The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 15

He Yu logged into his account swiftly and entered the game’s interface. But when he was going to commence a game, he froze.

He was using his own account, so Mo Xian was in his friendlist with his name displayed as: Schrodinger’s Cat (Mo Xian). However, under the name was the rank of Glorious Legend 45 star.

Now that was awkward. Not even his brother’s Master account, He Liang Yu, was up to the standards to play a ranking game with Mo Xian, not to mention his own Platinum account.

Rankings above Glorious Legend didn’t have any specific names to differentiate, but there were still huge differences between the number of stars, and every 20 stars were considered a big division. Mo Xian’s 45 star account was already the second huge division in the rankings, and could no longer team up with Master accounts.

“We can’t play a ranking game together.” He Yu finally said after moments of awkward silence.

“I know.” Mo Xian replied calmly.

“How about we play a matching game?” He YU said.

“What else could we do?” Mo Xian lifted his head and eyed He Yu.

“I’ll form a team.” He Yu started a game of matching and invited Mo Xian. He started the game after Mo Xian joined.

“I’ll be the junglar position.” 

Mo Xian said when they were picking their heroes. He then chose Han Xin as his hero and confirmed it.

He Yu chose Hou Yi, which was the hero he had used for two games straight and was practicing to perfect it.

“It’s over.” One of their teammates said, upset with their quick decision of selecting a hero without waiting for the others.

He Yu glanced over at Mo Xian, who didn’t react.

The game started quick and ended quick.

Half an hour before sleep, He Yu and Mo Xian played three matching games, with an average of ten minutes per game. Mo Xian was in the Jungular position for all three games, and the heroes he chose for the three respective games were Han Xin, Zhao Yun, and Athena, which He Yu had seen before.

Every game’s gold increased speedily under Mo Xian’s lead, and ended in the quarrels of their opposing team.

He’s super strong!

He Yu was in awe. The performance of Han Xin in their first game was exceptionally good. He charged into the opposing team’s Jungle all by himself and attacked the jungle monsters without returning to their own territory. He also anchored himself in the opposing team’s Jungle to ambush, snatch monsters and cut lines by shuttling himself back and forth in the three lanes. Their opponent’s Jungular died five times in three minutes while their side lane marksmen died three times, and their support was ridiculed brutally by the Jungular and the marksmen.

Did the support fail to do their job?

No, it’s just that Han Xin’s too strong.

Zhao Yun and Athena in the following two games fell behind Han Xin in terms of mobility, and although their play style was overall identical, their movements weren’t as dazzling as Han Xin’s. However, the results they achieved were equally shocking: the opponent was defeated in the blink of an eyes, especially the Jungular, who suffered intolerable torments.

Mo Xian’s skills weren’t just strong. His level was even higher than Gao Ge and Zhou Mo. He Yu thought of how shocked they were when the three of them were watching the winning rate of Schrodinger’s Cat. They even suspected that he was a professional player instead of a regular prodigy.

He Yu was still excited after three games, but Mo Xian had already put his phone down.

“Let’s get some rest.” Mo Xian said.

“Okay.” He Yu put his phone down as well and switched off the lights. The room was now in complete darkness.

“You’re too slow.” Mo Xian said suddenly.


“You should move faster.” Mo Xian said.

“Oh… I just started playing not long ago.” He Yu said.

“Your thinking is too fast for a rookie.” Mo Xian commented.

“I just started playing but I’ve been watching KPL for years.” He Yu explained.

“I see. Then you’re not just slow.” Mo Xian said.


“You’re also slow in reflexes and operation.”

“I’m practicing.”

“Good luck.”

“I need your advice when I encounter problems.” He Yu said.

“You’re just not experienced enough, that’s all.” Mo Xian said.

“How about you? Which position and which hero you’re best at?” He Yu asked.

“Anything.” Mo Xian gave the same answer with what he said to Gao Ge when she asked him.

“Don’t you have a position that you like?”


“But you kept choosing the Jungular position just now.”

“That position is faster.”

“I see.” He Yu understood what Mo Xian meant. When you’re playing a ranking or matching game alone, you can’t expect some random teammate to cooperate with you. Under such circumstances, the only position that would be easier to handle the initiative is the Jungular position. This position is flexible, keen, and is also a position that has the ability to control the rhythm of the whole game. Choosing the Jungular position in random games makes it easier to bring out the team’s rhythm and advantages, although there is no cooperation between you and your teammates.

The supporting position, on the other hand, requires you to cooperate with your teammate. It is a position that needs you to be able to respond to your teammates. When paired with teammates that have zero cooperation with you, the supporting position will have a hard time. Therefore, even Xu He Xiang, who was given the title ‘Strongest Professional Supporter’ from Team Shan Gui had to depend on the strength of his teammates when trying to increase his score in random games.

That was why Mo Xian chose this position when playing in order to end the game quickly.

They stopped talking after that and fell asleep. The next day was a Sunday, and was still a holiday. But to Mo Xian, holidays are not for resting, and there were no changes in his schedule even after joining a team. He woke up early, brushed his teeth, and started sorting out his bag as usual.

He Yu was the one who changed.

He was usually still asleep when Mo Xian had woken up, but that day, he woke up with Mo Xian and watched him tidy up his bag. This person before him was no longer his classmate and his roommate. He was also his teammate from now on. Last night, they held up the longest conversation ever, with approximately more than ten sentences spoken by each of them.

He Yu didn’t expect to see changes. He even hesitated to believe that everything that happened last night was true when he opened his eyes in the morning.

He hopped off of bed when Mo Xian was almost done with his things.

Mo Xian turned to look at him but didn’t say a word.

“Are you going to study?” He Yu asked.

“Yeah.” Mo Xian nodded.

“I’ll go with you.”

Mo Xian said after a few seconds of silence: “I don’t play games when I study.”

“What are you thinking?” He Yu said unhappily: “I have homework too, you know?”

“The lecturer didn’t assign us with any homework this week.” Mo Xian said.

“I’m not like you. I haven’t completed my homework on Wednesday yet.”

“Want me to wait for you?” Mo Xian looked at the clock.

“That would be great! I’ll treat you to breakfast!” He Yu went to brush his teeth right away and was done in a matter of seconds. They left their place together and He Yu kept his promise of treating Mo Xian to breakfast. But when they sat down together with their food, someone sat down next to them.

“Good morning, the two of you.” The president of The King’s Glory club, Su Ge said, smiling at them.