“Go away, don’t disturb me!” Ye Lang was very direct only because she was Zhen Xiaoyan. He’d already chased her away once, why would he be gentle again?

Meanwhile, he was also thinking about what fatty said. He was the one who always wanted her as his cook, it was surprising to hear her say she wanted him to eat her food forever. What was going on? Ye Lang couldn’t figure it out and didn’t have the time to care either. 

“Little Seven, why aren’t you talking?” The seventh princess hadn’t made a sound. She was about to leave quietly, which was very strange to Ye Lang. 

“What do you want me to say? If I said I wanted to stay behind with you, would you agree?” asked the seventh princess in a low voice as she lowered her head. 

“... I think you should stop right there!” replied Ye Lang firmly. 

Everyone bade Ye Lang farewell, leaving him alone as he continued drawing the alchemy formation. The rest sped as fast as they could, putting a ten-mile distance between them if possible. This was what Ye Lang wanted and the only thing they could do at the moment. 

Ten miles away, everyone turned to look back at Ye Lang almost simultaneously. What they saw was an alchemy formation spanning a diameter of about twenty meters on the ground where Ye Lang stood. There were even sub-formations of different sizes within the formation.

There were currently various magic stones placed at different points of the formation too- magic stones acted as catalysts for formations. This was a very mysterious yet beautiful work of art. 

Meanwhile, the large troop behind had already caught up to him. They maintained a distance of ten miles between them and Ye Lang, not moving forward. 

Soldiers filed in like gushing water, surrounding Ye Lang like flowing water around a stone. These were the ones who continued charging forward to chase down the rest. 

Approaching an alchemist who was drawing an alchemy formation was commonly considered very dangerous and irrational. Although the soldiers didn’t know Ye Lang, they were wary of getting any closer to him- imagine if they knew him! 

“Thirteenth prince! Long time no see. You should surrender now. We will guarantee your safety, the empress will not harm you!” 

There was a familiar face among the troop. Well, more like someone who was familiar with Ye Lang but Ye Lang, of course, didn’t recognise him. 

From his words, he wasn’t going to let Ye Lang die in the hands of Zhao Yarou. In fact, he wasn’t the only one. Ye Lang had many well-established connections everywhere. In reality, if Ye Lang was arrested now,  he would be fine because many people would bail him out. 

Zhao Yarou might not expect this either, she wouldn’t realize Ye Lang was so popular that so many people would protect him despite the fact that he had already lost his status. She might have made a mistake there.

“I trust you all but not that crazy woman. She will do anything! Oh, you guys have already entered the zone. Don’t blame me then, my apologies if you’re trapped in my formation,” said Ye Lang before he pressed both hands on the ground…

Ye Lang’s hands began to glow, followed by the alchemy formation. Beams of light shot from his hands as the entire alchemy formation lit up.

As light spread through the entire formation, these light beams were now shooting outwards in a very uniform manner as if drawing another formation big enough to cover the lands. This gigantic formation swallowed the troop up easily, for they were only ten miles away. 

“What’s this?”

The troop began to panic because they had never witnessed such a paranormal event. Of course such an odd phenomenon would terrify them, especially if they were experiencing one!

“Rise!” As Ye Lang shouted hastily, the light rays grew brighter and blinding...

The land began to shake. Numerous earthen walls and mounds emerged from the land…



The troop was severely shaken by earthen walls and mounds emerging from the ground so suddenly.

With their current level of fear, anything else might just make them lose their minds!

To their surprise, nothing happened. 

Perhaps this was Ye Lang’s limit? 

Even so, everyone was already amazed at Ye Lang’s alchemy abilities to be able to control a radius of ten miles. It was terrifying. Was Ye Lang unable to fully summon what he intended due to limits in his strength?

Of course not! He would never miscalculate his abilities, never do anything beyond his limit! This was exactly what he planned. 

Not every plan had to involve more alchemy formations, there were other kinds of formations too. 

The troop had reorganised and began to advance again. They charged between the earthen walls as planned, pass all the pillars and walls. Yet, they found they could never escape out of the space no matter how hard they ran. 

Someone thought Ye Lang might’ve trapped them in a maze so they broke a few walls. However, after they broke the wall, they found themselves facing more walls.  The best way to describe it was as if they were in another inescapable new world! 

What did Ye Lang do? This was similar to Zhu Geliang’s (a famous Chinese strategist) Formation of Nine Halls Diagram and Eight Trigrams that baffled armies of a hundred thousand. 

This formation was also used in Qimen Forecast- the Eight-Trigram formation. This formation was used to trap someone when the intention was not to kill. 

Bear in mind that Ye Lang wasn’t only an alchemist. He could merge Qimen Forecast into alchemy. Using alchemy, he was able to manipulate his environment enough to summon this formation. 

Alchemy also allowed more effective control over a formation so it could be adjusted as desired. The person who summoned the formation must first be powerful enough to unleash its power, of course. 

Ye Lang was currently in the middle of the formation, manipulating and protecting it from any destruction. He progressively swallowed up the vasts troops in their entireties. This kid might just rewrite the history of legends. The power to wipe out a few hundred thousand soldiers was in his hands now.