The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 1

The first round of the Intra School League had ended.

To those that participated just for fun, losing in the first round was nothing. Life continued as usual after they were eliminated. Teams that took the competition more seriously would usually not get eliminated in the first round, but Team Huang Chao was the exception.

However, to a large university like Dong Jiang University, the Intra School League was only one of the many student club activities. But there was one distinctive difference. The Intra School League did not form teams based on faculty.

This rule had its pros and cons.

One good thing about it was that students could participate and experience the event for themselves, but the downside was that it wasn't attractive to students who didn't play the game. The Intra School League of Dong Jiang University was just an event for fellow gamers to enjoy themselves. There wasn't any sense of faculty honour, so there weren't any reasons for those who did not play the game to follow the event.

"Therefore, I think that it is time for us to make some changes. We should follow what the football and basketball clubs are doing. Make the event a competition between faculties so more people would participate and experience e-sports. At the same time, like other sports, we can encourage bonding between students."

"It's my small suggestion."

Zhang Cheng Hao sat down after presenting passionately, but the whole meeting room was silent. It was meant to be an internal post mortem after the first round of competitions. Nobody expected Zhang Cheng Hao to give such a revolutionary suggestion at this time.

The suggestion sounded fine, but the problem was that the first round of the Intra School League had just finished. It was not an appropriate time to make such a significant change. Did Zhang Cheng Hao fail to understand this simple logic?

Of course, Zhang Cheng Hao understood. But there was still a committee member that raised the question. "Hmm… The suggestion is not bad, but why do you think of this all of a sudden? The first rounds have all been completed."

"I know it's not a good time to give this suggestion, and everyone might also think that I'm doing this because I lost in the first round. But indeed, it is related to the elimination of Team Huang Chao," Zhang Cheng Hao said.

"We were eliminated, obviously. Team Huang Chao and I are done for this semester. But we still have the next semester, the next semester after the next, and the next after that one…" Zhang Cheng Hao stopped for a second. He looked at a year four committee member. "Senior, would your Team 615 still participate in the next semester?"

The senior was startled for a while when the question was asked to him, but he answered, "I don't think so, two of us will be doing an internship, and I will not be on campus as often…"

"That's why," Zhang Cheng Hao sounded as if he was introducing the senior to everyone and said, "If we don't make this change now, it would we'd change it in the next semester. But by then, many year four seniors would not be able to join our competition. This would be the only chance that they could represent their faculties and fight for glory.

Therefore, I think that if we were to make this change, it should start right now so our seniors would not miss this chance," Zhang Cheng Hao calmly expressed his opinion.

The meeting room fell into silence again.

Was Zhang Cheng Hao really doing this for the year four seniors to not leave with any regrets? To be honest, everyone knew one another well. They all knew Zhang Cheng Hao wasn't such a considerate person. But it was indeed a compelling reason that one could hardly reject. Those year four seniors were all the older committee members of the club, and they loved the game as everyone else did. If a change like this were to be made, it would be disappointing to miss it because of their last busy semester.

Everyone was quiet. Everyone eventually looked at Su Ge -- a guy who became the club president in his second year.

"It's a good suggestion," Su Ge nodded as he stood up. "I have actually thought about this, but Cheng Hao was more mindful than myself. He realizes that our seniors wouldn't get another chance if we don't do it now. Therefore, I support his idea. Let's do it together?"

"I have no comment. But by then, I'd have to go gank you already," Bai Wen Yu, who sat beside Su Ge, chuckled and said. He was in Team Suger with Su Ge and was also the vice president of the club. However, he belonged to the Architecture faculty, whereas Su Ge was in the Management and Finance faculty. If this thing worked, they would no longer be teammates anymore. As a jungler, Bai Wen Yu's main task was to target the opponent's marksman, which was Su Ge's role.

Su Ge chuckled. Many were looking at one another across the whole meeting room; they all faced the same situation as Su Ge and Bai Wen Yu. Their teammates would become their enemies.


"I'd consider showing you mercy if you beg me now."

"It's time for you to become the corpse under my feet."

"I promise you, I won't point out your mistakes from today onwards, so please continue to worsen!"

Everyone joked with their teammates that would become their enemies in the future. The meeting room's atmosphere suddenly became very warm, and everyone seemed to welcome this change in future competitions. Indeed, the King's Glory Club had already had a solid foundation and scale. If they wanted to attract more people to play the game, they needed to do this.

"Seems like everyone is fine with the suggestion. Then, let's discuss in detail how things are going to work," Su Ge said after a round of laughter.

"It wouldn't be a big problem on the school's side."

"I think the decision to participate would still be on the respective faculties."

"Not participating? I'd kneel in front of the Head of Faculty's office, and he'd surely say yes!" someone shouted.

"There's one problem right now. What do we do about the Intra School League that has already started?"