The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 61

The Tyrant was stolen, one man was killed, and the horrifying atmosphere in Team Huang Chao was almost tangible. Zhang Cheng Hao’s face was particularly frightening.

Losing the Tyrant in the last second and being killed was something Zhang Cheng Hao had planned for the opposing team. Unexpectedly, he became the protagonist, and the plot had flipped against him. When everyone had escaped, the body of his Luna floated on the river. Zhao Jin Ran, cheering at the opposite table, was adding even more fuel to Zhang Cheng Hao’s boiling anger, and he was almost breaking the phone in his hands.

“Hahaha, wasn’t I amazing?”

Zhang Cheng Hao saw Zhao Jin Ran’s action and realized that those in Team Lang Qi had to endure Zhao Jin Ran’s annoying voice. A low-level player like Zhao Jin Ran would never realize that Gao Ge and Zhou Mo had controlled the situation and allowed him to steal the Tyrant and get a kill. He also would never know he had the chance to get a double or even a triple kill. He missed all these just because he targeted a Luna that was on the verge of death.

He only knew that he was the star of that moment since the two kills announced by the system all belonged to his Ake.

“Not bad, go get the minions at the bottom lane,” Gao Ge said.

“Okay,” Zhao Jin Ran happily followed her instructions and headed toward the bottom lane. However, Zhou Mo’s Yang Jian, who had just helped to light up Su Lie’s lamp, acted as if he was retreating. After retreating from the opponent’s vision, he turned back into the bush in the middle lane.

Su Lie, who just revived, walked upwards and was seen by Zhang Liang, who was under the mid turret. Zhang Liang quickly sent a signal.

“Su Lie is coming,” Yang Zhuo said to Xu Kai Huai, who was taking the red buff.

“Acting so bravely even without his passive ability?” Xu Kai Huai was surprised.

Yang Zhuo’s Zhang Liang moved slightly forward, attempting to see if Sue Lie was really alone. However, in this second, a burning bird came into his vision. Without enough time to react, Su Lie was hit by Hou Yi’s burning bird with a pow.


Yang Jian’s heavenly dog jumped out from the bush and bit him when he was still recovering from the shock. Yang Jian flew to Zhang Liang’s side, but Zhang Liang could not move at all after being stunned by the arrow. In a fraction of a second, he was killed by Yang Jian.

“What happened?” The others in Team Huang Chao were only alerted when the system announced the kill. Yang Zhuo, who was waiting to be revived, said, “Hou Yi’s bird hit me.”

Hou Yi?

It was only at this moment that they realized there was a Hou Yi. Since the beginning of the game, Hou Yi had only made an impression once when he was farming the minions at the top lane, but nobody really paid attention to him. But an ultimate that could shoot across the whole map was saved until now, after the violent team fight. Although it helped to kill Zhang Liang, wasn’t it a little late?

“Nice.” Team Lang Qi did not wander there for too long. After Gao Ge’s praise, Su Lie continued to move toward Team Huang Chao’s red sentinel jungle. Yang Jian followed up. He Yu, too, did not need any instructions, and his Hou Yi was already heading there to meet up with them.

Xu Kai Huai, who was attacking the red sentinel, realized the danger. Zhang Liang was dead, and the Old Master was far away in the bottom lane. Even though Zhang Fei was by his side, they were still outnumbered, and the enemies had an advantage in terms of gold. The Red Sentinel had half its health bar left, but Marco Polo was not well equipped, and his damage was a little low. Xu Kai Huai was panicking as it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to finish it. Su Lie and Yang Jian were already appearing in his vision, fearlessly rushing towards Marco Polo’s bullets.


Hou Yi had also arrived in time, dropping his second ability from the sky, destroying Xu Kai Huai’s last hope of survival. Marco Polo retreated backward with his second ability, Roaming Gun, and sent a retreat signal to his team. Zeng Xiao Bo’s Zhang Fei stood in front of him to make sure Yang Jian’s dog wouldn’t reach him.

“Get the Red Sentinel first!” Yang Jian’s first ability was released at the Red Sentinel after Gao Ge’s reminder. The heavenly dog jumped out along with Yang Jian, and the second half of the ability killed the Red Sentinel instantly while refreshing the ability’s cooldown. What was even more surprising was that this hit helped Yang Jian move a big step forward. Marco Polo, who was protected by Zhang Fei behind his back, instantly came into Yang Jian’s vision. Without hesitation, Zhou Mo used his first ability, Unleash The Hound, and it accurately hit the enemy. Yang Jian, who was charged with both buffs, jumped onto his face, Marco Polo used Flash when Vain Disillusionment swept across him, but he still didn’t manage to dodge it and was killed.

Yang Jian turned around to attack Zhang Fei. With Su Lie and Hou Yi, Zhang Fei could not move at all and was defenseless. The two in Team Lang Qi became very well mannered.

“I think you should take this kill,” Zhou Mo said politely.

“You take it. You should get more gold,” He Yu said.

“We need you in the late game,” Zhou Mo said.

“They won’t see the late game if you snowball your gold now,” He Yu said.

“Stop the nonsense!” Gao Ge shouted. He Yu and Zhou Mo shivered and resumed their attacks. As for the kill, they just left it to fate.

Triple Kill!

Yang Jian eventually killed Zhang Fei. Team Huang Chao rushed into the red sentinel zone after killing Zhang Liang, and the streak wasn’t broken as he managed to get the kills in time. This aggressive playstyle wasn’t something familiar to Zhou Mo, who usually played defensively. Zhou Mo was a little excited, and he looked around to see if anyone was admiring his achievement, but Gao Ge glanced at him coldly and said, “Are you jumping? I’m going to quit the game if you do!”

“No, no,” Zhou Mo quickly calmed down. After clearing the jungle monsters in the zone, the three of them destroyed the middle turret. The game was going surprisingly smoothly. Their strategy of targeting Luna and her blue buff with Hou Yi’s strategy had not even started, and Team Huang Chao was already in a mess. The scoreboard was 0-5. Except for Zhou Mu Tong’s Old Master, everyone in Team Huang Chao had died before. In particular, Zhang Liang had died twice, and he had also given the middle lane minions to Luna. He was the poorest in the game, even more unfortunate than their support, Zhang Fei.

“What is happening again?” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted.

While Zhang Cheng Hao was still angry about being killed by a noob, his team’s middle lane and Red Sentinel jungle had collapsed. He had cleared two waves of jungle monsters since the beginning of the game, but his Luna had never even seen the Blue Sentinel. And now, their Red Sentinel jungle was conquered by the opponent. His Luna was reviving soon, but where should he go after reviving? Zhang Cheng Hao had no idea how to regain their momentum in the game even though he was a Legend rank player.

“Play safe. I think they came prepared,” Zhou Mu Tong, who had been lucky, said.

“You don’t say? Did you not think Gao Ge and Zhou Mo would attack the Blue Sentinel when there’s a Luna?” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted.

“What about now?” Zhou Mu Tong asked.


Zhang Cheng Hao was trying to figure out what he should do now after he revived.

The jungle monsters were all gone, and he thought that there was nothing else he could do besides take the minions from other lanes. Luna, who just revived, started to head towards the middle lane.