The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 62

Yang Zhuo’s Zhang Liang emerged from the fountain shortly after Luna respawned. As he rushed to his lane, he spotted Luna flying around using skills and killing all the minions in a blink of an eye. The opposition’s Bian Que was throwing poison bottles and diagnoses, but those skills barely touched Luna’s sleeve. It was not a high-level player’s play, and Yang Zhuo was sure of it this time.

After clearing the minions in the middle lane, Zhang Cheng Hao looked at the other two lanes.

They had lost the first turret in the top lane, which was potentially dangerous as they had no vision. Although there was a wave of minions that was tempting, he had already taken the minions in the middle lane. It would be too shameless to share the gold of another carry. After all, the opponent team had Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, and he didn’t have the confidence to carry the game alone. He still needed his teammates in this game.

“Old Master, we are coming to ambush,” Zhang Cheng Hao decided to help the other lane. He headed towards the lane with Zhang Liang.

Zhou Mu Tong knew what to do, and he acted extra cautious and stood as close as possible to the turret so the enemy could push the lane towards him.

But the enemy was Zhou Mo. His Yang Jian was the richest in terms of gold in the game. Three thousand net worth in three minutes. His first complete equipment, The Shadow Axe, was already bought, and he had also completed the sub-item for his second equipment. It was way ahead of the usual equipment level in a standard game. Anyone would become more reckless in a situation like this.

But Zhou Mo did not.

Although his team demanded boldness from him, and the professional player, He Liang, had also given him some advice, the advice was mainly for the fights in the jungle and team fights. When he went back to his lane, Zhou Mo was back to his usual style. Zhou Mu Tong’s Old Master stood far behind? His Yang Jian was even further behind than Old Master. The two melee heroes were like two commanders of their troops, standing safely behind the minions.

“Fuck, the pussy laner indeed!” Zhou Mu Tong was speechless. Old Master purposely stood in front to get hit, but Yang Jian did not even look at him. But when a creep was dying,  the heavenly dog was released. He would not let go of the last hits that would give more experience and gold.

“Just use flash…” Zhou Mu Tong couldn’t wait anymore. His Old Master had his ultimate ready, and it could tie the target around a lamp for 5 seconds if it hit the mark; it was a strong ambushing skill.

Yang Zhuo, who was in the bush, remained silent. Use flash? It was Old Master’s matter. Yang Jian’s position was too far away from him. Even if Zhang Liang used flash, it would still be too far to cast his ultimate on Yang Jian. It was far for Old Master also, but Old Master’s second ability could increase his movement speed. This allowed the possibility of casting his ultimate after rushing and flashing towards Yang Jian. However, there would still be time for the enemy to react; the result eventually depended on the enemy’s response and awareness.

“Go,” Zhang Cheng Hao made up his mind after a short hesitation. Even if they failed, it would only be an unproductive trip, and it wouldn’t cost them anything.

“Go!” Zhou Mu Tong shouted. Old Master used his second ability, Intuition, and rushed forward. Of course, Luna and Zhang Liang would not wait until Old Master cast his ultimate; they jumped out from the bush. Luna used Crescent Slice at a minion and slid out from the bush with New Moon as he planned to boost his speed with minions.

However, before Old Master used his flash, Yang Jian had already flashed and retreated to his turret.

“Fuck!” Zhou Mu Tong was upset. He hadn’t even released his skills, and the enemy had already run far away from him. The frustration in him was exploding.

“Coward coward coward!” Zhou Mu Tog could only taunt him in the public channel as there wasn’t any voice channel shared between the teams.

“Do you expect him to fight three of you alone? What are you thinking?” He Yu expressed his confusion at the taunt.

“Haha, Mr. Zhou Mo, did you realize that they were ambushing you?” Gao Ge said.

Zhou Mo’s face turned red.

He didn’t realize at first. He never thought that Old Master’s careful play was a bait. He was just playing defensively as usual. Without his teammates, he would never simply gone near the enemy’s turret and tried to kill the enemy alone. However, when Old Master was charging at him, he immediately became alert. With the wide gold gap between them, Old Master wouldn’t be able to kill him even if he was tied by his ultimate. It was apparent that Old Master had backup when he played so aggressively.

Therefore, Zhou Mo flashed back to his turret immediately, and as expected, another two came out from the bush.

When Zhou Mo saw two strong controlling heroes, he continued to back off after retreating to his turret. The three of Team Huang Chao couldn’t do anything, and Yang Jian did not even miss a minion. It only cost him a flash.

Luna and Zhang Liang retreated with frustration while Marco Polo hid under his turret in the top lane. As expected by him, Hou Yi and Ake appeared together shortly after a while to clear the minions. Xu Kai Huai had avoided being ambushed with his experience and awareness and was slowly farming under the turret.

Both lanes were eventually safe again after a round of surprises, but as the next wave of jungle monsters refreshed, everyone knew a violent fight was going to begin soon. The refresh time of jungle monsters was 70 seconds and 90 seconds for Red and Blue Sentinels. The refresh of jungle monsters indicated that Red and Blue Sentinels were spawning soon.

Zhang Cheng Hao, who had never gotten the blue buff once, was determined to get it this time. Old Master, Zhang Liang, Zhang Fei, were all called by him to gather at their blue sentinel zone. Only Marco Polo was left in the lane to farm.

As predicted by them, Su Lie from Team Lang Qi was the first to appear in their vision. He was wandering around to check the surroundings. The four from Team Huang Chao camped in a bush and remained silent under Zhang Cheng Hao’s command. In addition to aiming for the blue buff, they wanted to beat Team Lang Qi up this round.

“Zhang Fei, use your ultimate right away. Old Master, tie Yang Jian up. Zhang Liang, leave your ultimate for Ake,” Zhang Cheng Hao had planned out everything, so they only had to wait for the arrival of Team Lang Qi. Everyone’s focus was on Su Lie, who was wandering below the blue sentinel’s pit. After a while, Yang Jian had also appeared; the two started to move upwards. Team Lang Qi killed the last Blue Sentinel, so they were very clear of the refresh time. As they walked towards the pit, a blue ring was glowing in the pit, and the blue sentinel was spawning.

“Use my ultimate on just two of them?” Zeng Xiao Bo asked.

“Yes!” Zhang Cheng Hao answered decisively. However, in this very second, a bright yellow circle was expanding under Su Lie’s feet, he had opened his ultimate, Unconquerable Army, first!

“Distract him!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted in panic. Su Lie’s ultimate could stun his targets for one second. The longer he charged, the more extensive the effect range. The four of them were hiding in the bush together, so if his pillar hit the bush, all four of them would fly into the air. But the ultimate also had a weakness: the charge could be broken, and any control abilities that hit Su Lie would break his charge. All four of them, including Luna, had control abilities. As Zhang Cheng Hao shouted, Zhang Liang was going to cast his first ability, Power Word - Barrier, Zhang Fei was jumping forward to sweep his long spear, Old Master was also charging ahead to push Su Lie aside with his ruler.

But Su Lie had appeared in front of them before any of their abilities were cast, and the large pillar in his hand hit right onto the ground.


The four heroes of Team Huang Chao, including Luna, who was still in the bush, flew into the air.

Ultimate plus flash -- casting flash immediately after using the ultimate to adjust the position of the ability. This was done flawlessly in Gao Ge’s hands. All four of them were hit by her ultimate.

“Fuck!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted madly. He could already see Bian Que and Ake, who were coming from the middle lane when he was still floating in the air. They had already lost the advantage, but he wasn’t giving up like this time, he was determined to give it a fight.

“Zhang Fei, ultimate!” Zhang Cheng Hao shouted.

Zeng Xiao Bo also had the same plan, and he was already spamming his ultimate before Zhang Fei fell to the ground. However, a burning bird flew into their vision at this moment. There were four of them falling from the air onto the ground, but this arrow hit Zhang Fei precisely.

“Fuck!” Zeng Xiao Bo’s feelings in this second were the same as Yang Zhuo’s when he got hit by the burning bird in the middle lane. Burning Sun Arrow had maximized its stun duration of 3.5 seconds with this distance travelled. It might not sound long, but in The King’s Glory, this duration was long enough to determine the outcome of a team fight. 

Team Huang Chao was behind in terms of gold and experience, and their only advantage was the strong control abilities of their heroes. Especially Zhang Fei, even without any equipment, he was still tanky and could deal significant damage after using his ultimate. In the process of casting his ultimate, he could also stun his targets for 1.5 seconds. He was considered the only hope of Team Huang Chao to turn the fight around. But this had destroyed everything. In this 3.5 seconds, the other three of Team Huang Chao were just three weaklings waiting to be tortured.

Old Master had cast his ultimate on Yang Jian, but what else could he do? Yang Jian was still beating him up even being tied up by him, Sage’s Glory was utterly humiliated.

On Zhang Liang’s side, Yang Zhuo was quick, and he controlled Ake with his ultimate accurately, but in a split second, he was stunned after Su Lie pushed him to the wall.

As for Zhang Cheng Hao’s Luna, he tried to retreat when the situation turned bad, but on his head were four stacks of poison, he died from the poison after moving just a few steps.

Zeng Xiao Bo’s Zhang Fei had finally recovered from the stun, after a monstrous growl, he ended up getting beaten and was sent to gather with his teammates after a while.

A 0 to 4 exchange!

Team Lang Qi had killed four men in the opponent team and stole the blue buff. When they turned to the red sentinel zone, Marco Polo did not dare glance at his precious red buff and retreated.

The jungle had fallen again, and the scoreboard became 9-0. The gold difference between both teams had become more substantial. At this moment, everyone in Team Huang Chao was convinced of one thing: surrender at six-minutes.