The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 64

The so-called six-minute surrender was a setting in the game. The option to surrender would only appear once the game passed the sixth minute. It usually would not happen in official competitions. However, it was quite common in the Intra School League. Teams that surrendered to end the game after losing confidence weren't out of the norm.

The game had reached the sixth minute, and the option to surrender was available. Even the judge couldn't help to look at Team Huang Chao, but they were silent. When the other four of Team Huang Chao looked to their captain, Zhang Cheng Hao, they saw a ferocious face.

Losing was a regular occurrence for a player of The King's Glory. Nobody could have a 100% win rate. However, losing today's match would mean that Team Huang Chao would be eliminated in the first round of the Intra School League. What would they do with the sarcastic insults they had prepared for Team Lang Qi? Say it to themselves in front of a mirror?

At 5 minutes and 30 seconds, the gold difference was six thousand.

At 6 minutes, the gold difference widened to seven thousand.

Even Zhang Cheng Hao, as the captain, could not say something like, "Don't give up, we still have a chance" to encourage his team.

Team Lang Qi had strategized well, and the Luna was given to him on purpose. Zhang Cheng Hao was already suspicious in the beginning. However, he did not put Team Lang Qi in his eyes, and he did not care what strategy Team Lang Qi had. He thought he could easily win the game with their skills.

But now they were going to lose the game.

His Luna was extremely dependent on the blue buff, and the other core hero of his team, Marco Polo, was very dependent on the red buff. Team Lang Qi focused mainly on the blue buff at the beginning of the game, but as they gained more advantage, the whole jungle had become their territory. Team Huang Chao was not able to get the blue buff or red buff.

Due to the weakness in both their core heroes, Team Huang Chao did not have enough damage to kill their enemies even if the other three heroes perfectly controlled the fight.

Where was the hope for a comeback? Zhang Cheng Hao had no idea. But he wasn't willing to surrender either. After clenching his teeth for a while, he uttered a few words, "Kill Hou Yi first."

Hou Yi, who had not appeared often since the beginning of the game, had crucially determined the outcome of a few team fights after having his ultimate at level four. However, except for these three fights, Hou Yi hadn't joined a team fight and fought the opponent face to face. The three Burning Sun Arrows were all the damage he dealt, and if Team Huang Chao were to surrender now, it might create a record for the least amount of damage dealt by the hero, Hou Yi.

But this Hou Yi was the most hated hero of Zhang Cheng Hao in this game. Even the two noobs that had killed him were not as annoying as Hou Yi's ultimate.

The fight could be lost, but Hou Yi must die!

Zhang Cheng Hao almost spat this sentence out of his mouth. After the heroes in Team Huang Chao revived, they cleared the minions and headed towards Hou Yi's location. Even Old Master who was at the side lane, and was usually a good lane pusher, had given up pushing his lane and came to kill Hou Yi.

"They are heading top." Gao Ge noticed their movement. Although she couldn't be 100% sure, her experience told her that she was most probably right.

"Got it," Zhao Jin Ran was very positive, and he moved upwards after hearing Gao Ge.

"Are we fighting?" Zhou Mo asked.

"You continue to push," Gao Ge said as her Su Lie started to head upwards. However, she saw He Yu's Hou Yi leaving the turret that he had been defending and go rightwards through the jungle.

"Where is Hou Yi going?" Gao Ge asked him.

"To push the turret," He Yu said.

Marksmen were most efficient in pushing turrets.

Team Huang Chao was determined to kill Hou Yi at all costs, but Hou Yi switched to another lane to push turrets. This clear flow of thoughts had impressed Gao Ge, and she was already condoling Team Huang Chao's defeat.

Team Huang Chao still had no idea that Hou Yi had fled. After they got into position, Marco Polo went onto the lane to push. Without a turret to protect his back, Marco Polo's lonely body looked like an ATM. But around the ATM, there were guards in position. The bushes near the side lane, river, and the passageway below the turret all had people hiding. They were now waiting for Hou Yi to appear.

"Is Hou Yi not here?" Their positions had captured a broad vision, but they could not see Hou Yi and realized that Hou Yi might have fled.

"Then take the turret," Zhang Cheng Hao said. Although it was disappointing, taking down a tier-one tower would still make a small difference. It was something they could do to continue the game. However, just right after he finished his sentence, Zhang Cheng Hao saw Ake heading towards the turret through the jungle, en route to the turret.

"Ake's coming!" Zhang Cheng Hao was a little excited.

The gold difference between him and Ake was big, but Ake was a noob that wasn't even familiar with making critical hits. Luna was a flexible hero, and Zhang Cheng Hao was confident he'd be able to kill the noob, Ake, alone. Moreover, his teammates were all nearby, so they could always help if anything went wrong.

One, two.

Luna, who was in the bush, hit the air two times to stack up the third hit, marking a moonlight on the target. As Ake approached slowly, Zhang Cheng Hao was ready for his one-man show.


This sudden sound effect broke Zhang Cheng Hao's focus. He stared blankly at the stunning symbol above Luna's head, and the last scene he remembered was the annoying burning bird flying into his vision and bit him like a devil.

"You must be cheating!" Zhang Cheng Hao stood up furiously and said to He Yu. On Team Lang Qi's side, Zhao Jin Ran was still in focus. He suddenly saw a Luna who was standing blankly in the bush. Without hesitation, he slashed and immediately got the kill.

"Nice!" Zhao Jin Ran realized Luna was stunned by Hou Yi's ultimate this time. He turned and nodded at He Yu. As Zhan Jin Ran followed where He Ye's confused eyes were looking, he saw Zhang Cheng Hao, who was staring at them angrily.

"I request to pause the game!" Zhang Cheng Hao shouted at the judge.

The judge was also a member of the King's Glory club, so he knew Zhang Cheng Hao personally. He didn't think it was right when he heard the request, but having watched the game since the beginning, he understood Zhang Cheng Hao's feelings and said, "Reason."

"I suspect the opposing team is cheating," Zhang Cheng Hao said, pointing at He Yu.