“Quick, stop dreaming and cross over these walls! I can’t make the opening a flat piece of land for you!” reminded Ye Lang quickly as he noticed everyone in a daze. 

“Go!” yelled Ye Yi. There was no time to waste! 

Some had to satisfy their curiosity after the whole ordeal. The answer to it was rather shocking, the string Ye Lang used to trigger the destruction of the wall was actually rather weak itself. However, it caused an interruption in the originally stable alchemy formations, causing the energy field to receive mixed signals then causing the wall’s internal structures to collapse. 

It was no easy feat to disrupt the balance of energy of the formation within, everything was built with extra care and with extreme attention to detail. It was the first defence of the kingdom for goodness sake! 

Though so, Ye Lang had managed to find a loophole in the concept and used his humble launcher to trigger such ambitious destruction! 

Speaking of which, let us talk about his alchemy launcher. This weapon of his allowed flexible adjustments to power and combinations of elements at ease. 

All Ye Lang needed to do was to figure out the ratio and relevant calculations then feeding in the right magical elements into the wall’s alchemy formation. That was enough to cause a massive collapse of formations!  

It sounded simple when put in that manner but in reality, it was extremely hard to achieve. 

Not only did it required Ye Lang to formulate the number of elements he needed precisely, but it also required him to calculate the amount of energy to send off the elements into the wall! Not to mention, he also had to calculate the loss of light energy emitted from the launcher! 

All of the mentioned was very important!

Thankfully, he had done the brainwork some time ago, or else he’d have a hard time doing so while running for his life. 

Now, the question was… what were his intentions in calculating these? It seems like he had once wanted to use such a strategy to run away. Purely from home, not from the grasp of the kingdom. 

If anyone had known of his goal back then, they probably would’ve facepalmed at how unnecessary the plan was. Really? Destroying the border walls just to escape home? 

But now, everyone was celebrating for the fact he had thought of doing that… 

Back to the story. Everyone was very focused on the task at hand, which was to escape from the kingdom. They helped many who were not users of magic and douqi across the obstacles, which was thankfully a relatively simple task as most knew at least some magic or douqi. 

Without the help of douqi and magic, the escape through the opening Ye Lang had blasted open would be a gruelling task! 

The current situation proved to be rather strenuous for the magicians but at least they wouldn’t be as exhausted as the normal civilians. The magicians provided a lot of magical support for this part of the escape. 

Unfortunately, a more severe problem had arisen. There was still a long path to take before they were out of the kingdom’s attack range. Simply passing through the border did not mean safety, they needed to leave the full area of the Soaring Sky Empire’s influence. 

Keyword, influence. The Soaring Sky Empire’s influence extended far beyond its borders to the surrounding kingdoms. They needed to reach the areas of influence under the Vermillion Bird Empire to be guaranteed with complete safety, but that was not a confirmed fact either!

Simply put, there was still a long, long way to go! 

As soon as they made across the border walls, military troupes were already rushing towards them from both sides as expected. There was no way the military could miss such a huge explosion! If they did, they definitely weren’t worthy of being part of the royal military.

Sure enough, the military troupe and special forces charging towards them in a flurry were shocked by the hole in the thick, magic-protected border walls. The initial strategy was to attack them at the border gates! 

“Ye Lang, why are you stopping?!” Zhen Xiaoyan’s scream brought everyone’s attention to the boy. 

After making his way out through the opening, Ye Lang had stopped moving as he eyed the charging troupe from both sides! 

“Brother, what are you thinking about?” asked Ye Lanyu. 

“We need horses now! We won’t be able to outrun them without it!” exclaimed Ye Lang as he furrowed his brows. He had thought of it as he caught sight of some of the approaching armies on their horses.    


“We all know that very well but now is not the time to think! Quick, run!” yelled Ye Chengtian helplessly. 

Ye Lang shook his head and replied, “No, we have to snatch it from them now. The ones with horses will arrive earlier than the others, giving us some buffer time! We have to do it now or we’ll be in big trouble when the massive troupe behind catches up!” 

Ye Yi and the others fell silent, they understood his meaning right away. They were too clouded by panic to think of such an idea. 

Ye Lang let out a big sigh of regret, “If only I had completed my flying ship, we wouldn’t have to escape so frantically!” 

Flying ship? What? No one understood him. 

“Then why didn’t you finish it?” asked Ye Lanyu straightforwardly. 

“I really wanted to! But the design wasn’t complete and there were no suitable materials to make it a reality. The cost was too high!” muttered Ye Lang in reply. 

“If YOU think the cost was too high, then there’s no need to even consider it anymore!” said Ye Chengtian immediately. 

Usually, the prodigal Ye Lang would have no regards to how high the cost was but if even he had found it too costly, that would mean that the price was intimidatingly sky high. The entirety of the Ye Family’s fortune probably wouldn’t be able to cover it!

“Fuck, I’m so dumb. I regret it so much. I should’ve just proceeded to production and use up all of our money! Now we have nothing!”  Ye Lang flailed his limbs around in frustration. 


“Relax! They could take away all of our possessions in the kingdom but they can’t take all of it away!” said Ye Yi with a reassuring smile, promising Ye Lang a secret that he’d find out later on. 

But Ye Lang could already guess it, “Oh, I see. You must’ve made some prior preparations, hiding away part of our fortune and influence. That means I can still squander money! Yay, I thought I was really done for!”


God, how could he still think about squandering money while stuck in a life or death situation… 

At least the odd items he had bought throughout the years proved useful for their escape. If it wasn’t for them, the bunch wouldn’t have made it here unscathed! 

“Grandpa, Dad, let’s go get some horses! Everyone, follow behind us with a distance. Fatty, look after them,” ordered Ye Lang before he started to run towards the fast approaching horse-riding army. 

Ye Lang ran without any use of his douqi at a speed that didn’t look fast from afar, but was actually very fast when you tried to catch up.


Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian glanced at each other, letting out a big sigh. Soon, the two men started to chase after Ye Lang, using their douqi on their feet. 


It was at this moment that everyone noticed that Ye Lang was in fact, still leading despite not using any douqi. 

Although Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian weren’t using high-level douqi, their current speed was fast enough to overtake any veteran. But Ye Lang wasn’t using any.

It was all too weird of a phenomenon. No one had the time to ask due to the current situation they were in, it didn’t feel like an appropriate time either.

Ye Lang was truly a wildcard!