The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 5

Everyone, including Team Lang Qi's opponent, was shocked at this moment. Nobody could react to this unexpected change. They looked at Mo Xian as he walked to the center of the competition zone, looked around the seats, and turned back to He Yu. "Which side?"

"Er… This side, this side…" He Yu quickly followed up and pointed at where Mo Xian should sit. When he turned his head back to Gao Ge and the others, they were still in shock.

Gao Ge and the others followed. As Mo Xian started to adjust his headset, Gao Ge asked He Yu doubtfully, "You sure you know him?"

"He's my roommate," He Yu said.

"He just said he has the game!" Gao Ge said slowly.

"I just only knew," He Yu said.

"Shouldn't you know if your roommate plays the King's Glory?" Gao Ge said.

"I- I don't see him often except in classes," He Yu said.

"He's your roommate!" Gao Ge emphasized.

"Yes, he's my roommate. Quickly start!" He Yu was confused as well, and he couldn't answer Gao Ge's doubts. He quickly went to the seats and sat beside Mo Xian.

"President, can they simply add someone to their team like this?" Team Lang Qi's opponent followed behind Su Ge and said. The Intra School League did not have any specific rules about the identity of players. They just could not join the competition again, and there weren't any restrictions against a change of teammates. But they had to check if this random guy had entered the competition under another team.

These five were members of the King's Glory Club. They were familiar with the rules of the competition and raised the question at Su Ge.

"I am sure that this student has never registered," Su Ge looked at Mo Xian, who was adjusting his headset and said.

"President, you know him?" The five were surprised.

"Mo Xian, year one student from the physics program. He gave a speech during the semester opening ceremony," Su Ge said.

"Oh…" The five pulled their voices. Honestly, they forgot who the one who gave the speech was, but there was indeed someone who did. There wasn't anything more attention drawing to a new student than representing new students in the first year.

"Go get ready for the game," Su Ge said to them.

"Haha, they think they could win with a random guy? Let's give them some surprises," the five said as they walked to their seats.

Su Ge smiled and didn't say much. As a respectable president, he knew all the teams in the university better than anyone else. The Team 422-424, just like their name, was spontaneous. It was formed by five boys staying next to one another in the hostel. They played casually every day, and there wasn't a consistent role or strategy. They just played whatever they wanted. Joining the Intra School League was just for fun; they never aimed for any good results.

But, this was the past.

This semester, they wanted to take it seriously. Before the Intra School League began, they had consulted Su Ge for guidance. At present, although they still did not have a clear strategy, they had at least started to change. They were no longer a leisure team. Not many people knew about this so far, and Su Ge, who had given them some tips, was optimistic.

The five were also excited to give everyone a surprise. Their opponent was too weak in the first round, and they had won the game too quickly. Their opportunity had come this round. When they went to their seats, they looked at the opposite team together. But the few in Team Lang Qi were busy testing their headsets and had no time to entertain them.

"Hello, can you hear me?" Gao Ge said to her mic.





The other four responded consecutively.

"Alright, the kind student, what role are you playing?" Gao Ge said.

"Any role," Mo Xian answered.

"What do you mean?" Gao Ge asked.

"I can play any role," Mo Xian answered and glanced at Gao Ge.

"Alright then," Gao Ge looked at Zhou Mo and laughed bitterly.

Any role usually meant that the player was just average in whichever position. Using KPL as an example, no professional players would say they can play 'any role'. When a player switched from one role to another, it was always very risky. It would usually need a long adaption period. Some even couldn't gain back the optimal form.

Any role…

To Gao Ge, this showed that the person had played the game for a while, but the game's understanding was not deep enough. Take herself as an example. She had tried many roles, her support role the last match was pretty decent as well. But if someone asked what role did she play, she would only say mid-laner. This was because it was her best role; she had absolute confidence in this role.

But at this moment, someone that played 'any role' seemed better than a total newbie or one that would disconnect and stay in the fountain. Therefore, Gao Ge didn't overthink. She was still grateful to this new student that had helped the team.

"Then you play support," Gao Ge said.

"Alright," Mo Xian answered.

"What heroes do you play?" Gao Ge asked.

"Any," Mo Xian said.

Any again…

Gao Ge was grateful for his kind help, but she didn't like this 'any' attitude. When she frowned and wanted to say something, He Yu's voice was heard.

"Stop wasting time. Let's speed up! After testing the headsets and the Ban/Pick section, we have less than nine minutes to play," He Yu said. He realized that Gao Ge and the others did not take the nine minutes seriously. But he knew Mo Xian wasn't joking with these nine minutes. Mo Xian would probably leave if the time was up. He thought that he should remind the others about this.

"Isn't nine minutes a joke?" Gao Ge did not take it seriously indeed.

"Of course not." Mo Xian gave a clear answer himself.

"So we need a strategy to end the game quickly," He Yu said.

"What do you mean?"

"Mid push," He Yu said.

Mid push…

"If the headsets are working, captains of both teams, please come out." Gao Ge had already walked forward before the judge finished his sentence. The coin was tossed, and Team Lang Qi was the second team to pick.

The opponent's captain wanted to say something, but Gao Ge had already run back to her seat and put on her headset to finish the discussion.

"Mid push?"

"Yes," He Yu said.

"A bold suggestion…" Gao Ge was in deep thought.

The judge started to pull the players into a room. Usually, the judge would pull the captains in, and then the captains would pull his teammates and adjust their positions.

"I will invite Mo Xian," He Yu, who had entered the room, said. Although he never added Mo Xian in the game, they had added each other in WeChat. WeChat friends would also appear in the friend list of the game. When He Yu swiped his friend list, he shouted.

"What?" Everyone looked at him.

"You- You-" He Yu looked at Mo Xian in shock, but Mo Xian was looking at him confusedly.

He Yu's friend list showed Schrodinger's Cat (Mo Xian).