The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 24

Gao Ge and Zhou Mo were experienced players while Mo Xian was a prodigy. As for He Yu, he lacked experience and skills but had knowledge and a clear overall perception of the game. Zhao Jin Ran on the other hand wasn’t the best player, but he was obedient and listened to Zhou Mo, who was steady and thoughtful. Team Da Li Jin Gang couldn’t find any opportunity to turn the tables on them after they gained such a huge advantage in the beginning of the game. Ten minutes later, they exited the inner room with long faces.

President Sun as the leader of Team Da Li Jin Gang was quite responsible. He was the loudest when challenging Team Lang Qi, and also the first one to exit that room after they lost.

All five players of Team Lang Qi got up to greet them but stayed quiet. They stared at President Sun.

“Hmph.” President Sun cleared his throat, no longer able to handle this awkwardness. He looked over at He Yu and Mo Xian.

“Both of you are in the Physics Department?” He finally said.

“Yes.” He Yu nodded while Mo Xian stared at President Sun in suspicion. President Sun called his name when he saw him just now, and yet now he’s confirming if he’s in the Physics Department?

“Great play.” President Sun complimented, ignoring Mo Xian’s expressions.

“I’m part of the Physics Department, too. Why aren’t you praising me?” Gao Ge said.

The muscles on President Sun’s cheek twitched ever so slightly as he said, not looking at Gao Ge: “The office is yours to use.”

“Yeah, like it should be.”

President Sun almost tripped when he heard what Gao Ge said. However, what she said wasn’t wrong, so he took a deep breath, clenched his teeth, and continued to walk out of the room.

“Gao Ge is too snobbish!” One of the members of Team Da Li Jin Gang finally blurted out.

“Why didn’t you say so in the room?” President Sun eyed him.

“I’m worried that I might lose in the argument.” The member hung his head. The others eyed him in disdain.

“Gao Ge is still Gao Ge, but those two newbies in that team have surprising skill.” President Sun said.

“You mean those two bottom-laners?” Huang Zhong asked.

“Yeah, who else could it be?” 

“They are indeed good. Especially that Hua Mulan.” The members said, the fear they experienced just now still lingering.

The first one to be defeated by He Yu and Mo Xian was President Sun, followed by their Jungular, Han Xin, after that, it was their middle-laner Mozi who tried to support the team and Bai Qi who came to assist. Huang Zhong was on a different path far from his teammates and missed out on the chance to experience the fear. All the others were defeated before by He Yu and Mo Xian.

Their own Blue Area and half of the riverpass beside that became somewhat like a restricted area as the game went on, and if anyone dared step foot on it, they should be grateful that they were even alive. Needless to say, Team Lang Qi’s Red Area was even more scarier. 

The two bottom-laners of Team Lang Qi were like kings. Hua Mulan who played as a supporter shouldn’t even be a thing, but this supporting Hua Mulan and the marksman Genghis Khan both reached the top in gold ranking.

The main reason they were both the top in gold was because of the kills that Team Da Li Jin Gang contributed to them.

“That Hua Mulan was a show off.” Mozi said, sighing.

“That Genghis Khan is despicable, too.” Han Xin said.

“I think it’s because he has a wider view. That’s how he knew our plans in advance.” Bai Qi said.

“How about the faculty’s team…” Their marksman, Huang Zhong said, cutting his teammates short of their daydreaming. The four of them looked over at President Sun.

“Looks like we have to discuss that all over again.” President Sun said.

President Sun’s real name was Sun Cheng Zhong, and the acknowledgement ‘President Sun’ was merely a nickname. The student council’s true president was someone else, and Sun Cheng Zhong’s position was actually the vice president. Some students started calling him ‘President Sun’ because he had a stronger presence than the president.

Sun Cheng Zhong had to admit he had some selfish motives when electing Team Da Li Jin Gang as the team representing the faculty. But truthfully speaking, they were indeed five of the best players in the faculty. Needless to say, the level of cooperation and chemistry they had was stronger than any other team.

However, after losing to Team Lang Qi, which was also a team under their faculty, Sun Cheng Zhong had no choice but to reconsider his decisions. How could he possibly say that his team was the best after suffering such defeat?

“Then what do we do?” The team members continued to ask.

“I’ll discuss this with the president and the others later. We still have a chance to be the representing team, though.” Sun Cheng Zhong said, admitting to his teammates that their hopes of becoming the faculty’s representing team right away had gone up in smoke. The three players that played the same positions with the three strong players in Team Lang Qi started to panic, especially the supporter, Bai Qi, who had the same position with Mo Xian. He said quickly: “It was a waste for that Hua Mulan player to play as support. He’s so strong after all!”

He heard himself and soon realized that he said something he shouldn’t have. Hua Mulan would be taking his teammates’ positions if he stopped playing as a supporter. What he said just now meant that his teammates would lose their positions.

“Then what position is he going to play?” All four of his teammates looked over at him.

“Ah… Who knows…” He stuttered.

“Let’s talk about that later. We have to find a place for our practice in the future.” Sun Cheng Zhong said.

After Team Da Li Jin Gang left, Team Lang Qi, who stayed in the office, were thinking about the game just now.

It was their first game after Mo Xian officially became their team member, and the results they got were indeed surprising.

Team Da Li Jin Gang was strong, but Team Lang Qi not only won. Instead, they completely destroyed them. The pair that got the team on their tracks was He Yu and Mo Xian, the bottom-laners.

He Yu still had room to improve in terms of skills, but the existence of an all-rounder teammate like Mo Xian made up for his shortcomings. He Yu had the credits, too. His thinking and perception managed to keep up with Mo Xian’s rhythm.

As for Gao Ge and Zhou Mo, they had their own style and thinking, and it might take time for them to learn to cooperate with Mo Xian. Also, they might not even reach the level of perception that He Yu had. He Yu grew up watching KPL and got all that experience from watching professionals play. He wasn’t affected by any of the players’ habits. His thinking and judgements always predicted the victory of his team. The awareness and understanding that he had separated him from the other players.


“Let’s play a few more rounds.” Gao Ge said, “Show me what else you’ve got.”