang Cheng Hao’s smile was cruel. There was nothing more frustrating than having the Tyrant stolen from their hands.

The Tyrant boosted the experience and gold for the whole team. Although 100 gold each may not add any significant advantage, the additional experience would boost those who were still at level two or three up a level, which was a considerably explosive boost that could change the outcome of a teamfight. Zhang Cheng Hao wasn’t only aiming for the Tyrant, but also aimed to get a few kills from the fight to gain back their advantage.

Zhang Cheng Hao’s confidence came from the fact that most of the advantages in Team Lang Qi fell mainly on Ake and Bian Que. At their level, they probably had no idea how advantageous it was to be level four at this moment. Jungler rushing to level four? Fight for the first Tyrant? These things were only done by low rank players for the sake of doing it. Beginners did not know the true purpose of doing these things, and they would not know how to make use of the advantages from reaching level four ahead and taking the first Tyrant. If it wasn’t because of Gao Ge, Zhang Cheng Hao would not even call his teammates and would have attacked the Tyrant alone.

“Why isn’t Bian Que here yet?” Yang Zhuo asked suddenly.

Zhang Cheng Hao was a little surprised. They had seen Bian Que going into the bush at the river as if he was rushing to attack Tyrant, but he hadn’t appeared until now. What was he waiting for in the bush?

“Marco beware of the bushes at mid.” Yang Zhuo quickly reminded Marco Polo who was heading downwards through the river.

“Marco can test the bushes,” Zhang Cheng Hao said impotently. Yang Zhuo’s fear of ambushes was really on another level. Marco Polo’s passive ability would create a shooting ring on him when there were enemies nearby, even if the enemies were hiding in bushes. Although he wouldn’t know the exact location of the enemy in the bush, he could be sure that there was someone in the bush.

The range of detection of this ring wasn’t big, but Bian Que’s attack range wasn’t that long either, and he didn’t have any control skills, so it wasn’t likely that Marco Polo would get ambushed.

However, after listening to the two, Xu Kai Huai said, “There’s no one in the bush.”

His Marco Polo was approaching the bushes in the middle lane, and the passive ring still wasn’t showing, which meant that the bush was safe and there weren’t any ambushes.

“It’s on this side,” Yang Zhuo said.

“Kill him?” Xu Kai Huai asked.

“We’ve no time. Kite him,” Zhang Cheng Hao said. If Bian Que was heading towards Tyrant, it was perfect for them to ambush him. It was also one of the reasons why he and Yang Zhuo hid in the bush. But Bian Que wasn’t coming, and they had no time for him. The Tyrant was dying, so it was a matter of seconds to start the teamfight. It was almost time to attack and no time could be wasted on Bian Que. It was understandable when he asked Xu Kai Huai to drag him.

Zhang Cheng Hao jumped out from the bush after finishing his sentence, Yang Zhuo’s Zhang Liang followed behind. Zhou Mu Tong’s Old Master and Zeng Xiao Bo’s Zhang Fei were also coming out from their bushes and headed towards Tyrant.

Crescent Slice!

Luna threw out her first skill, Crescent Slice, a few steps after he came out from the bush, followed by New Moon. He rushed into the Tyrant’s pit with the moonlight. Ake was shocked and used her second ability, Untouchable, to jump out from the pit and escaped quickly.

“What is happening?” Zhang Cheng Hao was startled and stood at the middle of the pit alone. There wasn’t anyone in there after Ake ran away. Team Lang Qi only sent a jungler to attack Tyrant?

Zhang Cheng Hao was confused, but his Luna was already here, so there wasn’t anything to do other than attacking Tyrant. But after giving Tyrant a few hits, he felt something was wrong. Wasn’t this Tyrant too healthy? Even if Ake was attacking it alone, with her critical damages, the Tyrant should’ve lost a big chunk of its health bar in a few seconds. The health bar now was too high, as if it was never attacked.

“No one is in the bush!” Xu Kai Huai said. His Marco Polo was already approaching the bushes on the other side, but the ring still wasn’t appearing. There was still no one in the bushes.

Zhang Liang, Old Master, and Zhang Fei had arrived one after another. All five men of Team Huang Chao gathered at the Tyrant’s pit, but everyone was confused. They had lost the vision of everyone in Team Lang Qi. Except for Ake who had just escaped from the pit, they had no idea what the other four were doing. But they had gathered in front of Tyrant, so what else could they do besides killing Tyrant? Team Huang Chao hesitantly attacked Tyrant, but Ake suddenly appeared when they were almost getting it.

“Careful of Ake!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted. Yang Zhuo’s Zhang Liang used his first ability instantly to block Ake. However, Yang Jian and Su Lie ran out from the Blue Sentinel’s pit and were running towards them. Yang Jian’s legs were even stepping on a blue ring.

“Shit!” Zhang Cheng Hao was heart broken. The blue ring was the blue buff that was as important as his life to his Luna, and it was again stolen by them.

“Stop them!” Zhang Cheng Hao screamed. In this second, he had more or less understood Team Lang Qi’s plan. Ake attacking the Tyrant? Bian Que hiding in the bush? These were all illusions that they created to mislead Team Huang Chao into thinking Team Lang Qi was attacking Tyrant, but in fact, Gao Ge’s Su Lie and Zhou Mo’s Yang Jian had already sneaked into Team Huang Chao’s Blue Sentinel area.

The Tyrant refreshed at the second minute, and the second blue buff refreshed a few seconds later, and this depended on the time the first Blue Sentinel was killed. The first blue buff was killed by Team Lang Qi so they were very sure of the refresh time, thus they had this plan of confusing the other team. While everyone in Team Huang Chao focused on the Tyrant, the movements of Bian Que and Ake felt like a time freezing trick, which made those in Team Huang Chao waste a few seconds at the pit standing.

These few seconds were all Team Lang Qi needed. In these few seconds, the second blue buff was refreshed and was taken down by Yang Jian and Su Lie, who then headed towards Tyrant.

Zeng Xiao Bo’s Zhang Fei rushed towards Yang Jian and Su Lie after Zhang Cheng Hao’s scream.

But Su Lie took the first move before there were any targets in front. He used his second ability, The Undefeated, to rush into the Tyrant’s pit. Zhang Fei who was running towards them was pushed back by Su Lie into the pit. Yang Jian raised his spear and marched in without any obstacles stopping him. He released his first ability, Unleash the Hound, in the mess and triggered the second part of the ability after the ability randomly hit a target, and with that, he flew into the fight.

Vain Disillusionment!

Yang Jian who jumped into the mess opened his second ability, and Zhou Mo, who was well prepared, purposely let his health bar go down. This hit stunned everyone in his range, and only Marco Polo and Zhang Liang who had longer range escaped the disaster.

Su Lie’s pillar was raised, and Beacon Breaker pushed everyone around randomly. After three hits, Zhang Fei, Old Master, Luna, all flew into the air together.

It was a two on five fight, but a sudden attack and a perfect series of controls had completely beaten all five of them up. Ake who banged into Zhang Liang’s first ability on her way into the pit was stunned for only 0.75 seconds. She continued her journey and aimed at a dying target to kill.


A cold light shone.

She didn’t kill anyone, but Team Lang Qi had successfully taken the last hit and killed Tyrant after a series of red numbers floated into the air. Zhang Cheng Hao was pressing Smite until his screen was almost breaking, but Zhou Mo and Gao Ge had released their stuns perfectly so he could not release the skill at all.

Level up!

Yang Jian and Su Lie levelled up after getting experience for killing the Tyrant. Su Lie moved forward and took in the mad attacks from Marco Polo and Zhang Fei, his health bar was quickly going down. Yang Jian’s level up was the key here. He released his ultimate, The Eye of Origin, after reaching level four. The lasers swept across the crowd, not only the damage dealt was insane, his health points were also regenerated drastically. Together with Ake, they started harvesting the kills.

“Retreat!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted in panic.

In  five on three confrontation, they had the number advantage indeed, but their conditions were too bad to fight against them. Su Lie who came in first had absorbed a lot of damage, but everyone knew he came in to die in order to tank the damage.

Su Lie’s passive ability, the Iron Colossus, made him restore 60% of his maximum health points after he died and made him stay in a weak form which would last 4.5 seconds. Su Lie could not do anything in the weak form, but there would be three lamps around him which could be lit up by his teammates. Every lamp lit up would regenerate 10% of maximum health points of Su Lie and the particular teammate that lit it up. When all three lamps were lit up, Su Lie would end his weak form immediately and release a growl which would cause damage to nearby enemies and slow them down while adding physical damage and movement speed to himself, turning him into an even greater fighter.

Due to this passive ability that could be triggered once every 120 seconds, Su Lie was a powerful hero in the beginning of the game. In the beginning of the game where damages were still not high, a hero like Su Lie which would be reborn and become an even stronger hero after his death, would definitely give his enemies a headache. It would be a tough decision to decided whether to kill him or not. He would sit there and rebirth if they killed him, and if they tried to kill him again, they might get killed by Su Lie’s teammates.

At this moment, Su Lie had fearlessly taken the damages from Marco Polo and Zhang Liang. Zhang Cheng Hao’s Luna had depleted her mana when she used her ultimate on Tyrant. Zhang Fei wasn’t too useful before reaching level four, and the Old Master had also used all his abilities when attacking Tyrant.

It was the right decision to retreat, and the five of them ran away in separate directions.

Although Yang Jian was in good form, his abilities were still on cooldown, so there wasn’t anything that he could do to chase after them. He gave up after the enemies ran back to their turret.

However, Zhao Jin Ran’s Ake had a different story. It would be difficult if he had to go trigger his critical hits, but now the enemy was running away from him. He just had to chase after and automatically there would be critical hits as he was hitting them from the back. He habitually chose a target with the lowest health points. Zhang Cheng Hao was extremely mad, since he never thought he would be killed by a noob that he despised so much.

“Why isn’t anyone backing me up!” Zhang Cheng Hao was almost flipping the table.

“Er…” They were all speechless, how could they back him up in that situation! Anyone that went to help him would’ve died together with him. He could only blame his luck for being targeted by Ake!