The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 13

Mo Xian just happened to be there and was asked to fill in for Team Lang Qi, which was lacking one player. Apparently, they had no idea that Mo Xian not only knew how to play, he also excelled at it. Su Ge watched all of that unfold in front of him.

“What do you mean?” The girl continued asking.

“He’s a boy, are you willing to break the tradition and let him join your team?” Su Ge asked, smiling.

“Hmph, don’t think they’re the only ones who found a talented player among the newbies.” The girl said in disdain, feeling proud.

“Oh?” Su Ge became interested. He had always been interested in prodigies.

“That’s a secret.” The girl smiled mysteriously.

“You think I’d rob you?” Su Ge shook his head.

“You’re not the only one who’d rob me. Any other team would want to collect what I found.”

“Oh? Including Gao Ge?” Su Ge said, grinning.

“Don’t mention her name.” The girl’s face fell when Gao Ge’s name was mentioned. She was smiling all over when Gao Ge was around, but looked upset even hearing her name after she left.

The girl’s name was Wei Xin Ran. She was not only a member of The King’s Glory club, but was also Su Ge’s classmate. Every member in the team she formed, Team Hua Rong, were pretty girls. They were acknowledged as the prettiest belle’s in Dong Jiang University, and had even gained some popularity outside the campus.

Therefore, Su Ge could pretty much guess what kind of newbie she had her eyes on. This freshman was most probably not a member of the club, since there would definitely be news if a talented and pretty female player joined the club. However, there was no highlight like that this year.

As for Gao Ge, she was the highlight of the club when she joined the team in her first year. She was also the player that Wei Xin Ran wanted so badly in her team. However, Gao Ge was extremely disgusted by this team that prioritized the looks and gender of their players instead of their skills. The outcome of Wei Xin Ran’s request for Gao Ge to join her team was thus expected.

Wei Xin Ran, who was turned down, didn’t have a good impression towards Gao Ge. With the skills and appearance of Team Hua Rong, without Gao Ge they couldn’t be considered the strongest girls team in Dong Jiang University. This reinforced Wei Xin Ran’s desire to suppress Gao Ge. However, no matter how badly managed Gao Ge’s team was, her own skills were never a problem. No one dared to deny Gao Ge’s potential even though Team Lang Qi’s results were never good. This infuriated Wei Xin Ran, yet she couldn’t do anything, neither could she pick a fight with Gao Ge.

“I see… …”

He Yu and Zhou Mo who had left were strolling slowly, while Zhou Mo gave He Yu a brief introduction of Wei Xin Ran. He Yu didn’t have much thought about it after listening to Wei Xin Ran’s story. People would have different viewpoints, and He Yu totally understood that.

“Gao Ge’s so cool. She’d be cooler if she didn’t admire Zhou Jin.” He Yu sighed.

“Now you’re getting personal.” 

“Well, maybe.”

“Let’s talk about that housemate of yours!” Zhou Mo switched the topic, sounding excited, “What is wrong with you? You didn’t say he was your housemate after all? Didn’t you add him on WeChat?”

“I was using my brother’s account for practice these days!” He Yu said innocently.

“Well? Do you think you can fight for it?” Zhou Mo asked.

He Yu thought about how organized Mo Xian’s life was. He would leave the place early and return late every day. The books he would read to kill time were Newton’s books, plus, he was also a member of the Applied Physics Society. He then sighed heavily: “I think it’s going to be hard.”

“We should give it a try.” Zhou Mo said.

“You’re right. I’ll try tonight.”

“Not just tonight. You should not give up.”

“You want me to fight for it until he blocks me?”

“Think positive, will you?”

“You want me to fight for it until he requests to change his roommate?” He Yu said after thinking for a while.

“I’m counting on you.”

“You had trouble holding a conversation with him, right?” He Yu said.

“Yes. After all, I’m not his classmate. You could try talking to him about the timetable, complain to him about the lecturer who takes attendance, or your homework, etcetera.” Zhou Mo said.

“Are you close with your roommate?” He Yu asked suddenly.

“Um… Quite? Why do you ask?”

“Hmm… He doesn’t play The King Glory, right?” He Yu asked.

“Yeah, he doesn’t.”

“Do you talk to him about it often?”

“Sometimes, yes.”

“I see.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“My roommate has the timetable completely memorized, he doesn’t care if the lecturers take attendance because he was never absent, as for our homework, it was never difficult for him. The questions that he throws at our lecturers in class are more difficult than that. Mr. Lin, the teaching assistant, ended the class early because he asked three difficult questions. Didn’t the news make its way to your department?” He Yu said.

“Something like that happened?” Zhou Mo had no idea.

“Scary as hell.” He Yu said.

“Sounds like it’s really going to be hard.” Zhou Mo frowned.

“Yet, I will still give it a try.” He Yu promised.

Zhou Mo sighed. Both him and Gao Ge had gotten used to the disappointment for these past two years. They experienced it so much and they were already numb. However, He Yu’s understanding towards Gao Ge was a surprise for them, and even Zhao Jin Ran, who joined the team not long ago, was improving from a rookie to a hardworking player. He even asked Zhou Mo a few questions about Li Yuanfang after the game.

These new teammates gave them hope, and made Zhou Mo forget about the disappointment they went through. And now, Mo Xian’s appearance gave him hope, but after breaking it down with He Yu, the disappointment he hadn’t been feeling lately returned and started eating away his heart. He sighed for a few more times.

“Think positive.” He Yu comforted Zhou Mo.

“Just do your best.” Zhou Mo patted He Yu on the shoulder.

“Got it.” He Yu nodded.

He Yu basically glued his eyes on the clock that night. He wanted to send some messages and try to ask Mo Xian, but after much consideration, he was worried that Mo Xian might kill him if he disturbed him. He should probably wait until Mo Xian returned after finishing his studies.

A sound startled He Yu. It was the sound of a door. He Yu’s heart immediately started pounding as he turned to look at the door and saw Mo Xian entering with his bag on his shoulder.

“You’re back.” He Yu said, trying to sound normal.

“Yeah.” Mo Xian replied and walked towards his desk. He emptied his bag and started organizing the files.

He Yu watched him for a bit and finally started talking: “I’m surprised you’re so good at The King’s Glory!”

“Kind of.” Mo Xian replied the same thing he said to He Yu in the morning when he praised him.

“Wanna join our team?” He Yu tried his best to sound completely relaxed, so that it wouldn’t be awkward if he was turned down. He could brush it off by explaining that he was only joking.

“Okay.” Mo Xian said, stuffing two books into his rack,