Under normal circumstances, there was no way Ye Lanyu would’ve listened to them. She would continue to gather up as much power to blast the mansion apart!

Thankfully, the seventh princess was quick to point out: “Ye Lanyu, if you destroy the mansion, the people inside would get hurt!” 

“I don’t care if they die… Ah, wait, what if my brother is really in there?! He can’t get hurt!” Ye Lanyu soon realized, stopping herself immediately. Her powers dissipated around her quickly. 

Thank god she had such a soft spot for Ye Lang! 

“I’m glad you’re aware now, never try that again!” reprimanded everyone else, trembling from the shock. 

“Hey, I was just doing my best! What should we do with the door now? It won’t open!” Ye Lanyu was pissed. 

“Uh…” everyone was deep in thought. No one here was familiar with alchemy, except- 

Zhen Xiaoyan! Everyone quickly looked at the girl. 

“Hey, don’t look at me! How could I have any ideas when you lot can’t offer any?!” shrieked the warrior, misunderstanding their stares. It did not take long for the warrior to register that Zhen Xiaoyan was in fact, a skilled alchemist herself. 

Zhen Xiaoyan thought hard, then she muttered her suggestion, “We should wait it out.” 

“Wait?! You mean to wait until they’re done with their game?” Ye Lanyu was puzzled at her idea. 

Zhen Xiaoyan explained slowly, “Yeah, the only thing we can do now is to wait! There’s no other way around this. If Ye Lang was here, he’d definitely have a way to destroy this door fast without hurting anyone but we aren’t capable of that!” 

That served as a sufficient answer for Ye Lanyu, the girl immediately understood what Zhen Xiaoyan meant. They could destroy the door fast but they could not guarantee the safety of the people on the other side of the door, therefore they should just scrap the idea. 

That was fine but… how long would they have to wait?

One or two days were still acceptable but any longer would require some form of intervention. 

“Ma’am, could you please let her go so she could try to open this door? I’ll be your hostage instead,” offered the seventh princess. 

“Nope. With your abilities, I wouldn’t stand a chance!” the warrior was aware of everyone’s strength, the idea of holding the seventh princess hostage was suicidal! 

“I won’t resist because I trust that you won’t harm us,” relayed the seventh princess confidently and calmly. 

“How can you be so sure about that?” challenged the warrior coldly. 

“To be fair, I am uncertain about that but I’m sure that you won’t find a need in harming us if we help you,” uttered the seventh princess slowly. 

“…” the warrior was taken aback, not knowing how to respond to the situation. It seemed as though she was considering the princess’s words, thinking if she should exchange her hostage. 

If she had agreed to the seventh princess’s offer and released Zhen Xiaoyan, they would surely all benefit from it! 

However, she no longer had the need to consider it… 

The door opened! 

The sturdy door was now wide open without having them wait for another couple of days! 

However, no one emerged from it. Everyone waited eagerly, mind blanked out. 

Ye Lanyu decided that she had enough of the suspense, quickly running into the room. As everyone prepared to do the same, a familiar voice soon rang from its interior… 

“Shit. A girl? Why can’t I lose at all?!” 

That voice was agonizing over his victory, which was weird. Hold on, didn’t that sound like the young master? Only Ye Lang would whine when he won! 

It was the warrior’s young master and everyone’s young master- Ye Lang! 

What welcomed Ye Lanyu and the bunch was the sight of Ye Lang smiling bitterly at his apparent victory all while seated in front of a table. Opposite him was a disappointed man who looked around thirty-years-old. The two looked as if they hadn’t hoped for things to turn out this way! 

What happened here?

Everyone hoped for an insight. 

“Why, why, why?! Why does it have to be a girl? Why is there a girl in my house?!” whined the disappointed man, unable to accept the reality. The man was none other than King Gao Fei. 

“I did not ask for this, it should’ve been a male instead! Ugh, the endless possibilities of the world! Alright, since we’re at this point, you should just keep your stuff and see yourself off,” sighed Ye Lang with a wave of his hand, sending off King Gao Fei. 

Wait, what? Did he send off King Gao Fei? Wasn’t Ye Lang supposed to be the guest instead?!

King Gao Fei should be the one bidding farewells to Ye Lang! 

No one took notice of that as they were too surprised to see Ye Lang there. It took a moment for them to register that this boy was in fact the Ye Lang they were waiting for! 

This was a miracle! Was this real? Unbelievable…

However, their joy was quickly replaced by irritation as they soon realized that Ye Lang was unaware of their presence.

Ye Lanyu stormed over to her brother but Ye Lang was too busy smiling bitterly at King Gao Fei, evidently troubled by his continuous victory. Ye Lang had yet to notice his sister looming over him. 

“You little shit!” raged Ye Lanyu. 

Out of habit, Ye Lang replied: “What, I’m busy- Eh, sister, why are you here?”

Wow, he really hadn’t noticed his own family! 

“You clumsy dumbass, didn’t you just see me? How could you just ignore such a beautiful sister like me?!” Ye Lanyu pulled his ears violently. 

“Ow, that hurt! I merely noticed that it was a girl that came in and nothing else…” explained Ye Lang, embarrassed, but he was then quickly silenced. 

Ye Lanyu had swiftly pulled him into a tight embrace, hugging him firmly, as if fearing that she’d lose him again. 

“Sister…” muttered Ye Lang, a small reminder to his sister as she hadn’t loosened her grip on him after a while. 

“What? I’m hugging you because I haven’t seen you in ages!” Ye Lanyu could tell what her brother was thinking but she wasn’t willing to let go just yet. 

“Lanyu, let me hug my son too!” Long Anqi quickly went over to pull Ye Lang into another embrace.