The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 12

Applied physics society?

Su Ge, the captain of the largest club at the University Dong Jiang, and also one of the most popular students in the campus, was confused when he heard the club’s name. He even looked over at Gao Ge, with whom he never really got along with, his eyes filled with curiosity.

Gao Ge started laughing.

That club was indeed a less-known club which no one would be interested in. But as a physics student, she knew about the presence of this club. However, she wasn’t sure if the club was still running. According to her knowledge, none of the third year undergraduates were a member of the club. There was no chance that anyone would be interested in this club when not even physics students could care less. It was just really shocking that this first year newbie was a physics lover.

“Bye.” Mo Xian bid everyone goodbye politely and left. The others all stared at his back silently, understanding what He Yu had been going through all this time: They couldn’t seem to be able to spark up a conversation with Mo Xian.

The five players of Team 422-424 finally alighted from their seats after watching that genius player, who was a member of the Applied Physics Society, leave. They finally accepted the reality in front of them, except with confusion on their faces. Su Ge stared at them, finding it hard to find words of consolation. In the end, all he could do was pat the team captain, Huang Bin on the shoulder.

The five players said nothing. Huang Bin nodded at Su Ge before leaving with the others, not even glancing over at Team Lang Qi.

A girl who was wandering around the place walked past Team 422-424, and when she did, she looked a little stunned as she turned to look at them one more time before walking over to Su Ge with a confused expression.

“What’s wrong?” She asked Su Ge.

“What do you mean what’s wrong?” Su Ge asked her back.

“Isn’t that Huang Bin’s team? I remember they were the first team to compete in the morning, right? Why are they leaving already?” The girl asked.

“It’s over.” Su Ge answered.

“It’s over?” The girl checked the time on her phone and muttered: “Did you guys start early?”

“No.” Su Ge smiled bitterly. He knew what the girl was shocked about.

“Was it a fast attack?” The girl was apparently a senior player as she immediately knew what had happened. Not even six minutes had passed since the game had started, so it couldn’t be a surrender from one of the teams. The only credible explanation was a fast attack.

The girl glanced over at Team Lang Qi after talking to Su Ge for a bit and said: “Not bad, Gao Ge. Your team is strong this year.”

She said while looking at the people beside Gao Ge. She ignored Zhou Mo since she already knew him, and started examining He Yu and Zhao Jin Ran.

“Well, kind of.” Gao Ge replied coldly.

“Only four people?” The girl asked.

“That’s none of your business.” Gao Ge said.

“Is she one of Gao Ge’s enemies, too?” He Yu whispered at Zhou Mo.

The word ‘too’ attracted Gao Ge’s attention. She turned to stare at He Yu.

Zhou Mo leaned forward after Gao Ge turned away and whispered back in an even lighter voice: “It looks like it.”

“Let’s go.” Gao Ge said to the others, not even bothering to look over at the girl. Zhao Jin Ran followed behind the captain tightly, while Zhou Mo’s pace was slow. He Yu understood right away and slowed down, too.

“Not bad, Zhou Mo. You have the guts to perform a fast attack now?” The girl ignored Gao Ge as well and started teasing Zhou Mo. Zhou Mo excelled in defense, and a risky fast attack was certainly not his style. Zhou Mo understood the meaning behind the girl’s words and just smiled.

“How about you, newbie? What’s your position?” The girl asked He Yu.

“I’m a marksman.” He Yu answered.

“Oh, then you should be careful!” The girl said in a caring tone.

“Why?” He Yu asked.

“You’re in a risky position where there would be huge consequences even for a minor mistake! You have to watch out for Gao Ge’s criticism!” The girl said.

Zhou Mo turned anxious when he heard what the girl had said. To be honest, He Yu was always criticized by Gao Ge during team practices ever since he joined Team Lang Qi. A lot of their other teammates left the team as they couldn’t bear it, so Zhou Mo had been anxious as he had no idea how much more He Yu could take. Now that the girl acknowledged the elephant in the room, Zhou Mo looked over at He Yu right away.

He Yu flashed the girl a smile and asked back: “Gao Ge’s criticisms were correct. Why do I have to watch out for that? I should feel guilty instead.”

The girl was stunned.

Zhou Mo was stunned.

Su Ge was stunned as well.

Gao Ge, who just exited the place stopped in her tracks, too. However, she didn’t turn back and continued marching out of the place. Zhao Jin Ran, who had been by the captain’s side all the time, was the only one to notice a smile on Gao Ge’s face.

“Is there a problem?” He Yu asked, looking at their shocked faces.

Zhou Mo said nothing and patted He Yu on the shoulder. He Yu looked over at him and noticed something glimmering in his eyes.

“You’re absolutely right.” Zhou Mo said.

“Gao Ge is right.” He Yu said.

“But no one ever realized that.” Zhou Mo said.

“Maybe they’re just not willing to admit it.” He Yu said.

“Now you’re just stereotyping.” Zhou Mo said.

“It’s their fault that they are stereotyped.” He Yu replied.

Everyone fell silent again.

Gao Ge had been having trouble with getting along with a lot of The King’s Glory players in or outside of the club, and that was a known fact. Was it the game’s problem? No. What people were unhappy with was Gao Ge’s attitude.

It’s only a game, why so serious?

People always said that to Gao Ge when they were upset with her, and that was also the reason that people didn’t agree with her.

Yet, right now, there was this one person that didn’t mind Gao Ge’s strictness towards the game. The only thing he cared for was the matter of right and wrong in the game.

At this exact moment, all Zhou Mo’s worries which troubled him ever since He Yu joined the team disappeared completely. He Yu understood Gao Ge’s attitude towards the game, therefore, even though he recognized that the professional player that Gao Ge admired was someone he disliked, he was still able to get along with her. That was because both him and Gao Ge had this serious attitude towards the game.

Zhou Mo patted He Yu on the shoulder again, so hard that He Yu hoped that he was wearing an outfit that could reflect the force back on Zhou Mo, so that he would understand how painful it was.

“Are you guys coming, or what?” Gao Ge yelled from afar.

“Coming.” He Yu and Zhou Mo replied simultaneously and caught up.

“Who’s that?” The girl asked.

“He Yu. He’s a newbie of the department of physics.” Su Ge answered.

“Is he good?” The girl asked.

“There’s someone better than him.” Su Ge said.

“How did Gao Ge get all these professionals in her team?” The girl questioned.

“Not necessarily.” Su Ge smiled.