“I’ve checked. My men report he’s currently busy. That’s why he hasn’t shown up yet,” said one of the representatives. He had been in constant contact with his subordinates through the night. So that was why they kept whispering. It must’ve been about this, 

And every time he received news, this person would frown and order his men to continue searching. 

“What’s the matter? How could he ignore such an important meeting? If it wasn’t for his unique negotiation skills, I might not even consider inviting him!” another grumbled helplessly. 

“??” The seventh brother stared at them curiously. He didn’t know who the person was but understood from the conversation that this person must play an extraordinary role in the Thirteen Allies or they wouldn’t have been so patient with him. 

Why ‘patient’? Simple. The negotiation they were having now could be a historical turning point of the Thirteen Allies. If this was an ordinary person, they could arrest and drag the man here, not wait like right now with quiet whispers. 

Therefore, the seventh brother was also eager to find out who this person was. He wanted to see how unique his negotiation skills were. 

“Who are you talking about?” the seventh brother asked. 

“He’s the king of Du Fang Kingdom. Not only can he negotiate terms, he can also make decisions we cannot make!” 

The most important thing was the keep the seventh brother and the Ye family here, therefore they were eager to answer his questions and keep his interest. 


Right, it WAS odd to not see a king here. There was something he couldn’t quite place a finger on last night, but he realised it was due to the lack of a king here. 

Never mind the negotiation- how could a king, as the host, not show up to welcome his guests at the ‘palace’? 

It wasn’t just the seventh brother- Ye Chengtian and his men were also suspicious. 

Commoners might not notice, but they were people who often mixed around with aristocrats. They were familiar with social protocols- such a situation shouldn’t happen. 

And if he was just putting on airs, he should know who his audience was first. Not even the emperors of the three major empires would treat Ye Chengtian and his men like this. 

“What is he doing?” asked the seventh brother. 

“I don’t know.” The representatives didn’t know either. The only thing they knew was that the king had agreed to attend the day before but then rejected the offer the next day. He even banned anyone from coming to bother him. 

“If that is the case, then we won’t overstay our welcome!” the seventh brother took a bow and left. Even if they were the kindest people, with the Thirteen Allies’ current state, he still wouldn’t be satisfied if they had a thorough negotiation. 

He used to be a high-ranked official of an empire. The power of one man in his position was far more than the Thirteen Allies together. And these were ordinary men in their kingdoms. 

In short, he was only having fun. It was a fun negotiation and he wasn’t looking to reach any conclusion. 

“Alright, why not come with us? We’ll go check on him!” These people certainly weren’t about to let the negotiation end like this. They were almost dragging the seventh brother away. 

“...” Seventh Brother wasn’t sure how to turn them down, plus he wanted to meet this king too. 

However, his wife immediately stepped forward to block them, pulling him back to her side with a sharp glare. They fell a step backwards at the ferocity. 

The princess of an empire indeed! 

The seventh brother smiled. He held his wife’s hand sweetly… Then turned to follow the representatives! 

His reason was that there was nothing else to do anyway. If he stayed, he’d be waiting for Ye Chengtian and the rest to finish packing and make preparations for the long journey ahead. It would take a long time. 

“What do you mean, nothing else?! You still have to shower- you didn’t yesterday! And then there’s breakfast… And you didn’t sleep last night so you have to sleep now…” His wife disagreed. There was a long to-do list indeed. They were little things, but very important to her. More important than politics! 

“I know, honey. I’ll do it later. We have to meet our host though, he let us stay here for a night!” 

“Alright, I understand,” his wife nodded. They held hands, strolling along. 

The seventh brother thought he would be the only one here- or at least the first to arrive among his family members. To his surprise, at the king’s residence, he met…

“Why are you two kids here?” asked Ye Chengtian and his brothers. They were also at the king’s residence. 

They’d just arrived too, hoping for some news. 

“We’re here to thank the host. Protocols,” said the seventh brother. 

“Us too. But this king doesn’t seem too nice. Someone went in inform him about us but there still hasn’t been a response!” exclaimed Ye Chengtian, indirectly towards the king’s men. 

“Apologies, General Ye. You must’ve waited for a long time. Something’s wrong with King Gao Fei again. He’s often like this, we cannot do anything about it!” explained the men frantically. 

General Ye was what they used to call Ye Chengtian back when he was still the general of the empire. Some still called him by this name now. 

“If that is the case, we shall excuse ourselves. Please send my regards to King Gao Fei, it was an honour to stay here,” said Ye Chengtian. 

How dare this fool reject me?! He’s just the king of some small place! 

“General Ye, please wait for a while longer. I’ll go get him, please wait!” pleaded one of the more influential representatives. 

“Alright, I’ll wait.” 

This was only out of courtesy, he still had to be polite. Long after this day, he often wondered what would’ve happened if he didn’t stay… 

“It won’t be too long!” the representative almost broke out into a run as he left in a flurry. 

However, the representative noticed the messenger he’d sent earlier to inform the king was pacing back and forth outside the king’s quarters, looking very nervous. 

“What are you doing here? It’s been a long time! Why didn’t you inform the king?!” raged the representative. He was evidently delaying something.