The silence was deafening. No one wanted to offer a higher bid in fear of offending him, and they weren’t too sure about what the box contained either.

The auctioneer was stunned for a moment but quickly regained his composure “Alright, a hundred thousand. The thirteenth prince offered a hundred thousand, anyone else? Hundred thousand going once…” 

The auctioneer counted down quickly, much quicker than the regular one-minute long countdowns. 

It was completely reasonable to end it fast, everyone knew no one else would be interested in such a purchase other than the prodigal thirteenth prince. There was zero competition. 

While no one wanted to buy the box, everyone was undeniably curious about its contents. They stretched their necks far in hopes for a peek, but to their disappointment, the thirteenth prince ran off right after he paid for the box. 

Why was he in such a hurry to leave the place? Everyone murmured in confusion, making various assumptions. Was the item inside so precious that he had to run away to protect it? If only they heard the conversation between the thirteenth prince and Tigress that followed, they would’ve known that it wasn’t the case.  

“Excuse me, the Ye residence, please!” both children quickly got up a rental carriage and settled down. Tigress stared at the box curiously, “Master, do you know what’s inside?” 

She was prepared to receive no useful answers from her master but she couldn’t suppress her curiosity any longer. She had to ask. 

“No, I don’t,” answered the little prodigal with a shake of his head. 

“... And you offered a hundred thousand gold coins for it?” Tigress shook her head then proceeded to stuff the items in her space pouch. 

Ye Lang also had a high-quality space ring, it contained literally nothing as all of his possessions were kept by Tigress. 

This was because he had never bothered to consider the practicality of all the items he bought. He wasn’t even sure what they were or what they were for. Tigress was a great contrast of that, she’d try her best to understand it even when she knew nothing about it, the items were more useful in her hands. 

They made a good pair, no..a compatible master and servant pair. 

“I’m trying to be a professional prodigal. Other regular prodigals would pick their favourite items or the ones with the best worth, but I’m different. It doesn’t matter if I liked it or it was valuable, I’ll just buy it because I want to. I’ll squander as much money as I want,” said the thirteenth prince sternly. His tone had hints of disdain towards the prodigals he mentioned. 

“I knew you’d act this way. Why are your explanations always a little different whenever I ask? Did you really think you were born to squander?” Tigress was at her wit's end, she felt a small throb in between her brows. It was weird that her master was slow in most things but eloquent in this matter. 

Every time they talked about being a prodigal, he was clear and had many comebacks, but of course, ridiculous ones none can agree on. 

They were in a flurry to get home in time. Ye Lang was required to visit the palace soon, to attend the birthday celebration for him and his betrothed. 

They had extended their stay at the auction, way past an hour and a half. If it had been any later, his parents would’ve dispatched servants to drag him home. 

“Why are you late?! Didn't I tell you to come home earlier? Quick, get in the carriage. Tai Ya, help him change in there,” as soon as the prodigal son stepped foot in the front entrance, his mother had come front to pull his ear, dragging him towards the luxurious carriage waiting for his arrival. 

“Ow, mom...” cried out the little boy. Long Anqi was one out of the only two who had the power to punish him, the other was his sister, Ye Lanyu.  

“Haha! You deserve it. Serves you right for slipping past me,” Lanyu clapped her little hands at the scene, justice was served. 

“No, I didn’t…” the thirteenth prince shook his head, denying the accusation. 

“That’s a lie. Didn’t I asked you to play with me?” retorted Lanyu.

“Yes, you did,” replied the boy softly with a little nod. 

“See! I did!” Lanyu gave a soft flick to his forehead. 

“But I didn’t say yes!” 

“...” Lanyu was silent. 

“I don’t like playing with you! You always want to dress me up like a girl,” he continued, trying to reason with her. 


Well, little Ye Lang had wonderful qualities that made him a favourite for his sister’s dress-up games. He had big glistening eyes and white supple skin, he’d make such a cute little girl! 

Children at his age were such angels, anyone would’ve had the same results as him if dressed up the same way. 

“Oh Lanyu, you’ve only got yourself to blame if Ye Lang starts fearing you,” said the gentle beauty beside her. 

“Second sister, don’t act like you’ve got no part in this. You were the one who suggested it,” said Lanyu with scorn. She remembered clearly that her second sister was the one who suggested dressing Ye Lang up after finding him cute in her clothes. She'd convinced Lanyu that if they dressed him up well, it’ll just be like having another sister! 

“Really? Did I?” her second sister feigned innocence. 


“Alright, stop chatting. We need to leave for the palace,” Ye Chengtian interrupted his daughters' little argument with a wave, announcing their departure. 

Long Anqi and Tigress was busy at work helping the thirteenth prince change. Lanyu suggested for him to wear her dress instead, but it was quickly rejected by their mother with a knock to her head.

The thirteenth prince looked tearfully at his sister, rubbing her head. He still was a caring brother after all. He loved her very much. 

It was a mutual feeling among the two siblings. Though Lanyu had always teased her brother, it was undeniable that she loved her brother very much. She was extremely protective of him too. 

“Then… would you wear it for me when we get home later?” suggested Lanyu.  

“No!” the thirteenth prince quickly left his sister and escaped to his mother. Finally, safe from Lanyu’s teasing.