The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 25

Lan Shan Cafe just outside the north gate of Dong Jiang University had become a gathering spot for players of The King’s Glory because it had great Wi-Fi connection. You could see players conquering the King’s Canyon with their phones everywhere in the cafe, and all the customers have gotten used to the situation.

However, that very day, a table of customers in the corner of the second floor attracted people’s attention. They were all players of The King’s Glory, but what was different was that they were pretty girls that created the best view in the cafe.

The girls weren’t at all fazed by everyone watching and commenting on them and concentrated in their game. The strongest team in Dong Jiang University was undoubtedly the club president Su Ge’s Team Suger, but in terms of popularity, Team Hua Rong which was formed by a bunch of hot girls, wasn’t far off from Team Suger at all.

There was one girl amongst the group that wasn’t really comfortable being in a public place like this. She was trying her best to focus on the game, but couldn’t help paying attention to the comments they were getting.

“That’s the captain of Team Hua Rong, Wei Xin Ran. She is part of the Economics and Management Department.”

“Oh, so that’s Team Hua Rong.”

“The one to her left is their middle laner, Li Yan Yan.”

“The one beside her is Yang Qi, I think she’s the top laner.”

“How about the one on the right?”

“She’s their marksman, Han Xiu Li.”

“How about that one?”

“I don’t know her. Maybe she’s a newbie?”

The people who knew them were talking about them to the people who were unfamiliar with them. The girls in Team Hua Rong had become the center of everyone’s discussions. Zhu Jia Yin was quite impressed to see her seniors totally unfazed of being in an environment like this. Despite overhearing discussions about themselves, she didn’t let any of that affect her play. The game went well.

Zhu Jia Yin looked at her score displayed on the screen and was quite satisfied. 13 kills, 2 deaths and 3 supports, and they succeeded in pushing the opponent’s crystal.

Golden Jungular, MVP, quadra kills…

Dazzling awards were marked on the Jungular Hero, Ake, which Zhu Jia Yin was using, making her beam more.

But when she lifted her head to look at her seniors, she didn’t see the joy of victory on their faces. They quickly examined the score of the game and started exchanging looks.

“Xin Ran…” Zhu Jia Yin looked over at Wei Xin Ran and said.

“Good play.” Wei Xin Ran said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Zhu Jia Yin replied happily.

“You mentioned that you have to go live at night?” Wei Xin Ran checked the time, “Did we hold you up?”

“Not at all. I’ll be leaving first, then?” Zhu Jia Yin said.

“Okay. We’ll stick around for a bit. I’ll see you around.” Wei Xin Ran said.

“Okay, bye.” Zhu Jia Yin got up and waved goodbye to her teammates. She turned back once more before descending down the stairs, and when she realized Wei Xin Ran was still looking at her, she waved again before leaving.

Wei Xin Ran looked back at her teammates and they finally blurted out what they wanted so bad to say.

“Was her play really good, though? I don’t think so. She wouldn’t stop getting in my way and eating up all my gold! I think the closest I got was clearing off one wave of minions! Just look at my gold in the end…” The middle laner, Li Yan Yan, was the first to speak up.

“And when we went to snatch the opponent’s Blue Buff, she wouldn’t come when I summoned everyone to muster. She only came after I cleared out the minions. We could have defeated all three of them without losing a life, worst case scenario, we could have exchanged three lives for one of ours. She made us lose two lives in exchange of three! You remember that?” Han Xiu Li, the marksman said.

Wei Xin Ran nodded and glanced over at their top laner, Yang Qi, who hadn’t been talking.

Yang Qi wasn’t as worked up as the other two. She took a sip of her coffee, put her cup down slowly and said calmly: “She didn’t really appear in the top lane.”

“Yeah, of course, Consort Yu and Toro were hanging around there. She knows it’s going to be hard, of course she’d avoid the top lane.” Li Yan Yan said.

All three of them looked at Wei Xin Ran after speaking up about their opinions.

“What do you think, Xin Ran?” Li Yan Yan asked.

“I think…” Wei Xin Ran held her cup of coffee and glanced over absentmindedly at Zhu Jia Yin’s spot. She saw a charging cable lying on that seat, and before she could say anything, someone appeared beside that spot.

“Sorry, I forgot my cable.” Zhu Jia Yin picked the cable up from her seat. She was charging her phone when she got there, and when the game started she unplugged it and forgot it was there.

“Bye.” Zhu Jia Yin turned to leave yet again after smiling at the four team members.

They watched her go yet again, but this time, she didn’t stop at the stairs to wave at them. Wei Xin Ran looked back at her friends awkwardly.

“Did she hear us?” Han Xiu Li said.

“Doesn’t matter. We wouldn’t have to explain anything to her if Xin Ran agrees with us, too.” Li Yan Yan said.

Wei Xin Ran didn’t say anything and looked out the window. She saw Zhu Jia Yin walking out of the cafe, not heading towards the school gates. She knew Zhu Jia Yin didn’t stay in the dormitory as she had to do live broadcasting occasionally. She rented a place to stay outside of the campus.

“What a shame.” Wei Xin Ran shook her head in regret, sighing.

“I think the reason her play is a little selfish is because of all those live broadcasting thing she’s doing.” Wei Xin Ran said.

“Only a little?” Li Yan Yan, who was upset that her gold was snatched by Zhu Jia Yin, said furiously.

“She could only show off if her gold increased fast.” Wei Xin Ran understood the reason behind Zhu Jia Yin’s play.

“That was a PUB! Also, a low ranking PUB! What is she going to do if this were a high ranking game? Is she going to defeat the opponent one on five if all her teammates died? All teams in the league know how to cooperate with each other, if her play is anything close to reliable, then we should totally let her have all the minions in all three lanes, that would be easy, won’t it?” Li Yan Yan said.

“Okay, I know. She won’t be invited to join our team for the time being.” Wei Xin Ran said.

“For the time being?”

Wei Xin Ran’s phone buzzed before she could say anything. She checked her phone and it indeed was from Zhu Jia Yin.

“I still need time to think about joining the team.”

“See? She rejected us first.” Wei Xin Ran showed her phone to the others.

“Good, that’s exactly what we wanted.” Li Yan Yan said.

“Judging by her play, even if she is willing to join our team and make adjustments, we can’t be sure if she is able to maintain that result after altering her play. Without all that gold, a lot of problems are going to become obvious.” Han Xiu Li analyzed.

“What do you think, Yang Qi?” Wei Xin Ran looked at Yang Qi, who was quiet.

“Maybe.” Yang Qi said expressionlessly.