The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 65


He Yu was thoroughly confused by Zhang Cheng Hao's accusation. When he turned to Gao Ge, Gao Ge looked at Zhang Cheng Hao despisingly and spat, "Aren't you embarrassed?"

"What are you talking about?" Zhang Cheng Hao was submerged in his anger, but his teammates held their heads with hands as if they wanted to hide in a hole. Since Zhang Cheng Hao was still not letting it go, Xu Kai Huai, who sat next to him, pulled the corner of his shirt. When Zhang Cheng Hao looked at him, Xu Kai Huai whispered, "It's Gao Ge!"

"So what? I'm not afraid of her!" Zhang Cheng Hao continued to stare his opponents down and glanced at Gao Ge provocatively.

"That's not what I meant." Xu Kai Huai felt helpless against Zhang Cheng Hao, who had clearly lost his mind. Although he was reluctant to, Xu Kai Huai had to recognize Gao Ge's character in front of the public. "Gao Ge cheating in the game? Do you think it's possible?"

"Who knows?" Zhang Cheng Hao was still stubborn, but his voice was not as loud as before. He then pointed at He Yu and shouted again, "And I'm talking about him."

"What's wrong with me?" He Yu was speechless. He Yu did not think that he had done anything so extraordinary to the extent that people would suspect he was cheating.

"Every arrow was so accurate. You even knew I was in the bush! What is it if that's not cheating?" Zhang Cheng Hao said confidently.

"Isn't it normal to hide in the bush if you are trying to ambush?" He Yu said.

Zhang Cheng Hao was stunned for a second, before he said, "There are so many bushes, and you aimed at the one that your teammate was approaching?"

Not only was He Yu more confused, but even Zhang Cheng Hao's teammates were also embarrassed this time. Some hid their faces, and some laid on the table. Xu Kai Huai reached his hand out again, but he did not pull Zhang Cheng Hao. After hesitating for a while, he chose to cover his face.

Looking at Zhang Cheng Hao, who wasn't convinced at all, He Yu explained to him, "Exactly, because my teammate was there, I had to cooperate with him…"

"Thanks man!" Zhao Jin Ran turned his head and smiled at He Yu. Because of this assistance, Zhao Jin Ran became amiable toward this Platinum rank player.

"It's what I should do," He Yu, too, reciprocated his teammate's friendliness.

Zhang Cheng Hao had also come to his senses. What silly things had he said? What did he mean by "aimed at the one that your teammate was approaching"? What a dumb thing to say!

He put down his head embarrassingly, but when he looked at the screen, he was furious again, "Why are you pushing the turret??"

He Yu quickly put down his phone after hearing him and looked to his left and right in panic, "Are we supposed to stop playing?"

The judge didn't pause the game, so even though Zhang Cheng Hao stood up and questioned, He Yu continued to play while talking. He had pushed towards the high ground from the middle second tier turret. The next step was to destroy the crystal and end the game.

"Ask the judge," Gao Ge calmly threw the question at the judge.

The judge was also helpless. He looked at Team Huang Chao and said, "Let's just continue?" As a member of the King's Glory club, he was personally biased towards Team Huang Chao, but Zhang Cheng Hao's accusation was stupid and unconvincing. What he said was already considered very respectful towards Team Huang Chao.

The other four were silent, but Zhang Cheng Hao shouted again, "What do you mean by just continue? He was already destroying our crystal when the game was paused!"

"Pausing means that everyone stops playing physically, unlike in professional competitions where the game is really paused?" He Yu asked his team softly.

"Of course not, the game has to be paused," Gao Ge answered slightly louder.

The judge knew Gao Ge was saying that to him. He knew he had made some mistakes in controlling the situation. He was helpless, and Zhang Cheng Hao still looked unhappy. "Alright then, I will pause the game now and let the president decide!"

Without seeing Zhang Cheng Hao's reaction, he went aside to make a phone call after pausing the game.

Zhang Cheng Hao's expression was mixed. He wanted to say something, but the judge had already turned his back. His mouth opened, but eventually, he sat down reluctantly. When he looked at his teammates, the four teammates avoided his eyes.

"The president is coming," the judge came back emotionlessly. After announcing the result, he stood aside coldly, ignoring everyone.

On Team Huang Chao's side, Zhang Cheng Hao was daydreaming in the middle, and the other four didn't know what to do. They knew today's competition was embarrassing. Not only did they lose the game, but they also lost their reputation. They regretted not pulling Zhang Cheng Hao back, and they did not expect Zhang Cheng Hao to lose his mind to this extent. 

As a member of the club, the judge's bias could be seen by them. They could have avoided many awkward moments if the game just continued. But Zhang Cheng Hao brought everything to an incredibly awkward stage, and there was no chance of saving the situation. While the four of them were still in their thoughts, the president of the King's Glory Club, Su Ge, had arrived unexpectedly fast.

"President, you're so fast." The judge was surprised and greeted Su Ge.

"What happened?" Su Ge marched forward and asked directly.

The judge explained everything. After getting annoyed by Zhang Cheng Hao consistently, he gave up helping Team Huang Chao. Su Ge looked at the players from both teams while listening. Zhang Cheng Hao's face was blank, and the other four were awkward. On Team Lang Qi's side, Gao Ge crossed her arms and was staring at her opponent. She did not care about Su Ge's arrival. He Yu and Zhou Mo were looking at Su Ge, anticipating the result of the game. Su Ge didn't know who the other two were, and he knew they were probably here to make up the number, like what Team Lang Qi always did. One looked very excited, and it was Zhao Jin Ran, who had a marvelous KDA. The other one looked cold and was impatient with the current situation.

After Su Ge listened to the judge's explanation, he looked at the current situation and to Team Huang Chao and said, "What do you think we should do now?"

The four looked at Zhang Cheng Hao, but he was completely speechless. When Su Ge asked him, he couldn't utter a word.

"They lost," Su Ge decisively concluded the result.

Zhang Cheng Hao was startled at this moment and stood up immediately. The other four had learned their lesson and were determined to stop him this time. Together, they pulled Zhang Cheng Hao and surrounded him.

The judge ignored their feelings and ended the game announcing Team Lang Qi's victory after Su Ge's conclusion.

"That's it?" Zhao Jin Ran was still excited about his killing spree, so he was unsatisfied with this result.

As for Zhang Cheng Hao, he finally came to his senses. He was like a rooster that had lost a fight.

"Both teams, please leave the competition area," the judge announced.

The five from Team Lang Qi stood up and left the competition area without looking at Team Huang Chao. As for Su Ge, he left immediately after concluding the result.

The five from Team Lang Qi looked at his back as Su Ge left. He entered another competition area not far away, but it wasn't to host the game. He walked directly to an empty seat at a table. On both sides, people were focusing on their game.

"This is…" Zhou Mo looked and exchanged glances with He Yu and Gao Ge. The three walked forward together. They heard Su Ge asking his teammate, "How is it?"

"You missed my amazing moment," one of his teammates said. He Yu could remember it was one of the four players that he played with last time, but he wasn't sure which ID exactly.

When they looked at their opponent, the five were helpless and in despair. Before He Yu they came near, the five were already taking down their headsets.

The game was over. Su Ge, who just came back, stood up again, and the players from both teams met.

"Sorry, I needed to walk away just now," Su Ge said to his opponent.

"It was merciful. You don't have to apologize," the captain of the opponent team said.

"Such bad luck for meeting you guys in the first round," one guy from the team complained.

Su Ge smiled but didn't say anything. He then looked at Team Lang Qi, who was walking by the competition area, and nodded at them.