On this fateful day, the history of both the Soaring Sky Empire and the Ye Family was about to be altered forever. At this moment, not only Ye Family but all the loyal subjects of the former emperor would also be killed and replaced. 

Thus, among these people here, some of them would be dead inevitably, even if they surrendered. 

“Fatty, go over there!” Ye Lang told Zhen Xiaoyan. She was the only person who could be ignored as she had nothing to do with these battles. As long as she went over there, she’d be absolutely safe. 

“Oh!” responded Zhen Xiaoyan. She then began to walk a few steps, but she soon stopped and turned her head to look at Ye Lang, “Are you not coming along?” 

“I’ll be dead quicker if I went there. Go ahead, you don’t have to stay here and accompany us!” laughed Ye Lang. 

“Then I’m not going, I want to accompany you!” Zhen Xiaoyan walked back and stood beside Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang patted Zhen Xiaoyan’s head and said gently, “Stupid fatty, you would only die in vain if you stay here, why bother? Quickly go over there!” 

Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head and said softly, “No! I’ve promised you that I’ll cook for you for the rest of my life. If you go to heaven, I’ll be there too, if not how am I going to cook for you?” 

“...” Many people were touched by the words of Zhen Xiaoyan. Ye Lang was really lucky to find such a good friend. She would even accompany him to heaven just to cook for him! 

“Are you stupid? You don’t have to eat anymore after you’re dead!” said Ye Lang faintly. 

“How do you know about that? Maybe we do. Stop asking me to leave!” said Zhen Xiaoyan very seriously. 

“Whatever. It’s good that you’re here anyway. Do you remember what I gave you before?” Ye Lang no longer insisted. He surveyed the surroundings, trying to find a flaw he could exploit.

What thing? Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to ask Ye Lang. However, when she saw him thinking deeply about something, she didn’t want to disturb him. 

At this moment, the number of people at the square was decreasing quickly. As soon as the first person entered the palace, it was as if there was a hole in an embankment, and people started rushing in. 

This group of people consisted of the most intelligent, adaptable ones or they wouldn’t be here now. 

Zhao Yarou had just killed the emperor. It would be easier for them to settle the matter like this. Huang Yanjing was dead and now Zhao Yarou obviously had the most power. How could they not choose her? 

“Ye Lang! I know you won’t die so easily. You need to remember that you still owe me something!” Sha Lan went beside Ye Lang and told him this, and then proceeded to enter the palace. 

Ye Lang ignored her. He was still deep in thought. 

“Alright, only you all are left. I’ll give you all three more minutes. If you don’t come over, I’ll bring you to meet your lovely father!” said Zhao Yarou. Her eyes were paying attention to Ye Lang because she knew that if there were any variables now, it’d definitely be Ye Lang. 

“I want to, but do you think I can?” laughed Ye Yi. 

“You can, but you’d have to walk sideways!” Zhao Yarou waved her hands and the nearby archers and executioners began to close in with their knives and axes.

[Note: to walk sideways could also mean your body is carried horizontally- you're dead.] 

These soldiers could obviously enter the no-magic zone. Without the presence of douqi or magic, these ordinary soldiers could probably be better at fighting than the masters here. There were so many soldiers, it would be a piece of cake to kill the people inside. 

In fact, they could kill all the people who were at the square, let alone the dozens of people left! 

… Swoosh… The people from Ye Family soon formed a formation and met with the people who stayed to fight for the last battle… Although they didn’t have douqi or magic powers, they were still masters, and they could still fight in close quarters. They would never sit and wait for their death! 

The soldiers approached slowly. Ye Family and other people were waiting and preparing to attack… “Ye Lang, come in! What are you doing?” Everyone noticed Zhen Xiaoyan’s scream. Ye Lang didn’t move when everyone was moving, he was left outside. 

“Brother!” Ye Lanyu didn’t care. She threw herself over to drag Ye Lang inside.

But Ye Lang didn’t move at all. He didn’t move a muscle even after she tugged with all her might.

What was happening??

At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused on Ye Lang. They didn’t understand what he was doing and they were also nervous at the same time because this might be a turning point for them. 

Everyone knew that Ye Lang was a variable and might do something out of everyone’s expectations. Maybe this would be the solution to this dead-end situation! 

However, everyone also knew that maybe Ye Lang was just dozing off. It wasn’t the first time he’d done this! 

Were they going to be alive or dead? 

This depended on Ye Lang… “I’m thinking!” said Ye Lang.

“There’s no time for you to think right now, come with me,” Ye Lanyu was still trying hard to pull Ye Lang along with her. 

Ye Lang reached out to grab Ye Lanyu’s hand and then slowly removed it from his body…

 “I’m thinking, are they not able to use the magic elements too if I can’t use them?” asked Ye Lang while pointing at the soldiers who were surrounding him. 

It wasn’t clear who this question was directed to, it could be Ye Lanyu, Ye Chengtian or maybe Zhao Yarou!! 

“Of course, this is the deactivation formation, no one is able to use the magic here!” Ye Lanyu said gruffly, “You’re an alchemy genius, I’m sure you would know.” 

“I do! The deactivation formation uses an enchantment border to isolate all the magical elements. It requires an extremely complex alchemy formation and it needs a huge energy source for support. The larger the range, the complexity increases and more energy will be needed! The range of the deactivation formation is from the entrance of the palace to the tower over there, to there, and to the other side of there… The total range will be around 100,000 square meters, which consumes a lot of energy. That’s why it isn’t usually activated unless there is a major event!” 

Ye Lang was talking as if he was counting his family heirloom, describing everything about the deactivation formation. However, this wasn’t surprising, everyone knew this. 

“This means that the people within this range wouldn’t be able to use the magic elements, and they would just be an ordinary person!” Ye Lang said with a smile, “This is fair, at least for me, this is the fairest!!” 

“How is it fair? You can’t use any alchemy weapons now, so what are you going to do? You can’t fight with your bare hands, right?” Zhao Yarou said with disdain. 

“Sister, go there!” Ye Lang cracked his knuckles, then walked slowly towards the group of soldiers.