The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 20

The members of Team Da Li Jin Gang got up when Gao Ge asked the three to enter the office.

“We’ll just play one round to determine the winner.” Gao Ge said to President Sun.

“We don’t have much time to waste on you, too.” President Sun said snobbishly. He had the rights to be snobby as he wasn’t boasting about his team’s strength. All five of the team’s members were prodigies in the Faculty of Science, and as part of the faculty, Gao Ge understood how strong they were more than anyone. She wouldn’t stand much chance before this if she picked a fight with Team Da Li Jin Gang, but now…

She turned to look at Mo Xian. Team Lang Qi’s strength increased after Mo Xian joined, and Gao Ge was confident that with Mo Xian on their side, their team would be able to compete with any strong team on the campus.

“Then let’s not waste time and start, shall we?” Gao Ge turned back to face them with a smile.

President Sun shuddered at the sight of Gao Ge’s smile. Almost everyone suffered torments from Gao Ge, and looking at how unusual she was acting, they knew something was up. President Sun looked at his teammates, and they were all wondering what was going on.

“Let’s go inside.” President Sun waved and said.

The office of the student council wasn’t large, and was divided into two parts, which was the outer part and the inner part to minimise disturbance, as they couldn’t use noise-cancelling headphones under these circumstances.

“After you.” Gao Ge watched the five members of Team Da Li Jin Gang enter the inner room before sitting down with the other members of Team Lang Qi. Zhao Jin Ran was still confused over what was going on as he still didn’t quite get the hang of the details.

“It’s just a small competition.” Gao Ge explained briefly. Zhao Jin Ran nodded and entered the game without thinking too much of it.

The room for the game was developed in no time and both teams entered. He Yu, who was wondering how their IDs would be named, soon saw for himself. Their names were consisted of the prefixes of the four words, which was Da, Li, Jin and Gang, followed by a symbol, and lastly their IDs, which were the respective single words: Head, Palm, Leg, Finger and Elbow.

“Cool.” He Yu praised.

“You guys ready?” President Sun asked.

“Let’s start.” Gao Ge answered.

“Which heroes are we choosing?” Zhou Mo asked, panicking. They haven’t even talked about the order yet!

“Genghis Khan, of course!” He Yu said.

“Ake, of course!” Zhao Jin Ran said.

“Yeah, I know, what I mean is…” 

“We’d focus our attack on the bottom lane.” Gao Ge said to He Yu and Mo Xian. That was what she and Zhou Mo decided on to be the main attack route for the team.

“I’ll use Liu Bang then, it’s easier to support.” Zhou Mo said.

“Okay.” Gao Ge nodded and asked Mo Xian: “How about you?”

“Hua Mulan.” Mo Xian said.

“Are you planning to play as the top laner?” Zhou Mo glanced over at Gao Ge, who was also confused.

“No, as support.” Mo Xian said.

“Hua Mulan as support?” Zhou Mo was even more confused.

Hua Mulan possesses strong abilities in terms of Onrush as a warrior. Not only that, her ways of attack are also gorgeous with that double sword of hers. Oftentimes, Hua Mulan would fight as a top laner and sometimes even as an Assassin. She is also highly useful as a Jungular. All in all, Hua Mulan is an aggressive hero, and Zhou Mo never really used it before despite being a regular top laner as according to his play style and his habits, he wouldn’t be able to make good use of Hua Mulan’s strength. To play as Hua Mulan, the player needs to be aggressive in order to suppress their opponents with gold advantage.

Zhou Mo’ defense mode wouldn’t suit Hua Mulan, but now Mo Xian was planning on using Hua Mulan as support. Level-ups are always slow for the supporting position, the gold they gain won’t be much as well. How is Hua Mulan going to do anything under circumstances like that? Without gold to support Hua Mulan, it can’t really do much to damage the opponents.

“What are you thinking?” Gao Ge asked Mo Xian.

People who choose Hua Mulan as support are always ignorant about the game, however, Mo Xian’s strength was apparent. No one else in the room knew anything about the game if he was called ‘ignorant’. Therefore, although confused, Gao Ge didn’t question Mo Xian’s choice. She believed that he had a reason for making that decision.

He Yu was the one to answer Gao Ge. He said, a little ashamed: “We played two rounds in the afternoon, and my output wasn’t really catching up. We then discussed giving some of my gold to his supporting character so that he could handle some of the output. If he’s going to do that, it won’t be a problem to use Hua Mulan, right?”

“Won’t this slow the both of you down?” Gao Ge said.

“We want to give it a try.” He Yu said. Mo Xian nodded in agreement.

“Fine.” Gao Ge nodded eventually. The first Ban Pick from the opposing team was elected when they were communicating. Zhuge Liang was banned, and apparently, they were against Gao Ge.

As acquaintances of the same faculty, Gao Ge knew which heroes the opposing team were good at as well. Although everyone had their fixed teams in intra school leagues, their tactics and the heroes’ line-up couldn’t be compared to professional teams. The BP for each team was usually determined by getting to know each other, just so to forbid the heroes that the opposing team’s players excel at. After Team Da Li Jin Gang banned Gao Ge’s Zhuge Liang, Team Lang Qi banned Yang Jian, who was President Sun’s favorite hero.

President Sun’s second Ban Pick hero was Zhang Liang, another forbidden hero for mid laner Gao Ge.

“Ban Old Master.” Gao Ge ordered.

The members of Da Li Jin Gang looked at each other and exchanged smiles after Team Lang Qi banned two of their heroes.

This mutual understanding of each other wasn’t hard at all to handle since it was limited to only the Ban Pick line-up of the heroes. President Sun had been training himself with other heroes during summer break as Yang Jian and Old Master was banned frequently in games. He hadn’t unleashed what he’d learned in the previous games because the opponents were too weak. But as for the current game, President Sun was ready to show off some skills.

Guan Yu!

Team Da Li Jin Gang decided on this hero right away. Guan Yu was the hero that President Sun had been working on during summer break, and it was finally time for him to use what he gained.

Team Lang Qi selected Ake and Genghis Khan quickly as Zhao Jin Ran and He Yu had limited knowledge of the other heroes. If the opposing team chose these two heroes before they did, they’re pretty much dead.

The Finger and Elbow of Team Da Li Jin Gang, which were the Jungular and Mid Laner, chose Han Xin and Mozi respectively.

“The cooperation of their Jungular and Mid Laner are pretty impressive.” Gao Ge said to He Yu, Mo Xian and Zhao Jin Ran, who were not familiar with their opponents. Team Lang Qi selected their following heroes as well, which was Hua Mulan and Liu Bang.

Laughter soon erupted from the inner room. Gao Ge looked over at Zhou Mo: “I bet they’re laughing at you.”

“Why?” Zhou Mo said.

“They must’ve thought Hua Mulan is yours.” Gao Ge said.

“... …”

Team Da Li Jin Gang finished selecting their last two heroes afterwards: Bai Qi, and Huang Zhong.

The last hero soon became everyone’s focus. Which mage would Gao Ge be choosing today to ambush people?

It’s Wang Zhaojun!

Surprisingly, Gao Ge chose Wang Zhaojun as her hero. This hero is the best pick for ambushing people, but was also hated by the players that they even gave it a nickname as one of the ‘bitches’ in the bushes.

“Close the door, I’m feeling a cold breeze.” President Sun asked one of his teammates to close the door to the inner room.