The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 8

"Perfect?" Mo Xian, who was always silent, suddenly turned to look at He Yu.

"Mo Xian, be careful of what you're going to say," He Yu said and glanced at Mo Xian, indicating Gao Ge's side.

His interaction with Mo Xian had always been formal: "Good morning," "Thank you," "Sorry," or "Goodbye." Even less formal communication like "Have you eaten?" was rare. After realizing Mo Xian was also a player of the King's Glory, they fought together, and the distance between them seemed to have disappeared. Their interactions became more natural and comfortable.

"Huh?" Mo Xian seemed to have not understood He Yu's sign. He glanced at Gao Ge and turned his head back. "I just wanted to say the play was smart."

"Of course, Senior Gao has three tricks: Red Sentinel ganks, Blue Sentinel ganks, and river ganks. Which one was it, senior?" He Yu asked.

"You're talking a lot today," Gao Ge glanced at him.

"We should interact more with a new teammate here," He Yu said.

"It's your roommate," Gao Ge emphasized once again.

"Hahaha." He Yu's awkward echoed across the channel.

"They're coming," Gao Ge ignored his laughter and said.

"Noted." He Yu nodded.

Liu Shan, Li Yuanfang, Hou Yi, and Zhou Mo's Zhong Wuyan gathered to ambush Team 422-424 in their Blue Sentinel zone. Team Lang Qi had quickly destroyed Team 422-424's bottom turret. When Team 422-424 was still fighting with Gao Ge's Jiang Ziya in the middle lane, they quickly snuck into Team 422-424's Blue Sentinel zone and hid in the bush beside the pit. Zhou Mo's Zhong Wuyan had already checked the river and jungle beforehand. When he realized the opposing team was all in the middle lane, he stole a jungle monster and met up with He Yu and the others.

"The cat and I will control them. You guys deal damage. Prioritize Marco and Ying Zheng," Zhou Mo said.

"The cat?" He Yu couldn't help but laugh when he heard Zhou Mo.

"Erm, what is your name, the kind student?" Zhou Mo borrowed Gao Ge's term.

"Mo Xian," Mo Xian answered.

"Mo Xian, I will initiate later. You follow behind," Zhou Mo said.

"Or I initiate first, and you deal damage?" Mo Xian said.

"I trust you," He Yu encouraged Mo Xian.

"They're here," Mo Xian's focus had returned to the game.

Team 422-424 became demotivated after failing to destroy the turret and losing two teammates, but they couldn't leave the side lane alone. Heroes were weak in the early game. Although Liu Shan was with Li Yuanfang, Hou Yi, and a full wave of minions, they destroyed the turret. But the drag of time had also given time for the second wave of minions to arrive. If they did not defend now, Team Lang Qi could destroy their second turret with the second wave of minions. They were not letting this happen.

Su Lie walked in front, and Ying Zheng and Marco Polo followed behind. The three of them quickly rushed towards their Blue Sentinel zone. Su Ge, who had the full vision of the game, watched the game with full attention. When he saw Team 422-424's movement, he sighed in his heart, but there weren't any expressions on his face. There was a previous incident where a team from the psychology program had successfully deduced the situation of the game through the judge's expression several times. After that, the club required all judges to hide their emotions. A poker face was the best.

"Beware of ambushes!" the captain, Huang Bin, felt something and suddenly shouted when Su Lie would walk past the Blue Sentinel pit.

Su Lie stopped immediately.

"Walk around the pit," Huang Bin said.

Su Lie, who was going to make a right turn, continued to walk forward. Marco Polo and Ying Zheng released their abilities to check the bush. Resplendent Revolver and King's Punishment were thrown at the bush beside the blue sentinel pit.

"We are exposed!" Zhao Jin Ran shouted in panic and quickly ran away from the bush. Mo Xian's Liu Shan came out from the bush soon, not to dodge the damage, but to charge towards Ying Zheng and Marco Polo after using his first ability, Overcharge.

"Hurry up and get over here," Mo Xian's tone was calm, but Ying Zheng and Marco Polo, who initiated the fight, panicked first.

The two heroes were still at level one. Ying Zheng had used his first ability, so he had no other skills except basic attacks. Marco Polo's situation was even more awkward. The bullets of his first ability were still firing at the bush, but Liu Shan was already charging him. He wanted to aim at Liu Shan, but he was sandwiched between two walls, and there wasn't much space for him to adjust his position.

Pew pew pew pew…

Marco Polo's pistols' swept across the valley, but the bullets looked like a joke as Huang Bin moved in panic.

Huang Bin and Ying Zheng tried to retreat to the middle turret instinctively, but Mo Xian's Liu Shan had reached them with the boosted movement speed from his first ability. Although the two had already entered the turret's range, Liu Shan's enhanced attack from his first ability still managed to hit them. The two flew into the air. Zhong Wuyan, who was in the pit, used her first ability to jump over the wall. A heavy hammer smashed on the ground, followed by the second ability, Shock and Awe. Both the skills hit them accurately, and the petrification effect was also triggered. Marco Polo and Ying Zheng stood there like statues.

Zhong Wuyan had stolen a jungle monster after checking the surroundings earlier. Together with the bonus experience from Jiang Ziya's passive ability, she had reached level two successfully. Zhong Wuyan's damage was terrifying in the early game. Moreover, Zhou Mo had accurately used both the first and second abilities, and the damage from the second ability was even doubled and landed on the bodies of Marco Polo and Ying Zheng. Even Zhao Jin Ran, who panicked and tried to run away, had felt safe.

But the two still tried their best to strike back at their enemies.

Su Lie, who was in front, was shocked when his two teammates were dying. When he turned back, both Marco Polo and Ying Zheng were slain instantly. Two more from Team 422-424 had died. One the other hand, those in Team Lang Qi were not hurt much. Even though Su Lie had two lives, he didn't dare to fight four of them alone and retreated.

"Push mid, Zhong Wuyan push the right lane," Gao Ge instructed. She had made some adjustments according to the game. As the second wave of minions arrived, the three-person tower destroying squad attacked the middle turret. The right lane was being threatened, too, as Zhong Wuyan cleared the minions and pressured the opponent's turret.

Two of them from Team 422-424 that had died in the earlier fight were revived, but they had no idea which lane to go. Su Lie stood under the second turret of the middle lane. He watched the opponent destroying their first turret in the middle lane and asked the captain, "Are we defending?"