The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 22

President Sun had been training using Guan Yu during the holidays, and he felt that he was skilled enough to use this hero. They took the opponent’s Red Buff right after the game began, and although they lost some minions, the outcome wasn’t too disappointing. The Red Area was lacking defense, and no one was attacking the turret on the bottom lane as well. Presiden Sun realized Team Lang Qi was going to snatch their Blue Buff and rushed back.

“Guan Yu has reached level 2.” He Yu said.

“He’s got two Stun Removals up his sleeve. One of them is Purifying.” Mo Xian said.

“Let’s split up.” Mo Xian’s Hua Mulan moved to where He Yu wanted him to before He Yu even specified his plan. 

President Sun’s Guan Yu arrived in no time and saw their empty Blue Pit, however, his horse’s eyes lit up when he charged into the Blue Pit.

This is a hidden tactic of Guan Yu’s that isn’t included in his skill description. Guan Yu’s speed in Charge mode would increase by 20% when he’s facing his enemy, and at the same time, his horse’s eyes would light up. President Sun wasn’t a regular Guan Yu user, but with his rich experience in this game, he knew about this tactic. He laughed at his opponents when he saw the horse’s eyes. Looks like they don’t know that Guan Yu has this skill. How dare they hide in the bushes?

Take this!

Guan Yu leapt into the air with his horse and saw Genghis Khan sprint out of the bushes frantically with his mount, attempting to escape.

What a pity…

President Sun sighed while his horse’s hooves stepped on the bushes.

Green Dragon Crescent Moon!

The hooves landed on the bushes, and although Genghis Khan was already out of the bushes, he was still affected by the wide range attack and slipped to the side. President Sun was even more pleased when he heard screaming coming from the outer room. He could’ve missed Genghis Khan if he’d used his first ability, but instead he chose to use his second ability, which is wide range and has a repel effect, and left Genghis Khan nowhere to escape. But it was a pity that his control on the direction wasn’t perfect because he didn’t know exactly where Genghis Khan’s position was, so he might still miss it if he used his first ability to do a follow-up attack.

President Sun was too involved in his thoughts regarding the follow-up attack so he didn’t realize that He Yu’s scream was actually a surprised scream.

“He used his second ability right away!” He Yu said to Mo Xian.

“Yeah.” Mo Xian wasn’t as excited and replied calmly.

Guan Yu’s second ability is perfect for escaping as it has the effect of removing stuns and increasing speed, and this is also why this hero is hard to be restricted. But now, President Sun chose to use his second ability first, and was happy with his choice without realizing that after he used up his second ability, he pretty much became a Red Buff in He Yu and Mo Xian’s eyes.

“Get ready.” He Yu’s Genghis Khan was propelled to the gorge on the right by Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Moon, and that was where he wanted to go. He loved this ability of Guan Yu’s more than ever. However, this repel effect is a Stun after all, and it caused Genghis Khan to be immobile for a short amount of time. Guan Yu charged towards him from the bush and with his Army of One, landed a chop on Genghis Khan with his broadsword.

These two consecutive blows brought huge damage to a weak marksman like Genghis Khan, and his life soon decreased into half. However, He Yu was yet again surprised to see Guan Yu moving so fast when he charged forward. It shouldn’t be! He threw a Hundred Beast Trap in the bushes and it was triggered by Guan Yu, so Guan Yu’s moving speed should drop by 30%, yet he was moving fast as usual. This meant that he used his Purifying technique and removed the decelerating effect!

“He used his Purifying too!” He Yu yelled.

“I know.” Mo Xian replied, calm as always. Hua Mulan hid motionless in the bushes, waiting for the time to strike. The purifying technique also has a 1.5 second effect of being immune to Stuns, so it’s not the time to attack yet.

He Yu was clear about that too, so he didn’t use his second ability to try and slow Guan Yu down again. He tried to hop across the wall using Flash, yet he fell into the bushes after running into the wall embarrassingly.

“Ha ha ha!” Loud laughter could be heard from the inner room. Gao Ge looked over at He Yu and said: “You’re acting?”

“Of course I am!”

He could be killed by Guan Yu if he didn’t use Flash. Guan Yu had the Red Buff with him, which increases the fatality of his attacks and could even slow his enemies down! If he used Flash and leapt off the wall right away, it would be easy for Guan Yu to chase him, and in turn, Mo Xian’s ambush would be for nothing. So at last, he purposely ran into the wall using Flash, that way, he could distant himself from Guan Yu without crossing the wall.

“Good job.” Gao Ge praised He Yu’s acting.

There was no way President Sun would let Genghis Khan run away that easily. His Guan Yu sprinted into the bushes, and suddenly, an attack came flying his way.


When Hua Mulan uses the Light Sword, her General Attack and Skill Damage would add on five layers of Balance Markings on the opposing team’s hero. And when the markings reach five layers, the target would be silenced and their moving speed would drop by 50%, and this continues for 1.5 seconds.


The scream came from the inner room this time. President Sun didn’t expect there to be an ambush in the bushes. All his skills of Stun Removal were still in cool down, and now it was as though he was backed up into a corner. Genghis Khan, who was frantically running everywhere after being trampled and chopped on, emerged from the bushes vigorously and started shooting aggressively. His Hundred Beast Trap fell on the path leading to the turret, blocking the nearest path for Guan Yu to escape.

President Sun was desperate. None of his teammates would be able to come support him, so all he could do was to inch his way towards the turret laboriously. Hua Mulan’s slow-down effect was removed, he stepped on Genghis Khan’s trap, the trap’s slow-down effect was removed as well, and yet another trap was set in front of him…

Guan Yu, who still had some life before this, triggered all the traps and obstacles He Yu and Mo Xian set. He ran back under the turret and stared desperately at the health pack under it. However, his moving speed hadn’t recovered yet, and Genghis Khan, who was pursuing him, excelled at long-range attacks. A flight of arrows chased after him from outside of the turret and finally shot him down when the life-saving health pack was within arm’s reach.

“Damn it!” President Sun yelled in frustration.

“Hua Mulan came to the bottom lane to target me.” President Sun said to his teammates, explaining to them why he died. In their knowledge, Hua Mulan is a top-laner, and the supporting position for Team Lang Qi in this game should be Liu Bang. Although the player didn’t look suited for the role, but actually the supporting position could be played by anyone. Zhou Mo is skilled at using Liu Bang so it isn’t out of the ordinary that he would be the support, at least not as weird as Hua Mulan being the supporting position.