The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 18

The current jungler of Team Lang Qi is Zhao Jin Ran, and the hero he’s good at was said to be Ake, but for a time he didn't even know that Ake's critical strike can only be triggered by an attack from behind. On the contrary, Mo Xian’s skillfulness in using the hero Athena was verified by both Gao Ge and Zhou Mo personally. In any normal team, Zhao Jing Ran would have to hand the position of the jungler over to Mo Xian. Considering Gao Ge’s high standards, it would have been normal for her to make such a choice. However, she didn’t. And Zhou Mo was not too surprised over the decision either.

Everyone only saw Gao Ge's high demands and her ruthlessness towards people who did not meet her requirements, but beyond that, she has her own standards and principles that not many people can comprehend.

So why was Zhao Jin Ran still the jungler? It’s because Gao Ge respected the idea of first come first serve.

Many people complained that Gao Ge’s requirements were even stricter than that of professional teams. However, in a professional team, there was no such thing as first-come-first-served. The competition within each team was intense, where only the fittest remain. 

While Gao Ge heavily criticized the weaker teammates in her team, she gave them the respect they deserved, the hero pick they favored. Members of Team Lang Qi almost never noticed the fact that when they played with Gao Ge, she always gave them the first pick, while she would choose one that fitted the team best.
So if Zhao Jin Ran wanted to the jungle, then he would be a jungler; and since MO Xian could play any position, he was assigned to play the support that no one liked playing. 

When Mo Xian assists, he does manage the rhythm of the game well, but I’m not sure if Jin Ran can keep up to that pace or not.. Zhou Mo thought as he looked forward into the future, constructing a jungler-support strategy along the way. The problem lied in the vast difference in skill levels of the support and jungler of their team.

Can they cooperate well together?

"Zhao Jin Ran still needs to improve to manage that, but He Yu can definitely do it." Gao Ge said.

"He Yu..." Zhou Mo was lost in thought. He Yu was used to playing on the side lanes, where he had to protect the towers well. So it’s natural to think that he’s not as responsive as a jungler. Also unlike a mid laner, the side laners can’t navigate across the map to support others easily. Therefore, it’ll be mostly jungler and mid laners that cooperates well with the support.
"In this case, we will be the bottom laners??" Zhou Mo said after thinking about it.

"Don’t you also like to play defense on the towers?" Gao Ge said.

"I'm trying things out too!" Zhou Mo was dissatisfied. "Ever since He Liang gave instructions the last time, don't you think I play in a much more aggressive style now?"

"You called that aggressive?" Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were unceremonious, laughing without mercy.

"Let me have my time okay? One day I will invade the opponent’s red zone for you guys!" Zhou Mo said.

"I think it’s better that you don’t feed.." Gao Ge said.

"I..." Zhou Mo was speechless. He just couldn't win an argument against Gao Ge.
Li Qiuwen has witnessed this side of Zhou Mo many times. He chuckled as he replied, "Just follow her orders, okay??"

While Li Qiuwen was mocking Zhou Mo, he picked up a piece of Shaomai and put it into Zhou Mo's bowl. Zhou Mo saw it and stopped the argument to allow the Shaomai to fill up his wounded heart.

During breakfast, the two veterans of the team made a brief tactical plan for the future of the Lang Qi team and revealed it to the rest of the team during lunchtime.. The team captain, Gao Ge expressed a simple welcome gesture to the new member Mo Xian by treating him to a meal. While they ate, Gao Ge asked Mo Xian's opinion about his position in game. As Mo Xian was fine with any position, he was officially confirmed as the support of the Team Lang Qi. At the same time, Gao Ge also advised the jungler Zhao Jin Ran on how he can keep with the rhythm of the support. However, at Zhao Jin Ran's current level, he has yet understood what "rhythm" meant, and that he can only slowly experience it himself in an actual match.
"I looked at your schedule." Gao Ge said to Mo Xian after seeing everyone almost finished eating, "You seem to be really free on Sunday, without any self-study sessions made for you.”
"Ah? You don’t have them on Sundays??" He Yu looked at Mo Xian. He never paid close attention to Mo Xian's schedule. But it didn’t seem right that he doesn’t have self-study sessions on Sundays. All this while, Mo Xian has been self-studying on Sunday like any other weekday.

"Yes." Mo Xian nodded.

"Then where did you go during Sunday nights?" He Yu asked curiously.

“There is nothing much that I can do, so I normally self-study as well." Mo Xian replied.

The dinner table became extremely quiet in an instant. Those who are admitted into Dong Jiang University can be considered as geniuses of the country, but Mo Xian resides in a world above these top students.. He goes to study when he is bored? Who does that?

The silence lasted for another while before Gao Ge breaking the ice and said, "Then let's all practice together tonight. Is there any problem?"

"No problem." Mo Xian answered happily.

"Okay, 7 o'clock tonight, in College Student Union Office." Gao Ge said as she stood up.

"See you tonight." Mo Xian nodded and got up as well.

"What about this afternoon?" He Yu asked.

"Have you finished your homework?" Mo Xian glanced at him and asked casually.

The dining table went silent again, with everyone's eyes directed at He Yu this time, making He Yu bow his head in shame.

"You all manage by yourselves this afternoon then, and see you guys tonight." Gao Ge announced.

"See you tonight."

The five bid goodbye to each other and went on their separate ways. He Yu and Mo Xian make their way back to the study room in the library and immediately opened their homework. After a while, Mo Xian, who had been immersed in a sea of ​​books all morning, took out his mobile phone.

"What are you doing?" He Yu asked immediately when Mo Xian clicked on The King’s Glory.

"Taking a rest." Mo Xian said.

He Yu realize that this was Mo Xian’s plan on having a lunch break, so he quickly took out his phone and said, "Carry me. Carry me."


"I will do it this afternoon, I also need some rest." He Yu interrupted Mo Xian directly.

"Then what are you going to do all morning?" Mo Xian's words were implying had been resting all this while in the morning.

"Have you invited me?" He Yu ignored him and waited for his invitation into the game.

Mo Xian didn't say anything as he started a match and invited He Yu, who joined the match immediately after.