The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 23

Team Da Li Jin Gang lost two of their heroes just one minute into the game. Genghis Khan, who killed Guan Yu, stood his way between Turret One and Turret Two and cleared out Team Da Li Jin Gang’s second wave of minions. Mo Xian’s Hua Mulan stayed in the Blue Area of Team Da Li Jin Gang, preparing to kill the two monsters that were left.

Zhou Mo and Zhao Jin Ran didn’t get much advantage in the Red Area. They decided to retreat after getting the Red Buff since the opposing team was harassing them from afar and Bai Qi, their supporting hero, was on his way to assist. Zhou Mo’s calm and steadiness was put to good use as he ordered Zhao Jin Ran to retreat with him, without thinking of killing another monster.

Zhou Mo’s Liu Bang returned to the lane while Zhao Jin Ran’s Ake returned to their own Blue Area to kill the jungle monsters. Team Da Li Jin Gang’s Bai Qi went all the way for nothing, and Han Xin could only kill the remaining two monsters after he was revived.

Han Xin, who’d finally made it to level 2, was pretty frustrated. He understood that the Blue Buff was taken, and the two monsters may be killed, too. However, he couldn’t really do anything at that point, so he headed towards the Blue Area to try and see if there was anything left.

“Be careful of the ambush.” President Sun’s Guan Yu reminded Han Xin after he was revived. He rushed towards the lane, attempting to clear out the second wave of minions, which was almost cleared out by the turret.

“Okay.” Han Xin had prepared himself and was moving carefully. He looked over as far as he could see, and was overjoyed to see another monster left in the pit. Without thinking much, he propelled himself forward using his second ability Fight or Die, swiped the monster, and fired at it using consecutive basic attacks.

A shadow emerged from the blue pit’s bushes at that moment and frightened Han Xin. He retreated quickly, but Hua Mulan, who was hiding in the bushes, jumped onto his face using Flash. Hua Mulan’s second ability, the Equalizer’s two phase attack was unleashed in one split second. Han Xin’s reaction wasn’t too slow either, he quickly used his first ability and jumped to the side, however, Hua Mulan’s second Equalizer and his second ability aimed at Han Xin’s direction at the same time and pursued him precisely. Han Xin was silenced after he got hit, and his moving speed also dropped.

“What the fuck!” Han Xin shouted.

Also, Hua Mulan wasn’t the only one who emerged from those bushes. Genghis Khan, who's moving speed increased after being affected passively, charged forward, shooting two arrows at Han Xin while dropping a Hundred Beast Trap under his feet.

Poor Han Xin lost most of his life after suffering Hua Mulan’s attack, and now after two arrows and Hua Mulan’s continuous basic attacks, he collapsed before the 1.5 second of Silence time even ran out.

Han Xin was in shock. President Sun, who was on his way to clear out the minions, saw Team Lang Qi’s avatar at their Blue Area on the map, and after he switched his viewpoint, he saw Han Xin’s lifeless body.

Hua Mulan and Genghis Khan started killing the monster after defeating Han Xin. President Sun got excited when he saw Genghis Khan’s life, which was decreased to half after his previous attack. His Guan Yu could kill Genghis Khan easily with that bit of life left. Should I try?

“Genghis Khan doesn’t have much life left!” Mozi, the middle lanner, who was going to support Han Xin, was surprised to see Han Xin dead within seconds too. He yelled frantically when he realized that Genghis Khan wasn’t in good condition. He fired his Auto Artillery but missed the target.

Mozi didn’t dare approach them, yet he was unwilling to give up on a great target like Genghis Khan. He kept his distance and moved slowly, waiting for his second ability to finish cooling down. President Sun finally made his decision after observing for a bit. He didn’t enter the jungle area behind the turret after clearing the minions under it. Instead, he entered the river pass and approached Hua Mulan and Genghis Khan’s route of retreat.

Hua Mulan and Genghis Khan didn’t have a choice after killing the monster. They could only retreat towards the river pass along the blue pit’s lane. Mozi was chasing far from behind while Guan Yu was speeding towards them.

Hua Mulan didn’t have the Flash, neither did Genghis Khan. Also, Hua Mulan hadn’t reached level 4 yet, This would work!

President Sun was confident after analysing the situation. He believed he could defeat not only Genghis Khan, who was in bad condition, but also Hua Mulan, as long as he and Mozi worked together.

“We can do this!” President Sun said, worried that Mozi wouldn’t recognize his plan and give up on the attempt. Guan Yu sprinted towards the blue pit, getting his attacks ready.


Two gusts of cold wind swerved its way through, freezing the ground into a pretty snowflake. President Sun, who was charging forward with his horse didn’t react in time, and was frozen into an ice statue.

“Damn it!” President Sun’s hollers were so loud that the whole building could hear him.

What a familiar formula. What a familiar feeling.

Team Da Li Jin Gang had been aware of Gao Ge’s ambushing in the very beginning. Yet, it was impossible to be avoided.

“What kind of screwed up setting is this?! You call that camouflaging?!” President Sun continued to yell, blaming the game. He located Wang Zhaojun’s position after he was attacked twice by Wang Zhaojun’s first ability. It was in the bushes on the left side, above the tyrant’s pit, standing on the very edge of the right side. It wasn’t even in the bushes, yet the bushes’ concealing ability was still triggered. Gao Ge’s ambush was so close to being a failure.

President Sun was in despair. The freezing effect would last for 2.5 seconds, so Hua Mulan and Genghis Khan started attacking him after they retreated.

President Sun remembered something when he was silenced yet again by Hua Mulan. He clicked on his second ability, and both the freezing and the Silence were removed, and Guan Yu could move again. However, he collapsed right after that.

President Sun was almost drowning in his own tears.

Guan Yu’s second ability could remove stuns. Yet, he forgot about that when he was frozen by Gao Ge’s Wang Zhaojun. This could be because of the trauma Gao Ge caused to him. He gave up on fighting back when he was successfully ambushed by Gao Ge, forgetting that the hero he was using today had the ability of Stun Removal.

Mozi, who was pursuing behind, missed on his Auto Artillery yet again. He finally stopped in his tracks and retreated after seeing how Guan Yu was ambushed.

It was only two minutes into the game.

Team Da Li Jin Gang was behind on the kills with a score of 0-4, and the top-laner Guan Yu along with the Jungular, Han Xin, were both killed. The first wave of Tyrant was refreshed after two minutes. Wang Zhao Jun, Hua Mulan, Genghis Khan, and Ake, who’d just arrived after killing off monsters, took the Tyrant down easily.

It was the jungle area’s turn to refresh after that. Team Lang Qi didn’t even have the time to clear out minions. They turned and intruded Team Da Li Jin Gang’s blue area, harvesting what they fought for.