“Nevermind, you can learn later. It shouldn’t be difficult for you,” Ye Chengtian was speechless at his own son, but he couldn’t blame him. 

However, there was no time to give this more thought. The father couldn’t possibly persuade his son to pick the skill up as they were running for their lives. It was difficult to request Ye Lang to learn something, often times the boy did not find a viable reason for himself to do so. If Ye Chengtian let Ye Lang decide for himself, he wouldn’t even be able to ride a horse by the time the following year ended. 

“We’ll see! Sister, come to the back! Mom, grandma, come to the back too!” commanded Ye Lang as he put the telescope down. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Ye Lanyu. She wasn’t too far from her brother, making her the fastest to close their distance. Long Anqi and Ruan Lian’er quickly followed suit.  

“Grandma, use your magic to create a large pool of water in the back. Mom, sister, freeze the pool and make sure the ice extends into a wide area! Make sure they don’t find out!” instructed Ye Lang. 

His plan was easy to understand. It was to create a distraction for the army by freezing the land over, buying everyone some time.

It was simple but very effective! 

However, there was something Ye Lanyu couldn’t comprehend. “Why do you need grandma to use her magic? I could just freeze the area directly.”

“We need the largest area of ice possible! You can’t achieve that alone, stupid!” answered Ye Lang bluntly. 

“How dare you call me stupid! I’ll finish you!” threatened Ye Lanyu while showing her tightly clenched fist.

“I refuse to carry on with this fight!” replied Ye Lang, making a smart opt for silence. 


After a small voice of dissatisfaction from Ye Lanyu, the ladies quickly launched Ye Lang’s plan, creating a large ice sheet behind them. Then, they started to add long ice pillars with a tight squeeze in between them according to Ye Lang’s instructions. Towards the end, they started to freestyle their placement of icy obstacles.

The more confused their enemy was, the better! They needed more time! 

The distraction was effective, many of the armies were soon caught up in between the icy pillars, forcing them to pause their efforts in chasing down the escapees. The frozen area was so vast that it required them a long time to use fire magic to melt the structures down. Unfortunately, that brought on a new problem as the ground became very wet. 

Soon enough, Ye Lang and the bunch had successfully outrun them. However, they weren’t safe just yet as they were still within the territories of the Soaring Sky Empire. They may have gotten rid of the troupe behind but there was surely more military support ahead waiting for their arrival. 

If they were trapped, the troupe behind would surely be able to catch up with them and soon the escapees would find themselves in a messy situation. A decision had to be made. 

“We have too many of us, it’ll be easy for them to trap us all! We should split up and reunite in the Vermillion Bird Empire!” suggested Ye Chengtian. 

“That’s a good idea but we’ll exhaust our stamina faster that way! It may be better for us to remain together!” rebuked Ye Lang unsurely. 

The plan would work better if the escapees were only made up of the veterans. However, that wasn't the case at the moment, there were still weaker ability users and many regular civilians among the bunch! A split would land a good half of them in the grasp of the enemy. 

Sometimes a sacrifice was needed for the greater good but there wasn’t such a need yet. There was still a chance! 

“Then what should we do?” asked Ye Chengtian genuinely. Everyone had the utmost confidence in Ye Lang’s ability, they truly believed that the boy would bring them all to safety, the journey was already a great proof of his competence. 

Though everyone was still worried that Ye Lang would provide dumb suggestions as he did in the past, it seemed like Ye Lang was still very competent. He wasn’t making any mistakes he used to make. Yeah, they could still put their faith in him! 

“Continue running forward. Sometimes a larger crowd could do us good, that way they’ll know where we’ve gone!” said Ye Lang with a smile.

“Showing them our path doesn’t sound good at all! How is that good?” everyone was perplexed by his words. 

“Well, they’d only see our direction but they wouldn’t know our next course of action. There will be more opportunities to get rid of them!” assured Ye Lang with a smile. 

Ye Lang’s words were aimed at a certain few within their bunch. Many of them were skilled and experienced war strategists and generals, they’d definitely be able to offer some sort of solution. 

“Then what do you suggest we do next?” asked Ye Chengtian with a smile of relief. 

“I don’t know!” answered Ye Lang bluntly. 

“You don’t know? What do you mean you don’t know?” Ye Chengtian was puzzled, the smile disappeared from his face. 

“I have absolutely no idea! Honestly, you all should be the one coming out with strategies, not me! I’m not familiar with the kingdom’s military formations so I can’t think of corresponding countermeasures!” answered Ye Lang irresponsibly while taking a large munch off a cake Zhen Xiaoyan made. 

Everyone fell silent. 

The kid was too much, how could he say something so worrying at a dire time like this? However, his suggestion still made sense. 

It was definitely out of Ye Lang’s abilities to suggest their next step, not only was he not familiar with military formations, he was completely clueless about their path to the Vermilion Bird Empire. There was no one more suitable for this than the few among the bunch, they were basically important authority figures of the kingdom and they knew everything about it like the back of their hand! 

They were valuable assets! 

“Actually, it’s about time we made some contribution. We can’t just depend on Ye Lang alone,” reasoned Ye Yi as he glanced towards his sons and grandsons. He hoped that every one of his descendants was of outstanding ability. 

Now seemed like the right time to spark their capabilities even if there was a possible price to pay. But if they could learn something valuable from it, it would be all worth it! 

“Thirteenth brother’s words just reminded me of something. I have an idea and if we do it right, we’ll definitely get to safety in no time!” voiced the third son of the Ye family. 

The third son was a genius in military affairs and strategy, winning many wars with his amazing planning. The thirty-three-year-old man was the current general of the Soaring Sky Empire military!

“Go on!” urged Ye Yi. 

“Alright, first we’ll…” the third son told them his plan. Ye Lang was glad he made such a choice, it was absolutely right for their situation. There was no way he could come up with something like that even if he pushed himself to do so. 

His third brother was truly a genius, being able to create an amazingly detailed plan in such a short time! 

By using his plan and taking advantage of the kingdom’s current issues, there was no doubt they could even turn the military troupe to stand on their side! 

Though news would reach the ears of the other civilians in no time, there would still be a buffer period of time and mass confusion. From there, the bunch could work towards their goal and progress to the next step of their plan!