The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 16

Su Ge was not popular in Dong Jiang University especially among the players of The King’s Glory. Rumors said that he received an invitation from a professional team in his second year, but there was no confirmed result of what happened afterwards. However, that was already enough to give the players a reason to envy him.

A lot of students in the university, especially The King’s Glory’s players, were proud to know Su Ge. And now, this legendary boss was sitting with He Yu and Mo Xian, who were freshmen.

“Morning.” Mo Xian replied calmly while He Yu nodded at Su Ge as well.

“What are you guys up to this early on a Sunday morning?” Su Ge asked.

“We’re going to do homework…” He Yu answered and immediately regretted what he said. Compared to Mo Xian’s reply of “We’re going to self-study”, his answer sounded like what an elementary student would say.

“Wow, your time table’s pretty cramped up.” Su Ge said.

“No, this is part of my own study plan.” Mo Xian said.

“I procrastinated…” He Yu said. The homework he was going to complete was assigned on Wednesday, yet he procrastinated because they didn’t have to submit it right away. He once again was defeated by Mo Xian’s answer.

“Then I shall not take up too much of your time. Let me cut straight to the point. Would you guys mind joining our club?” Su Ge said.

“You’ve asked this question before.” Mo Xian said, frowning.

“But none of you gave me a clear answer.” Su Ge said.

“Oh. Then no thanks.” Mo Xian said.

“May I know the reason? The school doesn’t forbid students from joining two clubs at a time.” Su Ge continued.

“I don’t have the extra time and effort.” Mo Xian said.

“You can always try and make more time.” Su Ge said, smiling.

Mo Xian shook his head, “I can’t possibly make a 25th hour.”

“Most of the time, just half an hour is enough to finish a game.” Su Ge said.

“This half an hour time of mine already belongs to…” Mo Xian stopped abruptly and hesitated before turning to He Yu: “Team… Lang Qi, is it?”

“Yes, Lang Qi.” He Yu said quickly.

“Yeah, you heard what I said.” Mo Xian nodded at Su Ge.

“You joined Team Lang Qi?” Su Ge, who had been calm, looked shocked. Like all the other people who communicated with Mo Xian before, he knew that Mo Xian wasn’t someone easy to persuade.

That was why Su Ge didn’t ask for him to join the club relentlessly right away. Someone like Mo Xian would treat anyone the same, so he’d already prepared himself for a long battle. He wanted to start by knowing more about Mo Xian and slowly coaxing him to join, so he visited the Applied Physics Society. He knew from his visit that the club was already at the brink of extinction, if it wasn’t for Mo Xian, the club would have been disbanded due to the lack of members.

The minimum number of members required for a club in Dong Jiang University was only three people. Which meant there were only three members in the Applied Physics Society including Mo Xian.

Therefore, Su Ge didn’t consider the problem of clashes between club activities, yet he was surprised to know Mo Xian had joined Team Lang Qi.

Just like what he heard yesterday, Mo Xian and He Yu were roommates. However, judging by how He Yu had no idea his roommate knew how to play The King’s Glory, their relationship wasn’t close at all. Su Ge wasn’t worried that He Yu might snatch Mo Xian away because they were roommates. He thought Mo Xian would have persisted.

But things didn’t go as planned. Mo Xian had joined Team Lang Qi in just one day, and it was like they'd reached the finishing line when Su Ge was only just warming up.

“Joining a team doesn’t affect your decision to join a club.” Su Ge finally said after moments of silence. It was already too late to figure out what happened. Luckily, joining a team wasn’t anything serious like signing a legal contract as Mo Xian could choose to leave anytime when he felt like it. Su Ge could come up with a way to coax him to his side from Team Lang Qi.

While Su Ge was changing his mindset, Mo Xian shook his head after hearing what Su Ge said: “A team isn’t a club, but its function is pretty much the same with the club, isn’t it?”

“You’re right, but there are more members in our club, which would be easier for you to converse with more players.” Su Ge explained.

“Converse? As in playing together?” Mo Xian asked.

“Yeah, that is the main way of conversing. You could make more friends with the same interests.” Su Ge said, grinning. He’d used these same lines to introduce the club to new members, however, this time, he stopped short.

Mo Xian didn’t look like a social butterfly, so he wouldn’t be interested in all these advantages and benefits the club could provide. Using this as a way to persuade him was like digressing from the main topic.

Su Ge turned to He Yu when Mo Xian didn’t give him a reaction: “What about you?”

“Me? Am I even a part of this conversation?” He Yu was shocked. He knew exactly why Su Ge came to them, and he had to admit he was a little anxious, yet he couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily, Mo Xian wasn’t at all interested in Su Ge’s persuasion, and every single reply of his made He Yu cheer secretly. He didn’t expect Su Ge to shift the subject to him.

“You’re a rookie, but I can tell you have great potential as well as the passion towards The King’s Glory. Of course our club would love to have you.” Su Ge said.

“I don’t have the need to join, right?” He Yu said.

“Like I said, joining a team isn’t the same as joining a club. The club is always welcoming. Of course, you have to be a student of Dong Jiang University.” Su Ge said.

“Time is a huge problem for us. Right, Mo Xian?” He Yu said.

“It is for me. But I don’t know about you.” Mo Xian eyed He Yu and said.

“I don’t have time, too!” He Yu said, stressing the point.

“Okay.” Mo Xian replied and continued to eat his porridge.

“If that’s the case, I will not disturb you.” Su Ge said, standing up with his food, “Hope you guys would change your mind in the future. You can always come to me if Team Lang Qi didn’t work out.”

“Why wouldn’t it work out? We should seek common ground while reserving each other’s differences.” Mo Xian said.

“You’re right!” He Yu exclaimed. Mo Xian’s attitude and the way he talked was identical to Gao Ge’s when she was having a disagreement with He Yu. Although that disagreement was childish, it showed their attitude when facing problems.

Mo Xian’s attitude now proved that he would get along fine with Gao Ge. He Yu was very hopeful and had faith in the team.

Their new member would be reliable!