The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 21

The game started loading, and the line-up of both teams’ heroes were shown on the screen.

Team Lang Qi’s line-up: Liu Bang, Ake, Wang Zhaojun, Genghis Khan, and Hua Mulan.

Team Da Li Jin Gang’s line-up: Guan Yu, Han Xin, Mozi, Huang Zhong and Bai Qi.

“He Yu, use your first ability first. They’d start with countering our jungle.” Gao Ge started arranging beforehand.

“Got it.” He Yu nodded.

“Do I start with a Blue Opening or a Red Opening?” Zhao Jin Ran asked. He improved a lot and understood there are a lot of different ways to start a game as the Jungular position. 

“Blue.” Gao Ge said.

“Roger that.” 

Gao Ge stopped making any arrangements after the game commenced. Team Lang Qi started with a typical mode with all the players heading towards their respective positions. Zhao Jin Ran’s Ake was the only one to enter the Blue Area on his own.

“I thought you said they were going to counter our jungle?” He Yu asked Gao Ge when he saw Ake alone in the jungle. Judging by his current strength, if Zhao Jin Ran was met with an unexpected counter attack, he would have given his life along with the buff to the opponents.

“Yes.” Gao Ge said.

“Aren’t we going to do something?” He Yu asked.

“Not for now.” Gao Ge said.

“What do you mean?” He Yu asked as he controlled Genghis Khan to advance on the lane.

“Han Xin would hop into the Blue Area after 30 seconds, and Guan Yu would charge into the Red Area and chop on the bushes.” Gao Ge said.

“That’s not countering! That’s snatching.” He Yu said.

“Yeah, your definition was better.” Gao Ge said.

He Yu saw Gao Ge and Zhou Mo’s movements on the map right after that. They took a glance at the lane before meeting at the Blue Area. They then stepped into the bushes beside the Blue Sentinel.

If Han Xin jumped in to snatch the buff… Just the thought of it sent chills down He Yu’s spine. He couldn’t bear to watch and focused on his own lane.

The jungle monsters were refreshed after 30 seconds. Zhao Jin Ran thought he understood the team’s plan and started chopping down at the Blue Sentinel right outside without dragging it into the bushes.

“Drag it into the bushes! They’d snatch it away with just one Smite if you do that.” Zhou Mo said after seeing what Zhao Jin Ran was doing. Han Xin possesses strong mobility, and his first ability Ruthless Assault has two segments of shifting assault, with the first segment consisting of a 0.8 second knock-out effect. Han Xin would be able to see everything if Zhao Jin Ran attacked the Blue Sentinel right outside. He could have charged over with the first segment of his Ruthless Assault and snatch the Blue Buff before escaping using the second segment. Even with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo ambushing, they still might not react in time. But it would be a different scenario if they do it in the bushes. That way, Han Xin would have to charge into the bushes because he couldn’t see anything outside. His Smite wouldn’t be able to find a target before getting any view, and that would be much easier to handle.

Zhao Jin Ran rushed into the bushes with the Blue Sentinel right after Zhou Mo’s order.

Han Xin appeared at the river pass after seconds, and after peering at the Blue Sentinel’s position, he charged forward into the bushes.

“He’s coming?!” He Yu exclaimed. The minions of the top lane and the middle lane already met up, but none of the heroes from Team Lang Qi were in sight. Han Xin should have confirmed the opponents’ position before doing such a reckless move. However, he didn’t care much and just hopped into the bushes where three people were ambushing. He Yu didn’t know if he should be impressed with Han Xin’s courage.

A gunshot was heard in the bushes at the same time. The opponent’s mid laner, Mozi fired an Auto Artillery at that position, aiming at the bush where the three people from Team Lang Qi were hiding with the Blue Buff.

Auto Artillery doesn’t just have damage power, but also includes one second of dazing effect. The shot hit three people at once, and at the same time, Han Xin used his assaulting ability. The cooperation between their Mid Laner and their Jungular was perfect. Gao Ge glanced over at He Yu when he was starting to grow worried: “What are you scared of?”

In that split second, Gao Ge’s Wang Zhaojun unleashed her second ability, the Frigid Prison. Three abilities were unleashed at the same spot. When the three players of Team Lang Qi were knocked out and dazed, Han Xin from Team Da Li Jin Gang was frozen by Wang Zhaojun’s Frigid Prison.

Four of both teams’ heroes were controlled at the same time. The only difference was between the period of attacks, with 0.8 seconds of Han Xin’s Ruthless Assault, one second of Mozi’s Auto Artillery, and Wang Zhaojun’s Frigid Prison, which would last for a full 2.5 seconds.

Han Xin was still frozen when Team Lang Qi recovered from the daze.

At that moment, Liu Bang used his second ability, Double Threat, and was waiting for control. Zhao Jin Ran’s Ake had already started to attack while Gao Ge’s Wang Zhaojun exited the bushes slowly.

“Help me!” The five people in the outer room heard Han Xin’s call for help from the inner room. However, their Mozi were out of the area, with his Auto Artillery still on 7 seconds of cool down. He couldn’t really do anything to help. As for the other players, they were too far away.

“Why didn’t the support come help?” He Yu sighed as he watched Han Xin’s life ebb away.

“Which team are you on?” Gao Ge eyed him.

He Yu cleared his throat awkwardly. He was too used to being an audience.

“The support must’ve gone to snatch the red buff.” Gao Ge said.

“Guan Yu isn’t on the lane as well.” He Yu said.

“Give me some view.” Mo Xian said.

He Yu understood which view he wanted without having to ask after seeing Hua Mulan’s position. He unleashed his Eagle Eye and watched as the eagle flew over to the opponent’s blue area, giving them a clear view. The opponent’s Blue Sentinel was standing in its pit alone.


Mo Xian signalled. He Yu’s Genghis Khan followed behind him right away as they both intruded the opponent’s Blue Area. As for their own Blue Area, after taking the First Blood by killing Han Xin, Zhou Mo signalled for Zhao Jin Ran to follow him. They both charged into the opponent’s Red Area.

“How surprising. I didn’t expect I’d get to see you leading someone to counter the opponent’s jungle.” Gao Ge said to Zhou Mo.

“Support me.” Zhou Mo said.

“Are you ordering me around?” Gao Ge said. Her Wang Zhaojun rose to level 2 after clearing away the minions. She looked around and chose to support Mo Xian and He Yu.

Team Da Li Jin Gang’s players were quite experienced in the game. Their Mid Laner, Mozi, rose to level 2 as well. He predicted that the opponents would attack their jungle area and returned to the Red Area to defend.

However, Mozi’s strength was weak in the beginning, and all he could do was to use his Auto Artillery, which has a 7 second cool down time to disturb the opponents from afar. As for Huang Zhong, he didn’t dare charge forward without any protection. Both of them didn’t have the guts to enter the bushes after watching Liu Bang and Ake drag their red buff into the bushes. Huang Zhong finally mustered up some courage and threw a Landmine Alert into the bushes, but that didn’t do any good as Ake counterattacked right away. He was frightened and escaped down the turret with his first ability.

“Nice job. Don’t follow.” Zhou Mo said after praising.

Zhao Jin Ran went back into the bushes happily.

He Yu and Mo Xian’s side was pretty peaceful. After Gao Ge’s Wang Zhaojun came to support, the three heroes took down Team Da Li Jin Gang’s blue buff without breaking a sweat.

An eagle’s cry echoed when Gao Ge was about to shout orders. The eagle rushed down the lane which they took when they came after circling on top. Team Da Li Jin Gang’s Guan Yu was sprinting towards them beside the river with the red buff.

“Are we getting that buff?” He Yu asked.

“Yeah, let’s get it.” Mo Xian said.