The King's Moment - Volume 2 Chapter 9

Do we secure it?

Another multiple-choice question was thrown over to Huang Bin’s side, making him more anxious than ever. He found himself missing Team 422-424 in that split second. The five of them did whatever they wanted without any tricks or cooperation. They didn’t even need any instructions. They would boast about themselves when they win and would scold their teammates when they lose. Everything was so free. But what about now? He even had to decide whether to secure the turret or not. How would I know if we should secure it or not?

Huang Bin almost said that out loud, but he stopped himself. He looked around for a bit and decided anyways: “Taiyi, you go support the second turret on the side lane, Prince of Lanling and Su Lie, retreat to the second turret in the middle lane.”

The first turret in the middle lane couldn’t be secured by relying on only Su Lie, hence it was abandoned.

Zhou Mo’s Zhong Wu Yan hammered all the minions in just three blows at the front of the second tower on the side lane. This treatment regarding killing all the minions by himself was rare, and Zhong Wu Yan, who rose to the level 3 easily moved into the jungle area.

At the middle lane where the turrets were left unprotected, the three people in charge of tearing down the turret took down the first turret from the middle lane. After doing so, they advanced forward.

Prince of Lanling and Su Lie had already touched down and were before the turret. Three players from the enemies’ side approached along with the minions, ignoring the two guards.

“Clear out the minions first.” Huang Bin, who was about to revive, said after watching the situation.

What, are we going to kill someone?

Su Lie and Prince of Lanling stared at the three people in front of them and thought to themselves before backing up for a bit, preparing to clear the minions after they entered. Liu Shan marched into the turret’s firing range along with the minions, as if Su Lie and Prince of Lanling who were guarding the turret didn’t exist at all. He waved his Robo Claw towards the turret before the marksman had even begun to start attacking.

We can’t just watch and do nothing, right?

Su Lie and Prince of Lanling charged forward together. One of them threw himself against Liu Shan utilizing The Undefeated, while the other tossed out a Shadow Strike Dagger. Liu Shan moved to the side, and both the abilities missed. Prince of Lanling was still at the back, however, Su Lie was charging towards the marksmen’s line of sight.
He was greeted by Li Yuanfang’s Target Sighted and Hou Yi’s Afterglow meanwhile Jiang Ziya who was already in good condition behind the two marksmen, had begun to stack his skill Repentance.

Su Lie had no choice but to utilize everything he had under such circumstances. He waved his pillar, attempting to clear out the minions, but before he could do so, Liu Shan turned back and dashed towards him, throwing out a Provoke while he punched Su Lie away. The turret stopped attacking, and they all started mauling Su Lie.

The effect of Jiang Ziya’s Repentance skill was to decrease the target’s moving speed largely, but it also has a hidden effect to decrease the target’s physical and spell defense.

Su Lie was already behind the others in terms of levels, which meant he was short of hundreds of gold compared to all the others. Now that his defense was decreased while also being mauled at the same time, he collapsed right away, and three smoke signals appeared beside him.

Prince of Lanling was right beside him, but he didn’t dare to step on them. Liu Shan had given him a Robo Claw, and that was expected. He was keener on the details as he realized that Liu Shan had kept his second skill reserved just for him.

Prince of Lanling didn’t dare approach, and no one could light up the smoke signals beside Su Lie who was weak. How were they going to make it? Ying Zheng and Marco Polo who were on their way to support them were getting anxious when they witnessed everything that just happened. Liu Shan, on the other hand, was strolling around the turret.

He only suffered one attack from the turret throughout the whole strategy, including after killing Su Lie, a character with two lives. And that one attack could be ignored since he covered that with his Overcharge when he was taking a walk.

“That was great!” He Yu exclaimed.

He and Zhao Jin Ran didn’t need to operate anything at all. All they had to do was to let their characters do their thing, since Liu Shan had settled everything.

Charging towards the turret in order to entice the enemies into attacking, moving aside to avoid attacks, controlling the turret, controlling the characters, all these movements had to be perfect. Only experts would understand the brilliance and difficulty of all these actions. Zhao Jin Ran, who only knew to count Quadra Kills and Penta Kills, knew nothing about those, and was excited over killing Su Lie.

However, in He Yu’s eyes, everything that Mo Xian did with Liu Shan had absolutely no flaws at all. Not even a professional player would be able to perform better than that.

Mo Xian didn’t have any reaction whatsoever towards He Yu’s praise and amazement. He was extremely focused, controlling Liu Shan to return after strolling around the turret. Prince of Lanling, who was about to try into clearing out minions, retreated right away. Huang Bin, who was on his way, yelled in frustration when he saw that: “What are you scared of? There are no other Provokes!”

Prince of Lanling caught on and returned to his position, charging towards Liu Shan. His Shadow Dagger was clutched firmly in his hand in preparation to utilize consecutive skills in order to control Liu Shan right under the turret after he got near to him.

Liu Shan realized what Prince of Lanling was planning and started retreating. However, everything was too late. Prince of Lanling’s Shadow Dagger already flew out, aiming towards Liu Shan. The first skill wouldn’t be able to strike Liu Shan, but any target that was struck by the Shadow Dagger would be deprived of 90% of moving speed for two seconds. Prince of Lanling would make his move under a second.

But before he could make it, a boom rumbled beneath him, and a circle of energy was detonated. Prince of Lanling couldn’t control himself and started slipping down towards the turret.


Jiang Ziya’s second skill flicked Prince of Lanling precisely towards Hou Yi and Li Yuanfang’s attacking range. But without Liu Shan’s previous lure, the distance of Jiang Ziya’s skill would still miss it by a few inches. Gao Ge was about to ask Mo Xian to do so, but before he said anything, Mo Xian already did it. That meant that he already realized the position her Jiang Ziya was in, guessed her plan, and created a chance? Gao Ge thought to herself as she turned to glance at Mo Xian, who was still with a straight face.

Attacking the enemies’ heroes in the turret’s attacking range would make yourself a target as well even though there were minions around. Everyone including Zhao Jin Ran knew about it. The characters backed off and exited the turret’s attack range when Prince of Lanling approached and after Gao Ge yelled for them to kill. They started attacking Prince of Lanling, who turned, making an attempt to run. However, Liu Shan blocked his escape. Luckily, the Shadow Dagger which managed to strike him just now was still effective, and if he could strike Liu Shan again, it would stun him and buy Prince of Lanling some time to escape.

Eventually, Liu Shan’s Robo Claw managed to strike his target first. Mo Xian’s speed and reflexes prevailed, and he managed to send Prince of Lanling into a stun before he could attack. Although it was merely a second, it was already fatal for Prince of Lanling. Hou Yi and Li Yuanfang’s attack followed up and before the Prince of Lanling could do anything, he had already collapsed.

“What are you doing?!”

Huang Bin yelled anxiously. Marco Polo and Ying Zheng had finally arrived. Taiyi Zhenren who cleared out all the minions on the right side was on his way to provide support, too. However, two of their teammates were already killed. The turret wasn’t taken down yet, but Huang Bin didn’t forget that Team Lang Qi had brought two Provokes with them. Liu Shan used his just now, but there was still another one with Zhong Wuyan! Plus, having Liu Shan’s first and second skill adding to the effect of Provoke would be enough to take the turret down.

“Where’s Zhong Wuyan?” Huang Bin hesitated as he couldn’t find Zhong Wuyan anywhere. 
There were still minions under the second turret, although time was wasted when they were killing off people, Liu Shan and his wonderful control towards the turret didn’t cause too many casualties. We can still make it.

Ying Zheng was walking around behind the turret, attempting to clear out minions by taking advantage of his skills, however, Mo Xian saw through his plans right away and blocked his position with Liu Shan. All Ying Zheng could do in the end was to utilize his skill on Liu Shan while having Huang Bin’s Marco Polo shower a barrage of bullets on him as well. But in the face of Liu Shan’s exquisite movement, their attacks didn’t even break the defense of the Overcharge. Liu Shan turned to strike at the turret once more, and by the time he healed himself, the second turret finally went down.