The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 10

Team 422-424 lost three of their turrets under two minutes, before the Tyrant even managed to refresh itself. Five of them were all shocked, as experienced players, it was the first time they experienced something like this. The worst they went through were merely the huge decrease in gold and kills, never before with the situation of a turret going down this fast. Do we have to retreat and secure the Base Turret in just two minutes into the game?

The question is, can we even do that?

Team Lang Qi were not only capable of bringing down turrets fast, they also had perfect control over the rhythm of their minions.The first wave of minions took down the first turret at the bottom lane, while Jiang Ziya gained Double Kill on the middle lane.

The second wave of minions charged towards the second turret at the bottom lane, forcing Team 422-424 to distribute some combat power in order to secure it; while on the middle lane, they could only watch as the first turret was taken down.

The third wave arrived so fast right after the second wave, with only 33 second of time difference in between. Team 422-424 were left in a daze, feeling as though Team Lang Qi took down both the first and the second turret with the same wave of minions.

An outsider wouldn’t feel anything under circumstances like this, and only the combatants who had experienced it firsthand in the game would display deep feelings. Team 422-424 also recognized something scary. Team Lang Qi had been blocking their contact with the minions while managing the rhythm of their advancement perfectly. Players in Team 422-424 didn’t get any gold under this tough battle after three waves of minions, if the turrets could level up by eating minions, those two turrets of theirs which collapsed would have been leveled up by now.

They only managed to achieve level 2 after struggling to pull through, which seemed no difference from being compared into lagging at the spawning point. Taiyi Zhenren cleared out a wave of minions while securing the second turret at the bottom lane, but the only advantage he gained was receiving more gold than the others. He, too, hadn’t yet reached level 3 .

How can they even continue?

While they were observing their captain, Team Lang Qi had already charged into Team 422-424’s jungle area vigorously. They seized time to clear out the jungle area before the next wave of minions even arrived. Mo Xian displayed his master skills with keenness and a sense of propriety during the attack. He participated in fighting jungle monsters, but when it was time to gain experience and gold, he would leave the area at the appropriate time. Mo Xian, Gao Ge and He Yu were leaving all the experience and gold purposely for Li Yuanfang’s spot. However if compared, He Yu’s calculation of kill and his control over the speed was obviously not as good as the others, therefore, he accidentally ate up some of the experience twice.

“It’s better to give Li Yuanfang the experience.” Mo Xian, who had been silent all along, finally said something after Hou Yi ate up the experience for the second time.

“I know.” He Yu said, sighing in defeat.

“You do?” Mo Xian asked, suspicious. Hou Yi’s movements didn’t look like he knew any better at all.

“You’re not telling the truth.” Gao Ge chimed in.

“Sis!” He Yu protested when Gao Ge defamed him.

“Alright, fine. He’s just not very skilful.” Gao Ge informed them of the harsh truth. He Yu was upset but he couldn’t do anything about it, so he could only focus on the game.

Gao Ge signalled for everyone to muster up when the fourth wave of minions arrived. Team Lang Qi left the jungle area and gathered on the middle lane. Team 422-424’s minions on the middle lane were cleared off in the blink of an eye, and the experience they gained were being distributed consciously. Team Lang Qi managed to rise up to level 4 under these conditions. Zhong Wuyan was the first to achieve level 4 in the team despite having a blue buff on him. Li Yuanfang reached level 4 right after him, and during the process, Zhou Mo taught Zhao Jin Ran how to operate by the practical approach directly.

A huge wave of army arrived charging, and Team 422-424 held their breaths, bracing themselves for the attacks. In order to defend themselves from this predictable wave of attack, they didn’t dare clear out any minions at the side lane, for fear they wouldn’t be able to make it back in time. They tried entering the jungle area, but when they ran into Team Lang Qi there they could only turn back.

They didn’t have the courage to fight Team Lang Qi in the jungle area as they felt short in every aspect. They didn’t even dare to try and steal some kill from the jungle monsters. Therefore, four of the level 2 heroes ended up under the Base Turret on the middle lane. Taiyi Zhenren, who was originally a supporting character, became the leader from the five, standing out as the only player who achieved level 3.

But will that be enough to secure?

The five players of Team 422-424 turned desperate when they saw the levels of the players from Team Lang Qi. Three players in Team Lang Qi had  reached level 3, while the remaining two achieved level 4. This difference in levels between the two teams in just over two minutes was extremely rare. The one leading the team was none other than Liu Shan, which they hated more than anyone. Liu Shan, who was supposed to be behind the minions, sped up suddenly before the minions entered the turret range, and was the among first one’s to charge into the range with his Overcharge.

Team 422-424, who had set clearing minions as their priority were confused by this maneuver. The opposing team’s hero already entered the range before the minions could, should we kill or should we not?

“Charge!” Huang Bin ordered, before his teammates even asked him. Everyone in the team turned furious at that point of the game, and after Huang Bin’s order, his Marco Polo held up his gun and started firing right away. Ying Zheng also threw out an ability at that split second. However, when two of these heroes were about to use their abilities, Liu Shan turned back…

Ying Zheng’s The King’s Punishment missed Liu Shan without a doubt, and during that moment, Team 422-424 realized just how despicable Liu Shan’s movements were. He charged in from the right side of the lane, lured Ying Zheng’s ability, only to miss the minions who arrived from the middle lane.

Marco Polo’s ability was thus wasted with Liu Shan’s strategy, and Huang Bin only realized that after he had finished firing. He should have used it to attack the minions.

He Yu’s, Hou Yi and Zhao Jin Ran’s, Li Yuanfang entered the turret after the minions, with their control panels on standby in order to tear down the turret. It was Zhao Jin Ran’s first time using that feature on the panel. He was urged and reminded by Zhou Mo continuously that their main priority was to take the turret down, so he should focus on doing that after throwing his first ability and using Anger of the Land at the turret.

He Yu had the same mission with Zhao Jin Ran, which was to bring the turret down. However, he was more knowledgeable than Zhao Jin Ran, and had been paying attention to the opposing team’s movements. After Marco Polo’s and Ying Zheng’s abilities were used up for naught and making sure that the minions were unharmed, Team 422-424’s leader, Taiyi Zhenren finally stood out, with his first ability of Experimentation. He wobbled over, and just as he was about to use his third ability Third Hand, Gao Ge’s Jiang Ziya attacked again.

Annihilation, Repentance!

Both of the abilities were utilized at the same time, and Taiyi Zhenren, with his furnace burning was flicked to the side by the Annihilation.

Team 422-424 turned furious, but couldn’t do anything in retaliation to Jiang Ziya’s attacks, who was situated all the way behind. Su Lie’s The Undefeated charged forward, aiming against the minions, Zhong Wuyan however, entered the turret’s range with his Hurricane Hammer, and at the same time, used his Summoner’s ability, the Provoke.

The turret stopped attacking, and no one dared to enter the range of Zhong Wuyan’s Hurricane Hammer, which lasted 3.2 seconds. Huang Bin yelled “Retreat”, his Marco Polo and Ying Zheng managed to do that, but Su Lie who had already charged forward was left with no option to turn back, resulting in him being frozen by Zhong Wuyan’s attacks. Prince of Lanling who was behind him also wanted to escape after hearing Huang Bin yelling, but he was too late. He was hit by Zhong Wuyan’s hammer, and was also frozen on the spot.

Zhong Wuyan stood motionlessly between the two. The outer circle of the spin hit them, which left him with 40% of the additional damage bonus. As a result, Zhong Wuyan, who already had explosive damage since the beginning and with the highest level and gold in the game, was now armed with the most destructive speedy damage. Su Lie and Prince of Lanling attempted to escape after they were free, but before they could do that, Zhou Mo focused on Prince of Lanling and chased him, killing him with his skill.

After that, Zhong Wuyan charged at Su Lie with his first ability, slowing him down with his hammer before using his second ability Shock and Awe in order to cause double damage on him. Su Lie, who was quite strong in the beginning, was immediately defeated by Zhong Wuyan’s level 4 consecutive bludgeons. His passive ability had already been triggered beforehand with a cool down period of 120 seconds, but before he could even achieve close to recovering, he was killed with no smoke signals to be lit up.