The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 67

After He Yu and his team left the competition area, the other four from Team Suger surrounded Su Ge. They were interested in what happened as they noticed that Su Ge wasn't just friendly towards Team Lang Qi; he seemed to care about them.

"What is it?" The four of them looked at Su Ge, one of them asked. They didn't have to say it so, the chemistry between them extended beyond the game.

"Team Lang Qi just defeated Team Huang Chao," Su Ge said.

"Huh?!" The four were shocked.

"And Team Huang Chao got 0 kills," Su Ge said.

"What!" Their mouths were all wide open. Although they didn't think Team Huang Chao was a strong team, they knew their strength very well since it was, after all, a quarter-finalist team. A consistent team like them would be difficult to defeat for even a team of random Legend rank players. But in Team Lang Qi, except for Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, the other players were recruited just to make up the number. How did they defeat Team Huang Chao without any deaths?

"How did it happen?" one of them mumbled.

"Why don't we ask them?" the one beside him pressed his lips into a line and nodded to the front. In front of them, Team Huang Chao was leaving the hall dejectedly. Their eyes were on the ground.

They seemed to have felt they were being stared at. When the members lifted their heads, they saw Team Suger looking at them. They stopped walking and felt embarrassed.

"What happened?" Liang Chen from Team Suger asked. His ID was the same as his name, Liang Chen. He was the top-laner of Team Suger. He was also there when He Yu played with them, and he used Hua Mulan.

The five of Team Huang Chao looked at each other. Nobody knew how to answer the question.

"How did it happen?"

Team Huang Chao had not come to their senses. In fact, how did they lose so badly that they did not even get one kill? When was the last time that they were this defeated? They were now defeated by Team Lang Qi, whom they were trying to insult. Zhou Mu Tong was the only one that knew Zhang Cheng Hao organized this fight. He was eating the fruit of the seed he planted. Zhou Mu Tong had not spoken to Zhang Cheng Hao after the game, and it seemed as if there was a volcano that was going to erupt at any time.

However, the few in Team Suger did not consider it a big deal. After Liang Chen asked, the whole team looked at Zhang Cheng Hao, as he was the captain.

Zhang Cheng Hao shook his head, depressingly, "I don't know either."

The other four shook their heads as well.

"Was it recorded?" Su Ge asked. The club had always encouraged the games to be recorded to rewatch the games to spot their mistakes and improve from there. However, this game of Team Huang Chao was very embarrassing. They glanced at one another and shook their heads.

"Alright, get some rest," Su Ge said.

Team Huang Chao left the hall disappointedly, but the few in Team Suger couldn't help their curiosity. They were all fans of The King's Glory, and they were curious about what happened in that unimaginable game. But they could only be left hanging as Team Huang Chao did not have the video.

However, their wish was very soon granted. In the afternoon, the game's video was posted in The King's Glory's forum in the university. The caption was insulting to Team Huang Chao. But being able to defeat this quarter-finalist team without deaths had stirred vigorous discussions in The King's Glory's social circle in the university. The post quickly became a hot topic, and students were commenting passionately below.

Only the two competing teams were able to record the game. Team Huang Chao did not record the game, they wouldn't post it even if they did, so Team Lang Qi posted it.

But everyone knew the character of Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. They did not like to show off. Even when they sometimes did, it was only to promote Team Lang Qi during their recruitment, like the Battle Plains game at the beginning of the semester, where they defeated Team Huang Chao.

However, there were no promotion elements this time, except for the caption, there weren't any promotional slogans. Su Ge checked the ID that posted the video, and it was an ID that was registered today. That ID had posted the video after spending the whole morning unlocking the posting feature by accomplishing the tasks and topping up cash into the forum.

After reading through the comments, the identity of the ID was unmistakable. He wasn't even trying to hide his identity, and he introduced himself in the comment section. "Ake in the game, Faculty of Environment, Year 3 environmental science student, Zhao Jin Ran."

"Those who want to up rank add me, ID The Speed Boat."

Zhao Jin Ran commented confidently at the end of the comment section. Below his comment, some comments started to attack Ake. Those who were at the same level as Zhao Jin Ran would be impressed by his score, but those who knew how to play could see the importance of Su Lie and Yang Jian, Hou Yi's ultimate in the second jungle fight was crucial as well, but Ake? He just rushed into the crowd and threw his abilities. If it weren't for his teammates, he would be dead in the group.

Probably after reading these one-sided comments from the pros, Zhao Jin Ran, who was still actively replying to comments, had vanished, the focus of the discussion had also switched away from Zhao Jin Ran.

Liang Chen and Bai Wen Yu of Team Suger were revising in the library at this time. After receiving the message from their teammates, they watched the game together without sound. Since Zhao Jin Ran recorded it, the game was watched from his Ake's perspective. His messy moves and momentum had disgusted the two of them, but Team Lang Qi had defeated Team Huang Chao with a teammate like this. They did not think Team Lang Qi had played exceptionally well after watching the game, but Team Huang Chao was feeling very lost the whole game.

"What was Team Huang Chao doing?" The game was forced to stop in the middle. Liang Chen couldn't help but complain. He could also understand why everyone in Team Huang Chao looked so blank this morning -- they had no idea what had happened!

"One side was well prepared, the other side wasn't, that's it," a voice suddenly pierced through. Liang Chen and Bai Wen Yu, whose heads were close together, were shocked. When they lifted their heads, they didn't recognize the student was standing beside their table.

"I'm sorry," the student apologized for disturbing them and left after grabbing his bag.

"Who was it?" Liang Chen was startled.

"No idea…" Bai Wen Yu said.

"Did he watch the entire game with us?" Liang Chen said and turned his head around. A student who heard him nodded at him.

"He was the representative of new students in this year's school opening ceremony," someone even recognized him and said to the two.

The two were still blank. The representative of new students? Then they had nothing to do with him! But he had watched the whole game by their side and even voiced out his opinion.

But what he said was true!