The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 6

So far, yet so close. He Yu had finally experienced what this idiom meant for himself.

He had added Mo Xian on Wechat since the beginning of the semester. If he had used his own ID, he would've realized that his roommate also played the King's Glory. But sadly, he had been using his brother's account to play with Gao Ge and Zhou Mo in higher-level games to accelerate his improvement.

Of course, Mo Xian wasn't in the friend list of He Liang's account. He Yu never thought that the person' nearby' was this close to him.

While everyone stared at him in shock, He Yu pressed the invite button.

Mo Xian accepted the invitation immediately, and another scream came from the other side.

"Oh my god!" Zhou Mo shouted and even stood up. He spun and looked at Mo Xian. There was only one word to describe his eyes: desire.

Gao Ge, too, was startled when she saw the ID that they had been trying to trace, but she did not react extensively like He Yu and Zhou Mo. She looked at He Yu and asked, "He Yu, did you cheat in your college entrance exam?"

He Yu's IQ was being questioned, but he didn't have time to care. He looked at Mo Xian and asked, "Do you know that we played together once?"

"Huh?" Mo Xian lowered his head. Looking at He Yu's Platinum rank, he shook his head. "It's not possible?"

"Another account." He Yu understood Mo Xian's doubt. Schrodinger's Cat's rank was also clearly exhibited: Legend rank 45 stars.

When they last fought each other, Schrodinger's Cat's rank wasn't as high. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been matched together as Lucky Liang Feng was still in the Master rank. In a few weeks, Schrodinger's Cat was already at Legend rank 45 stars. As for the title, Glorious Legend, it was based on the ranking. Having this title meant that Schrodinger's Cat was in the top 100 of his district. This title had even more value compared to the Legend rank.

He Yu had no idea where Mo Xian found time to play the game. When he recalled when he was waiting for Schrodinger's Cat to respond to him, He Yu was even more shocked. It seemed like it was during the short period when Mo Xian used his phone on his bed every night before he slept. This meant that Schrodinger's Cat that He Yu had tried to contact was just a few feet away from him. He could've thrown off Schrodinger's Cat's gameplay by merely throwing a pillow at him.

<i>That’s really…<i>

He Yu felt increasingly speechless as he thought about it. When he wanted to say something, Su Ge had already raised his voice. "Let the game begin."

"We will talk about it later," Gao Ge said in their channel.

"Okay," He Yu responded.

Right after he responded, the opponent had already banned Zhuge Liang quickly, just like the first round against Team Huang Chao. It was a no brainer. He Yu could immediately confirm that they had been ambushed by Gao Ge before.

On Team Lang Qi's side, they did not have an initial strategy, so they did not discuss the Ban/Pick section's details beforehand. But right now, they had decided to push mid, so some discussions were still necessary.

"What about Guan Yu?" He Yu suggested.

"Okay," Gao Ge nodded and banned Guan Yu.

Guan Yu was a hero with control, damage, and movement speed. He could go around the opponent and break their formation. Since Team Lang Qi was trying to push mid together, Guan Yu was a hero that could cause significant disturbances. Banning him was sensible.

It was Team 422-424's turn to ban again. Although it wasn't as quick as before, they did not take too much time. They had chosen the second hero to be banned—Ake.

Zhao Jin Ran was shocked initially, then he said intensely, "Who said my Ake isn't threatening. Look!"

Gao Ge and Zhou Mo frowned. Zhao Jin Ran's Ake was, of course, not threatening, but the opponent had chosen to ban it. It was definitely for other purposes.

"What other heroes do you know?" Gao Ge asked.

"..." The answer she received was silence. Zhao Jin Ran, who was excited a second ago, was distressed.

Gao Ge sighed. She understood what their opponent was trying to do. They banned Ake not because Zhao Jin Ran was threatening, but because Ake was the only hero Zhao Jin Ran was familiar with. Of course, from Gao Ge's perspective, it was questionable whether Zhao Jin Ran knew how to play Ake. Even his best hero was questionable, so his other heroes were not worth mentioning.

<i>Let Schrodinger’s Cat play jungle?</i>

Gao Ge suddenly thought of the game in which Athena had amazed everyone. But the problem was that they were trying to push mid quickly, the jungle's momentum was no longer that important. Even if Schrodinger's Cat played the jungle, he wouldn't have enough time to reach his full potential.

"Tell me what to ban first," Zhou Mo said.

"What about Xiang Yu?" He Yu suggested again.

"Okay," Gao Ge agreed quickly once again.

Xiang Yu was a powerhouse hero in the early game: high survivability and decent damage. His first ability, Righteous Fervor, was destructive to the mid push strategy. It was also right to ban him.

The banning section had finished, and it was time to discuss their line-up. Because He Yu suggested the mid push strategy, they had not addressed what heroes to pick. They finally started their discussion when it came to the picking section.

Team 422-424 seemed to be well prepared and were the first to pick, and without hesitation, Marco Polo was chosen.

However, the captain of Team 422-424, Huang Bin, who had been observing Team Lang Qi, realized that Team Lang Qi had been discussing intensely since the banning section ended. They did not care even when Team 422-424 picked Marco Polo, and they just continued with their discussion. They seemed not interested in the heroes Team 422-424 picked.

Huang Bin's temper started to boil.

He Yu was right; the few in Team 422-424 had lost to Gao Ge in the past. Even now, no one from their team would say that they had reached Gao Ge's level. And now, they felt being taken lightly. Their frustration was understandable.

"Attack their jungle right away when the game starts!" Huang Bin said.

"Isn't this our plan?" His teammates were a little confused.

"Kill them all, destroy them!" Huang Bin growled.

"What's the matter with you?" They noticed Huang Bin's abnormal behavior.

When Huang Bin was going to speak, Team Lang Qi had chosen two heroes: Jiang Ziya and Li Yuanfang.

"The Jiang Ziya strategy?" Although Team Lang Qi did not bother about Team 422-424's choices, Team 422-424 had started discussing Team Lang Qi's line-up.

Jiang Ziya's passive ability, Inner Power, could help to boost teammates' experience. Heroes in a team with Jiang Ziya would be a higher level compared to their opponent. With the level advantage, they could quickly attack the Tyrant, ambush enemies, and widen the two teams' gold gap. Even when everyone had already reached level 15, and the passive ability became no longer useful, the team could already win the game with the advantages they had accumulated previously.

In KPL tournaments, the Jiang Ziya strategy was a strategy that almost every team was familiar with. But this strategy was virtually nonexistent in usual public games because it required full cooperation as a team.

But the situation in Team Lang Qi right now was… 

"A random guy and a noob. The Jiang Ziya strategy? I don't believe it," Huang Bin said.

"Maybe there weren't any other heroes that they knew how to play, so they picked Jiang Ziya, which would be useful to help Gao Ge and Zhou Mo in gaining early game advantages," his teammates predicted.

"If we still played like how we used to play, this strategy might work against us," Huang Bin said.

"Hahaha," the whole team laughed. The surprise that they looked forward to so much was finally coming.

"Destroy them!" Huang Bin continued to shout. Team 422-424 picked the next two heroes according to their plan: Su Lie and Taiyi Zhenren.

It was again Team Lang Qi's turn. They did not take too long this time, and two heroes were chosen: Zhong Wuyan, Hou Yi.

"Two marksmen?" Team 422-242 was not surprised when they saw Zhong Wuyan, but they were shocked when Hou Yi was chosen.

"Maybe Li Yuanfang as jungler. Hou Yi going to the side lane?" someone suggested.

"Gao Ge's mage isn't locked in yet. Is she scared that we might counter her?" another one said.

"Whatever. Pick Prince of Lanling, later." Huang Bin had finally adjusted the line-up according to the opponent's line-up. Team 422-424 had picked Prince of Lanling as jungler and Ying Zheng as the mid-laner.

"Let's see what she picks," Team 422-424 raised their heads and looked at Gao Ge. Although Zhou Mo wasn't someone to be taken lightly either, Gao Ge was still the one that they were most afraid of.

Team Lang Qi's fifth hero was picked under everyone's attention.

A fearless teenage that was always protected by his dad~

Liu Shan was chosen.