“Oh, I understand, that’s normal. We’re done with the preparations so they can eat soon! So,  should we talk now or later?” asked the representatives. 

“Now!” said Seventh Brother. For him, negotiations were sometimes more important than food. 

“That’s great, let’s begin!” That was what the representatives were wishing for. First, they thought that they had an advantage over him since Seventh Brother was alone and they had more people to persuade him. Secondly, Seventh Brother hadn’t eaten, and this was a good opportunity for them. 

Moments later, they changed their minds and they could only sigh in their hearts. The members of Ye Family were truly extraordinary people. If they could get the help of these people, then the Thirteen Allies would prosper!! 

They started to argue heatedly and Seventh Brother was now getting increasingly excited. However, his opponents grew increasingly gloomy and depressed...“Sister, brother-in-law is so powerful, how did he do that?” the seventh princess was full of admiration as took a peek at them.

“Of course, your brother-in-law is amazing!” said Seventh Brother’s wife very proudly. 

“Yeah, that’s how you were tricked into being his wife- he’s real good at talking,” said Seventh Princess with a smile. 

“No, YOU were the one who was tricked by that asshole Ye Lang,” Seventh Brother’s wife smacked the seventh princess immediately. 

The seventh princess laughed, “You’re already talking like my brother-in-law, so when are you going to call his parents Mom and Dad?” 

“I’m still a little too shy to do that, maybe next time… Hey, why are you laughing? When are YOU going to call Ye Lang’s parents Mom and Dad?” the seventh brother’s wife pinched her.

Although everyone knew they didn’t have romantic feelings for each other now, they still hoped they would end up together. They had always been close since young, and it would be a shame if they didn’t get together. 

Well, these were the thoughts of everyone, especially Ye Lang’s parents! 

“Ah, soon! As long as Ye Lang is willing to marry me, I’ll marry him!” said Seventh Princess naturally. There was no doubt.

“You’re waiting for him to ask? You’ll be waiting for the rest of your life! Everyone knows he’s stupid and he would never take the initiative,” said Seven Brother’s wife. It was what everyone thought too. 

Seventh princess smiled and said, “Isn’t this better? If this is the case, then he’ll not find a wife for the rest of his life, and I’ll be able to accompany him forever.” 

“But he’ll eventually marry. Will you all be happy with that?” asked Seventh Brother’s wife. She was referring to Ye Lang’s relatives, including the seventh princess.

The seventh princess would always be one of Ye Lang’s closest relatives no matter what happened. After decades of being friends, the bond between them would never change. 

“If he wants to get married, I’ll be his first wife, others would be ranked below me!” said the seventh princess with a smile. This was what she wanted most- but if Ye Lang met someone he liked, she would take a step back. 

She understood it was the girl’s right to be with someone she liked. And if Ye Lang liked her, he would give her the best. 

As a childhood friend, she would definitely be considerate. She wouldn’t want to put him in a difficult position! 

Well, at least that was what she thought now! 

“It seems like he’ll be negotiating until tomorrow. I think you should go back and rest,” the seventh brother’s wife looked at him and the unwillingness of the people’s faces, guessing that the negotiation wouldn’t end for a long time.

She sent the princess back to rest first. She was going to stay up for him here. 

“Oh, alright. You shouldn’t stay up too late too!” the seventh princess yawned. She was tired after a whole day of traveling. 

“Alright, I know,” came the reply. 

A night passed… 

“It is difficult for us to agree to the conditions you proposed, we will need to discuss again…” The group of representatives was starting to have dark eye circles under their eyes. They could barely continue with the discussion. 

They were even a little afraid of Seventh Brother. 

Nightmare, it was definitely a nightmare!  How could there be such an intimidating person? 

Seventh Brother was smiling, energetic as ever. He didn’t look like he hadn’t slept for a night… He just laughed and said, “We can talk about it, but you need to hurry up because we’re running out of time!” 

“We’ll be quick! We won’t let you wait!” The group of people nodded. They didn’t know what they were saying anymore, so they had no choice but to agree. 

“We won’t. We’ll be leaving soon. So if you can’t give me an answer before we leave, that’ll be it,” Seventh Brother waved his hand and was ready to leave with a satisfied smile on his face. 

It had been a long time since he had done something with such intensity and eagerness. 

“Oh, we get it… Wait, what? You’re all leaving soon?!” The group of people only reacted after Seventh Brother walked out of the room. 

“Yes, thank you for your hospitality!” Seventh Brother nodded and thanked them very politely. 

“Are you all not staying for a few more days?” asked the group of people dumbly. They were told that they only had a short time to talk about it, but they didn’t expect it to be THAT short. How were they leaving so soon?

“No thank you! We still have to continue our journey. We’ve rested enough yesterday, we can leave now!” the seventh brother talked as if they were insisting their guests to stay. 

“Sir, were you playing us since the beginning?” 

This situation was already very obvious. Seventh Brother was not sincere about the negotiation, he just wanted a place for his family to stay. 

“No, I AM serious about this. Why would I sit with you for a night if I wasn’t?” said Seventh Brother very seriously. Anyone who didn’t know him well would’ve thought he was. 

If someone wasn’t sincere, they wouldn’t negotiate for a night!

Seventh Brother looked at them and continued saying, “It’s just that you lot aren't accepting my conditions and there isn’t someone who can make a decision. So I guess this is it.” 

Seventh Brother blamed it all on them. “How shameless!” cursed his wife silently, still waiting for him outside.

Seventh Brother’s wife was up early to pick him up. It had been a long night. She knew it’d been a while since he had this much fun so she didn’t drag him to bed either.  

“Actually we have someone who can make the decision, he’s just not here yet…” said someone from the group of people. He furrowed his brows as if he was reluctant to mention this person. 

“Yeah, where is he? Didn’t we ask him to come and negotiate together? Why isn’t he here yet?” asked someone else. 

It sounded like someone important wasn’t there. Was it true or was this another game they were playing?