The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 63

The Hou Yi System?

The real effect of the strategy had yet to be seen. Team Huang Chao wasn't aware that Team Lang Qi had picked their heroes to cooperate with Hou Yi. After all, it was usual for Hou Yi to use his ultimate to assist his teammates across the whole map; nobody cared if it was a strategy.

Hou Yi's first ultimate was used after the team fight, and it hit the mid-laner who was under the turret. It seemed as if the arrow was late, and it was just pure luck to have hit the mid-laner.

The second arrow flew across half the map and hit Zhang Fei among the crowd, so it also seemed like a blind shot. A crucial ability like this would usually target one of the opponent's core heroes instead of the tanker. It looked like the arrow was shot blindly and wasn't aimed at any particular hero. It ended up hitting Zhang Fei, who was unfortunately, the most important hero to Team Huang Chao in the team fight.

Such bad luck!

The five in Team Huang Chao were depressed; they never thought it was actually Hou Yi's plan.

The core hero? In this situation where the gold discrepancy between the two teams was so large, their core hero was nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, their core was a Luna without blue buff, who was not threatening at all. Out of the four heroes, Zhang Fei was the most threatening hero, so the arrow was for Zhang Fei. This was the best of the Hou Yi System, his arrows were not aiming at the same hero throughout the game, but every arrow was aimed at the hero that posed the highest threat in a given team fight.

To achieve this in the mess of a team fight required some coordination and luck. He Yu's arrow in this fight was handy, and it hit the most important hero in the opponent team and destroyed the only hope of Team Huang Chao.

After clearing the opponent's jungle, Ake went back to their own jungle to farm. Yang Jian and Su Lie cooperated with Hou Yi to take down the second turret in the top lane. Marco Polo hid behind the turret and fired a round of shots with Resplendent Revolver and retreated helplessly. He did not dare to stay for another second.

The second turret of Team Huang Chao in the top lane had fallen, and the first turrets of the other two lanes were also defenseless. With Bian Que's aggressive attack, the middle turret had finally fallen. The minions were attacking the bottom turret, but their damage was lower compared to heroes', the turret survived with the last bit of health points.

The four heroes of Team Huang Chao revived one after another. The loss of turrets had shrunk their farming space. The momentum of Team Lang Qi remained remarkably stable, and they did not attack recklessly after taking down the turrets. Su Lie went back to the bottom lane with Yang Jian and pushed the lane with a new wave of minions. Old Master had arrived at the turret, but it was difficult to defend the collapsing turret alone. His two teammates had come to help, but one was a Zhang Fei without his ultimate, another was a Luna without a blue buff. They weren't useful at all, Zhou Mu Tong's heart was singing .

"Just let it go," he said helplessly. Although they had more people, the three might not even be able to kill Yang Jian alone.

Zhang Cheng Hao was unwilling to, but he could only agree to retreat after thinking it for a bit. After all, the two enemies were the main guys in Team Lang Qi. Gao Ge did not play her best position, which was the mid-laner, but her support was annoying enough.

"Fall back," Zhang Cheng Hao said and retreated with his two teammates. What was he going to do next? He blanked. It was a dangerous sign when one had nothing to do in the game. It showed that they couldn't fight the opposing team and also had no place to farm. It was a situation which one could describe as a 'hopeless case'.

Just when they thought the situation was bad enough, another catastrophe was happening.

Team Huang Chao had chosen to avoid fighting with them, but they got ambushed on their way back. Ake suddenly jumped out from the bush near the narrow pass beside the turret. He jumped onto their faces and started attacking, not putting them in his eyes.

"Fuck!" Zhang Cheng Hao couldn't help swearing.

What a humiliating moment. Even an unafraid noob dared to attack Team Huang Chao like this!

"Kill him!" Zhang Cheng Hao growled, and Zhou Mu Tong also felt insulted. It was true that they did not dare to fight Yang Jian and Su Lie, but Ake? They were afraid of Yang Jian not just because of the gold difference between them, but also because of the hero's abilities. His ultimate had three stages of damage. ONce could also recover his health points. His second ability could stun and deal 5 seconds of pure damage, and his first ability's cooldown could be refreshed if it killed an enemy. An all-rounded hero like this was even more terrifying when the gold difference was so big.


Of course, a well equipped Ake would also be scary, but the three heroes were not weak to the extent that they would be killed by Ake alone, especially when the player behind was this noob. Ake used Arclight the moment he jumped onto Zhang Fei, it wasn't even a critical hit, how dare a player like this try to fight three of them alone?

Zhou Mu Tong used Sage's Glory without hesitation and tied Ake to his lamp. He attacked Ake fiercely with his ruler, and he was determined to teach this noob a lesson.

Zhang Cheng Hao and Zeng Xiao Bo quickly helped out. Yang Jian and Su Lie were watching them from below. They had to kill Ake quickly and retreat.

However, Hou Yi's ultimate, Burning Sun Arrow, which was so annoying to them, again flew into their vision.


It hit Luna this time. Bam! It wasn't the sound effect of the game. It was Zhang Cheng Hao throwing his phone on the table.

A thousand swear words were flooding his brain and were going to come out from his mouth, but that loud noise had attracted the judge's attention. Zhang Cheng Hao swallowed the swear words back into his throat.

He had swallowed the swear words, but he really couldn't smile in this situation.

Luna was stunned for 3.5 seconds, and Su Lie was charging at them with his ultimate.

Zhou Mu Tong saw Ake was already dying, and he did not want to let her go like this. As he continued to hit Ake, Yang Jian's heavenly dog had already jumped on him, and Yang Jian flew beside him…

The fight had concluded. Ake, who was dying, wasn't killed.Ake had even gotten two kills for simply pressing his abilities. Zhao Jin Ran became proud again after the double kill.

"Isn't this wave of momentum I created amazing?" Ake said. Nobody knew where he learned the word momentum.

Gao Ge did not say anything this time. It wasn't Ake that created this momentum. The outcome would have been the same with or without his ambush. The crucial point of this fight was Hou Yi, who had used his ultimate to stun the enemy. Gao Ge had seen how Ake came out from the bush, but it wasn't any key factor, so she did not say anything. It did not matter whether Ake was there to absorb or deal damage or not.

Of course, Zhao Jin Ran wasn't thinking the same. He felt that he was the biggest contributor as he had the two kills. He turned back to the jungle and continued to "carry the momentum".

Team Huang Chao had lost three men again, and the situation had collapsed entirely. Everyone was quiet. Afterall, surrendering at six-minute was something that could only be thought about. It wasn't appropriate to talk about it, let alone doing it.

It was almost time for the third refresh of red and blue sentinels. As the gap between the two teams got wider, Team Huang Chao did not dare to ambush again this time. A fight was out of the question, and they could only steal. They gave up their Blue Sentinel and headed towards Team Lang Qi's Blue Sentinel. However, as the clock ticked, the Blue Sentinel wasn't spawning. After Team Lang Qi killed the Blue Sentinel of Team Huang Chao and rushed to their own Blue Sentinel zone, the Blue Sentinel only started to spawn.

"They calculated the time…" Zhang Cheng Hao said, demotivated.

The refresh time of jungle monsters was different depending on when they were last killed. It was 90 seconds for both Red and Blue Sentinels.

Team Lang Qi was aggressive in snatching Team Huang Chao's blue buff, and they had taken it immediately after it was refreshed. However, their blue sentinel in the jungle was purposely being dragged a while later. This caused a lag between the refresh time of two teams' blue sentinels. After Team Lang Qi raided the opponent's jungle, they made sure they had the time to come back and protect their own. Team Huang Chao's plan of stealing their blue sentinel was all predicted by them.

"Retreat…" Team Huang Chao did not dare to fight at all. After clearing the jungle, Team Lang Qi headed towards the second Tyrant, and without a doubt, they got it.

The game time was 5 minutes and 32 seconds. The gold gap between the two teams was more than six thousand. The game was totally under Team Lang Qi's control. It would soon reach 6 minutes where Team Huang Chao could vote to surrender.