In between the Soaring Sky Empire and the Vermilion Bird Empire was an area where both empires had no influence on. There were many kingdoms squashed within this space.

These kingdoms only had one city but had subordinate territories in villages and towns.

There were many kingdoms like these ones across the mainland. Therefore, you couldn’t say princes and princesses were cough, cough, valuable. Cough. They were everywhere.

Being between two empires had both advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantage was that they were never involved with the complex politics of other kingdoms, no one would mess with them here. They always remained neutral, and this benefitted them. 

The drawback would be that they would always be trapped in this gap. There would be no new developments and there wouldn’t be any changes in their territory for hundreds or even thousands of years. 

There was an unknown, tiny kingdom in the middle. It was just another one of the many small kingdoms. 

It was so secluded even most of the citizens in that small kingdom didn’t know the name of their own kingdom.

They only knew that their kingdom belonged to one of the thirteen allies, so everyone called themselves as a citizen of the Thirteen Allies. 

The Thirteen Allies were an allied organization that united the different kingdoms so that they could work together and increase their chances of surviving in the mainland. 

This alliance had a history for thousands of years. Over the years, everyone was used to saying Thirteen Allies that they ignored the names of the state members. They ended up forgetting their own kingdom’s name too. 

Everyone forgot the name of this small kingdom, but they knew what the city was called because the name of it was a bit special. The city was called Tianjiu City. 

Tianjiu Pai (a type of card game)? Was it related?

You’d have to ask the person who founded the city and created the kingdom. It was said that he was born a hooligan and he loved to play Tianjiu Pai, that was how he came up with the name.

He would’ve named the kingdom as Tianjiu Kingdom if it wasn’t for the people who opposed it. 

Of course, that was just a legend. This happened a long time ago so no one was sure if it truly happened. A legend indeed!

Whether it was a legend or a real fact, no one took much notice of such a small kingdom. People who came here were just passers-by and wouldn’t stay for long. 

This time, it seemed like there was a group of passing travelers who hurried past…  They seemed a little unusual.

Although they looked like they were worn out by the journey, their auras made people feel like they weren’t just ordinary people. 

As usual, it was very rare for people like them to appear here, let alone a huge group of them now. Everyone was a little confused. 

Of course, the ‘aura’ was just a feeling and most didn’t pay too much attention. However, they saw that among this group of people, the guys were handsome and the ladies were pretty and graceful. Even a normal person could tell that this group of people was extraordinary. 

They were Ye Lanyu and the rest. They’d taken almost a month to reach here because of big and small troubles along the way. 

Part of it was also because they intentionally slowed down so Ye Lang could catch up, but Ye Lang didn’t make it in the end! 

They were still somewhat confident about their abilities, maybe because they knew the Soaring Sky Empire’s region of influence well. They knew they were safe outside the borders of the Empire. It wasn’t going to be easy to capture them here. 

“We’ll be in the territory of the Vermilion Bird Empire after crossing this place! And that’ll mean we can finally sleep in peace!” announced Ye Chengtian as he stared ahead, still deep in thought. 

“Let’s find a place to rest. We've been travelling for such a long time, you all must be exhausted!” Long Anqi thought the opposite. She grew anxious the closer they got to Vermilion Bird.

It was the same kind of fear a person felt when they’d already reached home but dared not enter the house. 

It had been so many years and she hadn’t been home once. She hadn’t met her parents and relatives in a very long time. It was normal for her to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Sigh…” Long Anqi sighed. Ye Lanyu was standing next to her in the same manner. The expressions of the mother and daughter were almost the same. 

“... Little Yu, what’s wrong? Are you thinking about your younger brother again?” Long Anqi knew only Ye Lang could make her this sad.

“Yes, it has been almost a month and there’s no news about him at all. Do you think he was captured?” asked Ye Langyu with concern. She trusted Ye Lang, yes, but she was still very worried.

“That won’t be a problem to him, I think even the empress will have to beg him to stay,” Ye Yi said casually, “As long as he’s in one piece, he can definitely find a way to escape, this is beyond doubt!” 

“I’m not worried he can’t escape, I’m worried whether Eight Sister would go crazy and hurt him!” The seventh princess was very anxious. Her eighth sister was a complete stranger to her now, she wasn’t the well-behaved and gentle sister she had previously known. 

“I think you all should trust Ye Lang. He may be a blur on normal days, but I’m sure he’ll be vigilant at critical times. I’ve always had a feeling that he had tricks up his sleeve, that’s why he could be so laid back. Turns out I was right, he settled a hundred thousand soldiers just like that!” said the third eldest child of Ye Family. He admired Ye Lang a lot. 

“Yeah! He could handle more than a hundred thousand soldiers! I still can’t seem to understand how his alchemy formation worked. How could it be so powerful?” Ye Chengtian was still mulling over the incident, it was something he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. 

“We can ask him later, we have more pressing matters to think about right now. How should we deal with the people from the Vermilion Bird Empire when we arrive? I’m sure they would definitely want us to fight on their side,” said Ye Yi with a wave.

Everyone knew that wherever Ye Yi and his group of people go, someone would want to make a connection with him. This wasn’t only because they had extraordinary powers, but they also had other abilities and strengths that everyone else desired. 

This might be the main reason why Zhao Yarou wanted to kill them. This was a dangerous group of people that would cause future headaches!

Anyone would do the same. They would rather kill the Ye family than let them join forces with other people and become their enemies!