The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 11

The base turret was taken down by Team Lang Qi without any doubt. Team 422-424 could only retreat back away from the turret’s range after losing Su Lie and Prince of Lanling. Huang Bin was upset watching Team Lang Qi’s minions undamaged and used his Marco Polo to fire at them. Liu Shan immediately stood out and blocked the bullets.

Marco Polo was not only originally weak in terms of damage power but he was also short on gold and low in level. Hence, the bullets couldn’t even penetrate Liu Shan’s Overcharge, which was turned into a sad scene.


Mo Xian, who had been keeping quiet after ridiculing He Yu’s Hou Yi for eating up Li Yuanfang’s experience, took the initiative to request an attack. His Liu Shan charged into the Crystal.


Liu Shan used this ability when he was pushing the second turret on the middle lane, the ability’s cool down time had just ended after one minute.

“Push the turret straight away!”

“Li Yuanfang, use your ability once you’re inside the crystal’s range!”

Gao Ge and Zhou Mo said. Gao Ge was commanding the whole team, while Zhou Mo was instructing Zhao Jin Ran. Zhou Mo was the most talkative player throughout the whole game as he had been ordering Zhao Jin Ran around, giving people the feeling that he was controlling two heroes at a time.

“Where do I use it?” Zhao Jin Ran asked.

“Use it where there are more targets!” Zhou Mo said.

“Roger that!” Zhao Jin Ran replied, controlling his Li Yuanfang to enter the crystal’s range with his teammates. He then obediently threw Li Yuanfang’s ability, the Bladestorm, towards the opposing team’s players.

The three players from Team 422-424’s movements quickly turned increasingly limited when Li Yuanfang’s ability was aimed at them. They were already overwhelmed by Liu Shan, and now not only was there an additional Li Yuanfangbut also there was Jiang Ziya’s annoying first and second ability. Taiyi Zhenren was slowed down by the Repentance, whereas Marco Polo was flicked into the range of Li Yuanfang’s ability by the second ability, Annihilation.

Ying Zheng quickly became the entire team’s only hope as he hadn’t used his first ability yet. He was storming around crazily trying to find an opportunity to toss his first ability towards the minions in order to clear them out forcefully.

“Hang in there! The next wave of minions would be refreshed soon!” Huang Bin screamed. His Marco Polo managed to shift out of Li Yuanfang’s attack range just in time using his second ability, the Roaming Gun. He wasn’t defeated and was now shouting at his teammates, cheering them on. The yelling from both teams weren’t disturbed due to the noise-cancelling headphones and different voice channels, however, the judge, Su Ge, could hear everything perfectly and clearly. He smiled bitterly when he heard what Huang Bin had said.


Is he seriously still waiting for the minions to be refreshed?

Su Ge glanced over at Team 422-424 pitifully. He could already foresee what was about to happen to them.

2 minutes and 23 seconds later, the fifth wave of minions were refreshed.

A total of nine minions appeared under Team 422-424’s crystal, blocking Team Lang Qi’s minions’ way. That was exactly what Huang Bin had been waiting for, however, right after that, Zhong Wuyan’s ability fell onto the minions. It was the second ability, Shock and Awe.

Another spark fell from the sky, landing on the minions as well. It was Hou Yi’s second ability, Afterglow.

It didn’t just end there. Instead, three rays of golden light rose up, Team Lang Qi’s Liu Shan, Hou Yi and Jiang Ziya had reached level 4.

The Ballistic Panda!

Without a moment of hesitation, Liu Shan didn’t even wait for the golden light to die down. He used the new ability he had just obtained after leveling up and started wandering around Team 422-424’s crystal’s range.

And Ying Zheng, who sneaked over attempting to throw his first ability on Team Lang Qi’s minions, was dazed by Hou Yi’s ability, Burning Sun Arrow after hearing a bird’s call.

The daze effect didn’t even last for one second as the distance was too close, but Zhong Wuyan’s hammer had already landed on him before he could react. Ying Zheng was soon frozen.

Waiting for the minions?

The minions that were refreshed weren’t even from Team 422-424’s army, instead, they were Team Lang Qi’s forage, their greatest assistance in taking down the crystal. All Team 422-424 could do right now was to escape with their tails tucked in between their legs. Team Lang Qi wasn’t persistent in killing them, yet, they couldn’t even touch Team Lang Qi’s minions. They could only stand there and watch as the HP bar of their crystal decreased at a high speed under the attack of two marksmen.

The five seconds for the Provoke finally arrived, and the crystal’s attacks recovered. However, none of that could affect Team Lang Qi anymore.


Jiang Ziya’s newly obtained ability at level 4 finished accumulation after three seconds, a golden shockwave propelled itself towards Team 422-424’s crystal, finishing off the last of its life.

The competition had come to an end!

Nine minutes?

No need for that.

Six minutes?

Not a chance.

The duration of the game stopped at 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

2 minutes and 28 seconds, 5 seconds after the fifth wave of minions was refreshed, Team Lang Qi destroyed Team 422-424’s crystal.

The losing team fell silent, neither did the winning team let out a single cheer. To be honest, this result was even shocking to Team Lang Qi, Gao Ge and Zhou Mo as well.

A medium attack, or even a fast attack was never considered a stealthy sneak attack strategy. That was the reason why high end games and even professional games never used this kind of strategy.

Yet, Team Lang Qi succeeded. They succeeded with a rookie using Li Yuanfang for the first time, a newbie’s Hou Yi who had just started playing this game but had knowledge realization yet not the skills to follow up, and another stranger to make up the count. They won with these people in the team. Moreover, they only used up 2 minutes and 28 seconds, which was pretty fast and smooth.

Gao Ge looked over at Zhou Mo, and Zhou Mo looked back at her. And then, they both turned to look at Mo Xian. 

This fast attack would never have ended smoothly without the help of this stranger. When he said he’d be fine with any position and any hero, Gao Ge was a little upset. However, after watching Liu Shan’s performance, and thinking back of Athena who defeated them in the very beginning, she felt as though Mo Xian was actually being humble when he said he was “fine” with anything. What he actually meant was he’d “excel” with any position and any hero assigned to him.

“Well, bye.” Mo Xian, the master, got up, slung his bag over his shoulder and said to He Yu beside him.

“You’re amazing!” He Yu got up and praised sincerely.

“Kind of.” Mo Xian flashed his usual polite smile. He Yu had seen this smile many times before, but the smile this time looked different. At least it contained something other than politeness in it.

Wearing that smile, Mo Xian turned to nod at Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, and before leaving, he nodded at Su Ge, too, who had been watching him.

Gao Ge and Zhou Mo exchanged looks, screaming ‘Oh no’ in their minds. When they got up, Su Ge already approached Mo Xian.

“That was a great game.” Su Ge praised, and then said what Gao Ge and Zhou Mo didn’t get to say: “Your skills in this game are exceptional. Would you like to join our The King’s Moment club?”


“Yeah, join our club. You know, to kill time.” Su Ge said.

“Thanks, but I’ve already joined one.”

“Oh? What club is that?” Su Ge asked.

Su Ge wasn’t the only one waiting for Mo Xian’s answer this time. Gao Ge, Zhou Mo and even He Yu were shocked and looked at Mo Xian, waiting for him to answer. Mo Xian knew how to play The King’s Moment and even excelled at it, this alone was enough to surprise him. Now he was even more shocked to know that Mo Xian had other hobbies. He Yu, who was the closest to Mo Xian was the most curious.

“Applied Physics Society.” Mo Xian replied.