The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 14

To act all relaxed and informal, He Yu didn’t even get up from his seat nor look at Mo Xian when talking to him. He merely glanced over at Mo Xian for a short while when asking him and quickly turned back, acting like he didn’t care.

However, Mo Xian’s answer was so quick and short.

The word “Okay” froze He Yu on the spot. All he could hear was the noise Mo Xian made when sorting out his books.

He Yu didn’t know how long he stayed completely motionless. When he realized, it felt like an eternity as his body was already stiff.

Mo Xian turned his body over and gave him a paper before he could say anything.

“What is this?” He Yu asked, still in shock.

“My timetable.” Mo Xian said.

“Timetable?” The speed of He Yu’s thinking right now in computer terms was like a 4 digit microprocessor, which was the primary level within the evolutionary history of the CPU.

“Don’t you need to know my time if we wanna practice together?” Mo Xian said.

“Our class timetable is the same.” He Yu said, no longer thinking straight.

“This is my personal timetable.” Mo Xian said.

“Oh?” He Yu took the paper and looked at it. The arrangement looked exactly like their class timetable, except Mo Xian’s timetable looked a lot complicated. He Yu didn’t know what he was looking at, and what he said after he lifted his head to look at Mo Xian had nothing to do with the timetable.

“Did you just say yes?” He Yu asked.

Mo Xian frowned, apparently annoyed at He Yu’s slow processing, and nodded.

“Why?” He Yu blurted out. He prepared himself both physically and mentally before asking Mo Xian, yet now he just said yes like it wasn’t a big deal.

He Yu stared at Mo Xian, eager to know the reason more than he wanted Mo Xian to join their team. However, Mo Xian asked in confusion: “What do you mean why?”

“Um… I didn’t think you’d say yes.” He Yu looked down at Mo Xian’s timetable: “You look busy.”

“I’d still play the game once in a while. What’s the difference between playing myself and playing with you guys?” Mo Xian said.

“You’re right…” He Yu said.

“That’s all.” Mo Xian said.

“Okay… I’ll tell the others.” He Yu said.

“Okay.” Mo Xian turned back and continued to do whatever, leaving He Yu still in shock, like he was just struck by lightning.

He opened Team Lang Qi’s group chat, and as expected, Zhou Mo was chatting with Gao Ge about Mo Xian’s performance today. They both admired Mo Xian’s potential, and wanted so bad for him to join their team, yet knowing that it might be hard.

He Yu, who hadn’t recovered from the shock, decided to let them experience it, too. And so, he lifted his head and said to Mo Xian: “I’ll add you into our group.”

“Okay.” Mo Xian said.

The conversation in the group stopped abruptly when the system sent a notification saying that there’s a new member in the group.

Mo Xian’s WeChat name wasn’t his real name, but instead was his account name in the game: Schrodinger’s Cat.

And then Schrodinger’s Cat started talking.

“Hello, everyone.” He said.

“This is my timetable.” He said again.

An image was sent to the group, and after that, He Yu saw Mo Xian put his phone away and continue to do his thing.

“???” Three question marks came from Zhou Mo in their private chatbox. He was apparently shocked and in disbelief. But Schrodinger’s Cat was already in their group, so he couldn’t really say anything in the group.

The shock was spread from He Yu to Zhou Mo, and He Yu, who was back to normal, replied calmly: “Yep, he’s in.”

“How’d you do it?” Zhou Mo asked immediately.

“I just asked.” He Yu said.

“Asked what?”

“I asked him if he wanted to join our team.” He Yu replied.

And then it was nearly half a minute of silence.

“And then?” Zhou Mo asked.

“And then he said yes.” He Yu said.

“Just like that?”


Another bout of silence, longer than half a minute this time. He Yu didn’t wait for Zhou Mo’s reply. According to his knowledge of Zhou Mo, he knew that Zhou Mo might have just died on him and was waiting to be restarted.

He switched back to the group chat and saw Gao Ge talking to Mo Xian. She was a lot calm and collected, and after Mo Xian sent his timetable in the group, she looked at it and asked: “You look like you have your hands full, do you even have time for training?”

“I can train during the time which isn’t listed in the table.” He Yu watched Mo Xian stop at his desk and reply when he saw there was a new message.

“After 10 pm every night?” Gao Ge said.

“Yes.” Mo Xian said.

“How about the competition?”

“I’ll do my best to arrange my time for the competition.”

“What if you can’t?”

“Then I’ll see if the competition time can be adjusted.” Mo Xian said.

“That’s a great idea!” Gao Ge said.

“These are the only two ways.”

“What if that still doesn’t work?” Gao Ge continued asking.

“Then I’ll make a choice according to the level of importance.” Mo Xian said.

“How important is the competition to you, on a scale of one to ten?” Gao Ge asked.

“Zero.” Mo Xian answered.

“Okay, I have nothing more to say.” Gao Ge said.

“Goodnight, Gao Ge.” Mo Xian said politely.

He Yu and Zhou Mo, who were watching quietly and didn’t dare say a word, were now in cold sweat. To Gao Ge, you should never take the game lightly. However, to Mo Xian, the competition was not important at all.

Both He Yu and Zhou Mo stared at their phone screen, waiting for the system notification to tell them that Mo Xian was kicked out of the group by Gao Ge. After all, Gao Ge emphasized more on one’s attitude towards the game compared to their skills.

They waited for a minute but nothing happened. Mo Xian wasn’t kicked out, and Gao Ge didn’t say anything more either.

As for Mo Xian, he’d finished doing his things and was already in bed.

“Want to play?” Mo Xian looked over at He Yu and asked.

He Yu hopped onto his bed with his phone and answered quickly: “Carry me!”