The King's Moment - Volume 1 Chapter 8

When the crowd dispersed, He Yu noticed He Liang walking towards him and started to panic, as if he was a little kid that got caught doing something bad by an adult. However, He Liang smiled naturally at him and asked, “Are you hungry? Let’s have a meal first.”

“Yeah, sure,” He Yu nodded profusely. He thought He Liang met him by chance and did not notice him playing The King’s Glory.

The two brothers walked towards the school canteen. As they passed through the avenue beside the field, He Yu spotted Gao Ge and Zhou Mo from a distance. They were tidying the small tables at the recruitment booth of Team Lang Qi. After placing the benches on the table, they prepared to move the table to another place. Many boys offered their help to Gao Ge, but they were all rejected by Gao Ge. She carried on her work to shift the tables through the crowd 
with Zhou Mo.

In contrast, there was a buzz at the recruitment booth for The King’s Glory club. Many students wearing the outfit with The King’s Glory logo were busy in preparation, but nobody knew what occasion they were setting up for. The King’s Glory club was amongst the more popular societies in Dong Jiang University. The club’s recruitment booth was not only large but eye-catching too. Instead of raising advertisement banners like other societies, they had a unique way to attract people to the booth. They had placed two life-sized hero standees and dangled a huge alphabet on each of the three trees located behind the table.


What was the meaning behind these three words? People who did not play The King’s Glory would not be able to understand it, but the people that knew the meaning would be drawn to it immediately.

KPL stood as the top professional scene in The King’s Glory. Coincidentally, today marked the start of KPL’s Autumn League. Anyone who was into The King’s Glory would be thrilled when they saw these three words.

He Yu saw that Zhang Cheng Hao and the people around him were very busy at that time, but they also looked like they were in anticipation.

“They’re here!” someone in the crowd suddenly shouted. The students around The King’s Glory club quickly assembled to catch sight of the entrance of the avenue. Other societies along the avenue seemed lacklustre when there was an uproar of cheers and screams. Everyone turned 
to look at the avenue’s entrance.

“Ehh, what happened?” someone asked curiously.

“I heard that some professional players are coming here.” 

“Wow, they managed to invite professional players? The King’s Glory club is amazing!”

“It’s mainly due to the president, Su Ge. Given his family background, it wouldn’t be difficult to invite a few pro players.”

“Hm… what kind of spectacle will it be if our club can invite a football star too?” a member of the football club fantasized.

“Continue your daydream,” his friend broke his bubble of fantasy with a tease.

The gathering crowd left the two brothers in the middle of a stroll with no room to manoeuvre. 

Professional players? Who were they? He Yu was curious. If he was alone, he would have definitely joined in the hype. However, his brother was by his side. Since the day He Yu overheard He Liang bawling his eyes out at the corridor, he knew that the KPL and professional life left  an unerasable mark of grief and regret in his brother’s life. How was his brother going to face the current situation that would rekindle the sorrow memory of the past?

He Yu gazed at He Liang anxiously. He noticed his brother did not have any special expressions and seemed calm in the crowd. He Liang even smiled at He Yu when he saw He Yu looking over at him, but when he looked back at the spotlight of attention, the smile on his face froze. 

“He’s here! It’s Zhou Jin! It’s really Zhou Jin!” a fan cheered happily. He Yu finally had a glimpse of the figure between the tiny gaps in the crowd. 

Zhou Jin.

The star mid laner of Team Tian Ze. The team leader of the lineup. The teammate who fought side-by-side with He Liang for five seasons. There was also another player from the team beside him. He recognized the person as You Ya Zhong. The man who succeeded He Liang’s position as the jungler of Team Tian Ze, and the man who assisted Tian Ze to win the League for the first time.

Nonetheless, his fame was far inferior compared to Zhou Jin.

The cheers were mostly directed towards Zhou Jin. Zhou Jin, dressed in casual outfit, walked at the front with a smile while nodding to the surrounding crowd from time to time. You Ya Zhong, who was beside him, was wearing the team’s official uniform, and seemed to pace a step behind Zhou Jin. He put on a smile too, but only looked straight ahead, allowing Zhou Jin to receive all the praises and applause. His presence was arguably lesser when compared to Su 
Ge, who was on the other side of Zhou Jin. 

As Dong Jiang University’s school hunk and the president of The King’s Glory club, the presence of Su Ge was not inferior by any means. Although he did not receive cheers and screams, at least half of the applause was directed towards him as he did not only managed to invite professional players to the campus, he even got top calibers like Zhou Jin. 

The trio finally squeezed through their way to the recruitment booth for The King’s Glory club. 

Clearly, Zhang Cheng Hao and other club members were busy preparing for this moment. After the trio was invited to the table and established a distance from the bustling crowd, a microphone that was prepared in advance was handed over to Su Ge. 

“Dear students, please keep quiet for a moment,” Su Ge’s voice channeled from the loudspeaker and resonated across the avenue. The hubbub audience finally calmed down.

“Today, we are very fortunate to be able to invite two professional players from Team Tian Ze to The King’s Glory club at Dong Jiang University. Do I still need to introduce these two famous players to you all?” 

“No!” the crowd cheered.

“I too think it’s unnecessary, but out of politeness, will you two self-introduce yourself and greet the audience?” said Su Ge. Then, he passed the microphone to Zhou Jin. Zhou Jin smiled while receiving the microphone, and pretended to hit Su Ge with a punch at the same time, which revealed the close relationship between the two and made the onlookers envy of their friendship.

“Hi everyone! I am Zhou Jin from Team Tian Ze,” he introduced himself in simple terms after receiving the microphone, and bowed at the crowd, exchanging a round of warm applause from the crowd. 

“Please allow me to grandly introduce the person beside me, my teammate and jungler for Team Tian Ze, You Ya Zhong!” Zhou Jin slanted his figure to create stage presence for You Ya Zhong, but he did not hand over the microphone yet. As You Ya Zhong bowed at the crowd, he continued to introduce You Ya Zhong.

“Ya Zhong became a rookie in our team since last Autumn League, playing the role of a jungler. It was him that brought changes to Team Tian Ze. In his first League, he had assisted Tian Ze to secure the first place! He continued to carry his momentum to present a great performance in the Spring League. Unfortunately, I did not perform well during Spring League, and dragged the whole team and Ya Zhong during the playoffs. I apologise for letting slip the opportunity for Tian Ze to win back-to-back championship titles,” uttered Zhou Jin.

A round of applause followed suit. 

Anyone that kept track of KPL would have understood what had happened during the playoffs in the Spring League. Zhou Jin did not perform badly or made mistakes during matches. Rather, he could not represent the team in matches due to health complications, which caused Team Tian Ze to falter in team combat strength. Health complications were unforeseeable. But to a certain extent, it signified Zhou Jin’s importance as a member of Tian Ze. The fans did not blame him, yet he still took all the responsibilities and blame. His gesture left a favorable impression to the audience, which gave endless rounds of applause to him. Su Ge was even forced to retrieve the microphone to calm the crowd down.

“Everyone should have known that the opening game for KPL will be held today. I had the opportunity to invite Zhou Jin to our club and meet everyone as Team Tian Ze came to Dong Jiang City for the contest. He will be leaving very soon to prepare for the match, so we can save the applause first, and cheer for Team Tian Ze during tonight’s opening match, alright? Since we still have a little time left, we should make use of the rare opportunity for you all to interact with your idols, right? Are there any questions the audience would like to address to the two professional players? Of course, there won’t be any need to ask for an itemization guide or arcana setup. you can ask me later instead. Please ask something that you normally won’t know. There’re no reporters here, so maybe you two share some personal secrets with us?” said Su Ge.

The audience burst into laughter. Zhou Jin cannot help but look dazed and pointed his index finger at Su Ge repeatedly.

“Alright, next up will be a simple Q&A session. Please raise your hand if you want to ask a question, we will let Zhou Jin or You Ya Zhong answer your questions,” Su Ge uttered.

Countless hands were raised in the crowd. Normally, star players like Zhou Jin only attended official press conferences or publicity campaigns. It was extremely rare that they attended a simple meet-and-greet session with no stage layout. The opportunity was indeed few and far between.

However, Zhou Jin looked at You Ya Zhong modestly and spoke, “Since I already spoke a lot, let’s allow Ya Zhong to choose someone from the audience instead.”

Since he already said so, Su Ge handed the microphone to You Ya Zhong. You Ya Zhong seemed reserved and did not dither in searching for a participant. He quickly pointed out the boy in front of him and said, “This student will do.”

“Hi, Master Zhou Jin and Master You Ya Zhong!” the boy who was picked was exhilarated. He could not wait to ask his question after greeting the two professional players. “I am a longtime fan of Team Tian Ze, and was really excited about Tian Ze winning last year’s championship in the Autumn League. Master Zhou Jin mentioned that Master Ya Zhong brought changes to the squad. May I know what are the exact influence you brought to the team?”

“Hm……” You Ya Zhong looked at Zhou Jin hesitantly while holding the microphone. 

“You can speak first, I will give supplement remarks after you finish,” Zhou Jin uttered while 
smiling at him.

You Ya Zhong nodded. He looked at the questioner and said, “Before I joined the main roster for Tian Ze, I was already a member of Team Tian Ze. Team Tian Ze has a steady paced playstyle, so I don’t think that my addition to the main roster made any substantial alteration to the squad. If I were to explicitly point one out, it will probably be that my playstyle differs from the previous jungler.”

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