The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 3

A murderous victory?

He Yu was shocked when he first heard it, but he then smiled and said, "That's not really what I meant,"

"I know," He Liang nodded. There was quite a significant age gap between him and his little brother, but when they were put together to be compared as children, his six-year younger brother seemed to be the more sensible one. In the five stubborn years of him in the professional circle, there was insensibility and arrogance of a young adult, but he believed He Yu would not get himself into a dead-end as he did.

But was he thinking too far? Professional circle?

At the moment, He Yu was still in the stage of practicing his skills. He was still very far from the professional stage! Looking at He Yu, who was focusing on his eating, He Liang shook his head lightly and smiled.

The brothers parted after finishing their meal. He Yu took out his phone again on his way back to his hostel. After a brief silence, the Team Lang Qi group chat resumed chatting about Dong Jiang Cup.

"I heard the tournament won't be held any time soon, probably in the second half of the semester. If I practice hard now, would I still have a chance?" He Yu saw Zhao Jin Ran's message as he opened the chat. Zhao Jin Ran seemed to be more passionate than anyone else right now.

"Of course!" Zhou Mo replied and encouraged Zhao Jin Ran.

"Putting it in the second half of the semester is probably to give every faculty some time to familiarize and decide their team," Gao Ge did not try to sugar coat her sentence like Zhou Mo. Very directly, she switched the topic of the conversation.

"The competition is still gonna be intense!" Zhou Mo sighed.

He Yu found the right time to quickly ask, "Senior Zhou, which program are you from?"

"Computer science," Zhou Mo answered.

"Their faculty has many good players," Gao Ge said.

"What about ours?" He Yu asked Gao Ge.

"More scholars than gamers," Gao Ge said.

"Yes, yes," He Yu agreed. Dong Jiang University was a top university, especially its Science Faculty, consisting of scholars from all different locations. He Yu was initially an excellent student, but after knowing the background of his classmates, he was only an ordinary student among them. 

This was only the physics program. Students from the mathematics program were even brighter, and there were even more weirdos in the chemistry program. The physics program was once the least popular program among the three, but it was different this year. He Yu's roommate, Mo Xian, was the representative of this year's new students, an excellent top student in the university, and he was from the physics program. According to some professors, a student like this would become a treasure of the country if properly taught.

He Yu didn't know if Mo Xian would become a national treasure in the future. But when he tried to recruit for Team Lang Qi in his class, the game's popularity in their program wasn't low, so…

"Then, are there any good players?" He Yu still had to ask the question. Although he wasn't as passionate as Zhao Jin Ran on the surface, he had always wanted more opportunities to join tournaments.

"Slightly fewer compared to scholars, but there are still some," said Gao Ge.

"I see."

"Continue to train hard. You still have a chance," Gao Ge said.

"Train hard together!" Zhao Jin Ran suddenly said.

"Let's do it!" He Yu replied.

"Haha," Lee Si Jie suddenly appeared again and said coldly.

"What do you want?" Zhao Jin Ran was unhappy.

"Nothing," Lee Si Jie replied. His disdain was all expressed in the expression "Haha," but it was a word that one could not respond to. But Zhao Jin Ran was angry. He could not keep quiet, and he sent a voice message right away.

"Play better if you think you're good! Don't always create trouble here!"

"I'm not good, you are." Lee Si Jie replied with these five words and left the chat.

"Who does he think he is?" Zhao Jin Ran was furious. Zhou Mo was helpless, and when he wanted to chat Lee Si Jie, Lee Si Jie had already messaged him, "I quit."

"What do you mean?" Zhou Mo was shocked.

"Find whoever you want to replace me. I quit," Lee Si Jie said.

Zhou Mo tried to convince him, but the long and bitter message was ignored. Lee Si Jie never replied to him.

"Fuck, he blocked me? What kind of person is this? Trash!!" Zhao Jin Ran was getting angrier. He tried to find Lee Si Jie to argue with him, but the messages couldn' be sent, Lee Si Jie blocked him.



He Yu and Gao Ge both sent ellipsis, reflecting their speechlessness. Gao Ge had always wanted everyone to play the game seriously, but was it considered severe enough to the extent of breaking a friendship?

"What to do?" Zhou Mo took a screenshot of his chat with Lee Si Jie and sent it to the group. Compared to their friendship, he was more worried about the team lacking one man. The second round was going to start tomorrow morning, and it was already 8 p.m., where could they find a replacement?

"He did this on purpose! He joined the chat for so many days and only said something like this today. He was looking for an excuse to quit and put us in a difficult position!" Zhao Jin Ran said.

"True," said Gao Ge.

"Stop flaming," Zhou Mo was angry.

"I mean, it's true," Gao Ge said.

"What now? Can you find someone?" Zhou Mo said.

"Now, this is something that could hurt our friendship," Gao Ge said.

"What do you mean?"

"If I could find someone, do I have to give away my mid-laner role?" Gao Ge said.

Zhou Mo understood what she was saying in an instant. Gao Ge was already sacrificing her role. She meant that if she could find people to play, they didn't have to use Lee Si Jie and Zhao Jin Ran.

"If there's no one, then we can just play as a team of four. It doesn't matter with or without him!" Zhao Jin Ran said.

It was naive. Although Lee Si Jie's Bian Que wasn't instrumental, he wasn't completely useless. He and Hou Yi getting the first blue buff at the beginning of the game was their first step in destroying Team Huang Chao. Without his Bian Que, He Yu's Hou Yi would not kill the blue sentinel before Zhang Cheng Hao and his team arrived.

This was a hard proof in the game. In any competitions, lacking one man would affect the game in all aspects. When this happened in higher-level games, one didn't have to wait to surrender at the sixth minute. They had already lost when the game started.

Zhou Mo really didn't have the mood to entertain him, but Zhao Jin Ran didn't seem serious. He continued, "Our next opponent doesn't seem that strong. Let's see how we do in this round?"

"The game rules probably won't allow this."

"Then let's just simply find a replacement, regardless of whether he can play, just to make up the number, he can quit and stay in the fountain if he wants to," Zhao Jin Ran said.