The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 66

The situation was self-explanatory. Su Ge was in the middle of a game with his Team Suger, but when he received the call from the judge from He Yu's game, he left the game to handle their matter. Although it was only a few minutes, this duration was considered long for the King's Glory game. However, in these few minutes when Team Suger was outnumbered, their team wasn't affected at all. They even won the game with just four people. When Su Ge came back to his seat, the crystal of the other team was already exploding.

This showed how strong Team Suger was. His teammates did not think it was anything spectacular, and the judge did not stop the game due to loss of fairness either. As for Team Suger's opponent, they did not feel belittled. They looked like they were very prepared for the defeat and didn't react too much towards the result. Everything was blamed on luck, and it wasn't because of any other factors. The only reason for their defeat was meeting Team Suger in their first round.

"Congratulations," Su Ge walked out of the competition zone and said to Team Lang Qi.

"Congratulations to you, too," Gao Ge said.

They were both year three students. They joined the university together, joined The King's Glory Club together, and impressed the club's older members with their skills together. However, after that, due to the differences in their views and ideas, Gao Ge chose to quit the club. As for Su Ge, he became the spine of the club very quickly. He had developed the club into one of the most reputable and largest clubs in Dong Jiang University when he was the president.

The fate of their teams was different too. Except for Zhou Mo, Gao Ge's Team Lang Qi had never had proper and consistent members. The team's results in the Intra School League were not worth mentioning. As for Su Ge's Team Suger, after the minor adjustment in the first semester, the team had been remarkably consistent. They were dominating the Intra School League of Dong Jiang University, and they also had outstanding results in larger competitions outside of the campus.

Therefore, a win in the Intra School League was very normal to them; the others in Team Suger were not very delighted with Gao Ge's congratulation.

Only Su Ge was polite enough to nod and said, "Thanks."

"Let's go," Gao Ge left first. Zhou Mo nodded at Gao Ge and followed after her. Zhao Jin Ran and Li Si Jie didn't know about The King's Glory Club as they were not very into the game, so they had no idea how famous this club president and his team were. They also left without looking at them.

He Yu had known a few of them before. He nodded at them politely before he followed his team, but at this moment, Su Ge asked, "The Hou Yi System?"

He Yu startled for a second, and he nodded, "Yeah, but the strategy had not played out."

"Oh? Didn't you wreck the other team?" Su Ge was a little surprised.

"They collapsed shortly after we stole their blue buff. It wasn't because of The Hou Yi System," He Yu answered honestly.

"I see…" Su Ge didn't watch the game, but he heard everything from the judge. As Zhang Cheng Hao was accusing He Yu of cheating, the judge naturally emphasized Hou Yi's ultimate when he explained everything to Su Ge, so it sounded as if Hou Yi carried the game. But in fact, it was Gao Ge's Su Lie that had led the momentum. A few advantageous fights were all started by her. He Yu's ultimate that hit Luna, who was in the bush, was only a part of it. It wasn't really anything that had determined the success. Nobody expected that hit to tear down Zhang Cheng Hao mentally.

"He Yu," Gao Ge and the others who were ahead called him.

"Coming," He Yu responded, he quickly followed up after nodding at Team Suger.

"How could you tell our competitor our strategy?" Zhou Mo complained when He Yu got back. They obviously heard the conversation between He Yu and Su Ge.

"Them?" He Yu turned his head and looked back at Team Suger.

"Do you think we are not qualified to be their competitor?" Zhou Mo was a little unhappy.

"That's not what I meant," He Yu said, "They belong to a different group. If we were to meet them, it'd have to be in the final. By then, a strategy like The Hou Yi System wouldn't be a secret anymore, isn't it?"

"Oh, is it?" Zhou Mo quickly rechecked the game schedule on his phone. Due to a large number of teams, the program was massive. When Zhou Mo found out that Team Lang Qi had to fight against Team Huang Chao in their first round, he was already panicking, so he didn't pay attention to other things. Now that he checked back, Team Lang Qi and Team Suger were indeed in different groups. It would have to be in the final if these two teams were to meet.

From here, it seemed like it wasn't He Yu that had belittled Team Lang Qi, but it was Zhou Mo that didn't feel confident in himself.

Zhou Mo was a little embarrassed. He patted He Yu's back, but he couldn't say anything to save the situation and could only smile awkwardly. As he moved his eyes away from He Yu, he saw Gao Ge's piercing eyes were staring at him. As her old friend, he knew what to do with this old friend, he quickly shouted, "To celebrate our first victory, I'll buy ice cream for everyone, wait for me here!" He ran towards the student market after finishing his sentence.

"Team Huang Chao? A so-called quarter-final team? They're not really that good, are they?" Zhao Jin Ran's Ake was considered good from his score. He was also the most excited one. Finally, someone had brought up the topic of this victory, and he started bragging about it excitedly.

"You're just lucky." Before Gao Ge and He Yu said anything, his friend, Li Si Jie, poured cold water on him.

"Jealousy. This is pure jealousy," Zhao Jin Ran said, pointing at Li Si Jie.

"Jealous of you? Haha!" Li Si Jie laughed with a heavy voice and left.

"What...what is this?" Zhao Jin Ran had also realized his friend was really unhappy, and he stared at Li Si Jie's back as he left, then he looked at Gao Ge and He Yu blankly.

"This…" He Yu scratched his head,

"It's indeed jealousy," Gao Ge said while nodding. She had seen this state of mind of players many times. Li Si Jie taught Zhao Jin Ran, so he thought that he must be better than Zhao Jin Ran. However, Zhao Jin Ran's score was a lot better in this game, and Li Si Jie's Bian Que was the least threatening in the team. Although he had a kill from Luna, his poison was a lucky stolen kill during the fight in the jungle. His importance wasn't really obvious. Zhao Jin Ran was even bragging about it after that. It had angered Li Si Jie.

"You're too straightforward…" He Yu said helplessly. He more or less had seen through everything, but he was still hesitating if saying it out directly would hurt their friendship. But Gao Ge didn't consider these and said what she thought instantly.

"Really!" Zhao Jin Ran responded. He was just joking when he said jealousy, but it hit Li Si Jie's soft spot and triggered him. He knew Li Si Jie a lot better than He Yu and Gao Ge. He understood what happened after thinking for a while, and he became a little unhappy as well.

Zhou Mo brought back a pack of ice cream, but he couldn't see Li Si Jie.

"Where's Li Si Jie?" He asked.

"He left," Zhao Jin Ran said sadly.

"Where did he go?" Zhou Mo asked as he distributed the ice cream, he could feel the atmosphere wasn't right.

"He didn't play well, and he couldn't see others play better than him!" Zhao Jin Ran took over the ice cream and said.


"Don't have to explain to him, I know what he is thinking," Zhao Jin Ran stopped Zhou Mo from talking.

Zhou Mo could only shut his mouth. Everyone stayed silent and ate their ice cream quietly. Zhao Jin Ran was the first to finish, he wiped his mouth and said, "To celebrate our victory, I'm treating dinner tonight, please come!"