“Hi, what is this place?” Ye Lang didn’t know where he was, as it wasn’t on his map. 

“Hi kid, this is Miweila City. Are you lost?” the girl asked him kindly. 

“Isn’t this place called Chelsea? Shouldn’t Miweila be North-West from here? I’m heading North-East…” Ye Lang found Miweila on his map. His destination was in the opposite direction.

“You seem very lost. You’re about 200km off, how did you not realise?” asked the girl worriedly. 

“I don’t know, I was hiding! I don’t want other people following me!” Ye Lang shook his head, explaining his current situation. 

“Hiding? From who?” 

“I’m hiding from… I’m not telling you, you’ll expose me!” he shook his head, “I should head back. Which way is the fastest to the Vermilion Bird Empire?” 

Ye Lang was still smart sometimes. 

After watching Ye Lang struggle with the map, the girl finally replied, “You should’ve just told me you wanted to go to the Vermillion Bird Empire, kid! I’ll help you!” 

“...” However, Ye Lang suddenly stopped in his tracks for he realised there was a problem. He didn’t know which part of the Vermilion Bird Empire he was supposed to be at. 

Everyone kept telling him to go to the Vermilion Bird Empire but never mentioned which part of it! 

His cousin wasn’t specific either, she only told him to go to Vermilion Bird. What was he to do there? Just anywhere? 

Ye Lang thought for a moment, then finally made a decision. He decided to walk first. His problems can wait!

To be honest, he could’ve shown anyone his piece of jade in the Vermilion Bird Empire and someone would bring him to his cousin. And with his current situation, all he had to do was tell someone who he was and people there would protect him on the way to his cousin.

“Anywhere is fine, where is the nearest place?” Ye Lang asked.

“If we go from here, the nearest is Hongxi. It’s Vermillion Bird Empire’s nearest city from here, I’ll help you draw a line, so you won’t get lost again,” the kind girl pulled out a pen, and drew on his map.

This pen was a temporary marker, the ink would disappear shortly after! 

“Oh, I know now, thank you!” Ye Lang smiled and followed along the route she drew.


“What’s wrong? Is there something else?” Ye Lang turned his head.

She regarded Ye Lang with curious eyes. “What are you here for? Are you here to look around or are you in a hurry?” 

“I don’t have much time, I’m in a hurry to the Vermilion Bird Empire!” said Ye Lang solemnly. 

“If that’s true, you should take this route. Do you even know how to look at a map?” the girl pointed at a road, in the opposite direction from where Ye Lang was heading towards. She seriously doubted his ability to read a map now. 

“Like this!” replied Ye Lang as he stared at the map. 

If anyone else saw him right now, they’d ask: you idiot, do you usually look at a map upside-down? 

Which was what he was doing, holding a map upside down!

“… You’re holding it the wrong way up, no wonder you’re walking on the wrong path!” his sister told him.

“Huh? Impossible, this pointer is pointing upwards, shouldn’t it be north?”Ye Lang asked curiously.

“Who told you the pointer points north, this points to the south!! Have you not learnt to read a map before?” his sister asked angrily.

Ye Lang shook his head, saying “Uh... Nope, I have only watched! This is my first time so far away from home…”

He wanted to say that he had seen every map in the world, and every map pointed towards the north, all except this continent. It was the opposite of what everyone else did.

Ever since Ye Lang was small, he had servants around him. He never had the opportunity to even touch a map. He did not go out far as well, and when he did, there was always someone with him.

“A young master indeed… Even if you didn’t know, didn’t you notice how all the words were the wrong way up?” she guessed that Ye Lang was one of those rich young masters. He must have been playing some game when he left his kingdom. 

There were many rich, young masters who loved playing adventure games. That was why the girl wasn’t too suspicious. It was very common where she was from.

“I see it, but I’m used to having north at the top and south at the bottom, which was why I’m holding it upside down!” Ye Lang replied.

“…”She had no words for him. This young master won’t even admit he was holding a map upside down?

“I understand now, I can finally reach the Vermillion Bird Empire...” Ye Lang held the map correctly this time, looked at it, and ran towards the other side, only—

“Give it back!! You are still running in the wrong direction!!” his sister caught him as he passed her. Even though he held the map right, and was running in the right direction, there were still some differences in the angle.

A small difference in angle would extrapolate greatly after a certain distance. At this rate, he’d reach Ai La Empire instead. 

Based on his past, he truly might end up in a completely different empire. What was wrong with the boy, we don’t know. This was a kid who was a genius in alchemy but absolutely hopeless with a map. 

“Wrong again? Fine, I’ll get myself a carriage. I can’t believe I chose to walk just to keep myself hidden! This is stupid!” frowned Ye Lang. 

“Wait up!” she did not let go of Ye Lang’s hand, making sure he would not run off again.

“What is it? I won’t be wrong this time, I’m good at spending money!!” Ye Lang proudly declared.

She went quiet for a while. This was true, especially for a prodigal son.

The girl didn't usually like snobbish young masters, but she could not find herself to hate Ye Lang, she actually liked him a lot. Ye Lang gave her a sense of closeness as if he was her own brother

 “You don’t need to hire another guy. You said you didn't mind going anywhere as long as it’s in the Vermilion Bird Empire, right?” 

The girl smiled as she formed another plan...