The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 19

The two of them played two games during that half an hour of Mo Xian’s resting time. Mo Xian chose the supporting position so that he could train for the position he was assigned in Team Lang Qi.

Just like what the professional supporting player Xu He Xiang said, Mo Xian, who excelled in the Jungular position, lost the game when playing the supporting position although his personal statistics look good. He won the second game, but He Yu, who knew the game well, could tell that although he was playing as support, his playing style looked more like a side-lane warrior. He should’ve been the one to support He Yu, but instead, He Yu looked more like the supporting character. The statistics panel after the game showed that Mo Xian’s output was higher than He Yu, the marksmen.

“It’s better to play like this for the time being.” Mo Xian said to He Yu after the second game.

“I agree.” He Yu nodded. He understood what Mo Xian meant by that. Although they had the same thoughts and simultaneous rhythm, He Yu couldn’t keep up with Mo Xian when he was controlling and limiting the opponents. His output always fell short and this caused the final results to be disappointing.

“You have to give me some of the gold if I have to be responsible for some of the output.” Mo Xian continued.

“Okay.” He Yu nodded again, excited. Just as he was about to embark on an in depth conversation with Mo Xian, Mo Xian turned away after nodding at him, opened his book and continued to self-study.

That’s it?

He Yu continued with his homework as well after moments of silence.

He didn’t waste any time and completed all his due assignments that afternoon. They left the library and headed to the cafeteria to have dinner at 6 pm, and after that, they went to the student council’s office. They looked inside to see Gao Ge and Zhou Mo already inside, but apart from them, there were a few more students which they didn’t know. Gao Ge looked expressionless, but Zhou Mo looked a little awkward.

The atmosphere was weird, and when He Yu was hesitating whether to step in, the students inside recognized Mo Xian.

“Mo Xian? Can I help you?” A tall and slender boy with glasses on approached the door and asked.

Mo Xian eyed Gao Ge and said: “I’m here to practice.”

“Practice?” The boy looked confused for a second, but immediately realized something after looking at the way Mo Xian glanced over at Gao Ge. He asked, shocked: “You’re a member of Team Lang Qi?”

“Yes.” Mo Xian nodded.

“You know how to play The King’s Glory?” 

“Yes.” Mo Xian replied without any expression.

Gao Ge started talking when the boy still hadn’t recovered from his shock: “President Sun, as you can see, my team consists of more than two members of the physics department, is there any problem for us to use the student council office for a while?”

So they got into a dispute over getting permission to use the office? He Yu guessed what had happened by listening to what Gao Ge said. However, they’d borrowed the office for more than one time before this, so why was it suddenly a problem now? The boy, whom Gao Ge acknowledged as President Sun, answered He Yu’s question right after.

“So? The team is yours, not the faculty’s. The faculty team is using this place for practice right now, so you’d have to find another place.” Presiden Sun said.

The faculty’s?

He Yu counted heads and there were indeed five people.

News about the Dong Jiang Cup were already spread throughout the campus, despite the date being unconfirmed yet. Some of the faculties already developed their own team to represent the faculties, for example, the faculty of economics and management which was monitored by Su Ge, captain of the club. They built their own team with Su Ge as the leader, and was soon famous.

As for the faculty of science, He Yu had never heard of it before, and right now, the team appeared right before his eyes. However, He Yu was having a hard time understanding why Gao Ge didn’t have the right to be part of the faculty’s team. Gao Ge’s level was one of the highest in the campus, yet she didn’t earn a place in the faculty team. He Yu couldn’t quite believe that.

“The faculty team?” Gao Ge started snickering when He Yu was suspecting things: “May I ask how do you choose your players? Is there any difference from your Team Da Li Jin Gang?”

Team Da Li Jin Gang?

The name of the team triggered He Yu’s curiosity. The maximum word limit for the game’s ID was six words, and if you’re part of a team, you’d have to include the name of your team in front of your ID name as well. This team’s name was so long, so there would be not enough room for the teammates’ names.

He Yu didn’t understand the meaning behind Gao Ge’s words immediately as he was too indulged with the team’s name. This team called themselves the faculty team before the Dong Jiang cup’s date was even announced.

What they did was shameless!He Yu thought to himself.

President Sun said without any shame: “Individual strength isn’t the only thing you have to consider in a team. We mustn’t ignore the ability to cooperate between team members. We agree that you possess incredible individual strength, but in terms of team… May I ask, is your team even complete?”

“You’re looking at it now.” He Yu said before Gao Ge could reply.

“You just joined a few days ago, huh?” President Sun said before turning to Mo Xian: “Since when you joined Team Lang Qi, Mo Xian?”

“Yesterday.” Mo Xian said.

“Yesterday? I see. You should’ve did more research before joining a team. I didn’t know you play The King’s Glory, too. Wanna join our team? You could represent the faculty as well. What is your level?” President Sun ignored Gao Ge and Team Lang Qi’s presence and asked Mo Xian confidently.

“No, thanks.” Mo Xian rejected his offer right away.

President Sun didn’t expect Mo Xian to turn him down right away. He knew Mo Xian as the newbie of the faculty of science who quickly became a top student, and as the vice president of the faculty’s student council, he paid more attention to students like Mo Xian. He was a little upset to be turned down, but he hid it and said: “Forget it then, we’ll talk about this next time.”

He retreated back to his original spot and said: “Our team has to practice now, can you guys please move?”

“Wait a second, we haven’t finished what we were talking about just now. The faculty’s team? Am I supposed to believe what you said?” Gao Ge said.

“Do you have to be nosy, Gao Ge? Team Da Li Jin Gang is the strongest in the faculty, and that’s without a doubt. Your individual strength might be stronger than us, but just like what I mentioned earlier, that’s not the first thing you look at in a team. No matter how strong you are, if there’s zero cooperation between you and your team members, you’d only be useless.” President Sun exclaimed.

“What if the team’s the one that couldn’t keep up? Who’s useless, then?” President Sun’s words agitated He Yu and he said.

“So, the whole world is always in the wrong, and you’re always innocent, huh?” President Sun chuckled coldly.

“One of my seniors told me that, in a game, the best way to determine who’s wrong is to compete.” He Yu said.

“That senior he mentioned is not me.” Gao Ge added.

“So you mean, Team Lang Qi wants to fight us?” President Sun said.

“I don’t mind.” Gao Ge said without backing down.

President Sun started laughing: “You’re too confident, Gao Ge. I know that your team won two rounds in the league but you won’t just continue winning like that.”

“We’d know after the game.” Gao Ge said.

“What happens after that?”

“I don’t care about the faculty team, but if we won, we can use this place for practice as much as we want.”

“Fine. If we won, you have to stop arguing about us being the faculty team, also, we would have the absolute rights to use this office.”

“Deal.” Gao Ge said and turned to look at Zhao Jin Ran, who just arrived. He didn’t know what was going on and was asking He Yu and Mo Xian.

“Let’s play one round. Don’t worry too much, we just have to find a new place to practice if we lose.” Gao Ge said.

“You can’t say that. How do you know we’re going to lose without even playing first?” He Yu marched in.